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Not sure if anyone is waiting for this or anything, but I won’t be posting a chapter tonight or tomorrow. See you guys Monday night (EST)!


Chapter 14

Late night again ^_^ but it’s okay because I enjoy reading it too! Anyway, if you guys can excuse some repetitiveness, please go ahead and read. Also correct any grammatical errors.

chapter 14

Chapter 13

This is a bit later than usual, but I thought since it was done, better to just post it. Thanks to everyone for all the awesome comments. And I will now go put in nav links for all the chapters =] Everyone have a good night (or day)!

chapter 13

Chapter 12

Thanks for all the love, everyone! Your support is awesome and I feel motivated from just looking at the comments (*hint, hint*). Here’s chapter 12. Ah also, there were some changes to previous chapters. This might be important, so I want to let everyone know. Li Jian Yin is junior to Wu Qian Qian. There were times when she referred to him as ‘Elder Martial Brother’ and at others ‘Junior Martial Brother.’ For now, I am going with Junior. Thanks!

Chapter 11

First time I ever felt pity for a ‘bad’ guy. As always, please let me know if there are any errors grammatically or otherwise in the translation. I will try to go over a wordpress tutorial and learn to put in some navigation links… And maybe learn why the font ends up being different sometimes… Also I think that I caught the ellipses disease from translating CN novels…

chapter 11