Surprise! I bet you guys didn’t expect another chapter so soon. Think of it as my thanks for your patience. And my apology for subjecting you all to my drawing =)

Comments and corrections are always appreciated, as you guys should know by now.


PS, comments with links seem to get caught in some sort of spam filter, so if your comments are missing, that’s probably why.


9 thoughts on “TTNH Chapter 33 – Mole

  1. Hey mate, saw the comment where ashreadsmanga offered to help on translations and thought that I could probably help as well.
    If you agree I can start helping you translate some chapters and send them to you for TLC and editing ( Im horrible at editing) since this might help speed this project up some what.
    If you agree you can send me and email or just comment here and we can work out the details on how I can help you.


    1. #WorldSpiritist, is it possible for you to help me sometimes with one or two lines ?
      I seriously get stuck in sentences (when I am slowly reading), where something is always implied but I do not know what or who 😦
      I taught myself Chinese and Vietnamese , so I am not familiar with nuances or idioms , so, if I get have trouble understanding, is it okay to ask you?


      1. Of course mate, and yeah I know what your talking about, some of the idioms and slangs you really have to like have lived in china or talk with alot of chinese people to understand.
        you got an email or some chat account (skype,wechat,etc) that we can get in contact through?

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