Please read and comment, =) Thanks for your patience as always. I know one chapter a week is quite sad (I used to feel this way as a reader).

To Ashreadsmanga, sorry, I hope you will be okay! Please take your time to get better! I just finished this chapter as well and am working on 33. Just email me whenever you feel better and then we can coordinate so we don’t work on the same thing.


9 thoughts on “TTNH Chapter 32 – Meridian Purification

  1. First! 😀
    Thanks for the chapter. I did send you my version of 32, but I mostly wanted your input to see if my understanding was the same as yours. Did you get my email?(just checking to see if it is all working fine)


  2. one of the best Action romance stories in the East hands down… Now only if they can someone how get to 5-7 chapters + a week… we may see the glory in a year…


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