So, I do apologize for the sporadic posting. But as you know, translation is actually pretty hard work. While I do know the language, it is as obscure and archaic to me as Shakespeare’s stuff (more so to be honest). It does take time and research, as I am not as native as native can be. Unfortunately the process take me about 3-4 hours. I can sometimes set aside this much time… but not always. Please understand.

But as always, read and enjoy! Please comment and make corrections, thanks!


6 thoughts on “TTNH Chapter 31 – Breakthrough

  1. Thanks for the good work. Funny that you should mention shakespear, because when you hit the poems and eulogies you will wishing you were translating shakespear to chinese XD.
    Like the poems and poetic devices in chinese is hard as hell to translate to english unless your like majorying in the language. For example the 1st poem you will probably run into is the “One dance, Mu Qing Wu” if i remenber correctly and in chinese this line is “Yi wu, Mu Qing Wu” which rhymes as it is a sorta of a play on words for Mu Qing Wu”s name. In chinese the deeper meaning of this line within the context of the poem is to remenber Mu Qing Wu as her name means gentle dance. But seeing it as one dance mu qing wu just dont have the same poetic beauty as it has in chinese. Other hard as hell to translate ones are the Nine tribulation sword skill names, the previous translator pretty much butchered them but like thats understandable since they literly don’t translate well unless you complete change them up. So good luck XD.


  2. I understand the pain of translation and the effort, which I cannot bear. So just take your time on it. I rather the slow release as long as you enjoy the work and keep it coming!

    Thank you for the chapter!


  3. Hallo,
    Thanks for the chapter. I can help with translation, if you don’t mind. What I have is loads of free time and passable knowledge of Asian languages except my own which I’m exceptional at, of course.
    In fact I have roughly translated 3 chapters ahead- is there a mailbox I can send to you to read? If you don’t mind editing my work, then I can gladly help.

    Please let me know, and once again, thanks for the novel.


      1. Thanks for awaiting. I am ill in a hospital, so I was not able to send you immeiately. I sent you today (when I was allowed) the next chapter. If you could tell me how it is, whether I am upto helping you or not, please let me know. (I guess you can now delete your email, since I already know it).


  4. Is it possible to follow the posts like for example getting email feeds when a new chapter comes out, if so please tell me where to do that and if not could you maybe include that in, I think that a lot of people will find that helpful.
    Thanks for listening


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