So some of you may have already noticed this, I signed up with Wordads. Yes, I have gone the way of the money grubbers. It is mainly to offset the price of wordpress hosting and this nifty new domain: And perhaps, if there is extra, my newly acquired coffee addiction. So, yes, I would greatly appreciate it if you could turn off the adblock for this site. For those who hate ads, no worries, wordpress is relatively cheap and I don’t have to drink Starbucks.

So, yeah, let me know if you hate the ads, don’t care about the ads, or love the ads. Let me know if they are obnoxious, play loud music, or hop all over the screen.

Anyway, many thanks to TTNH readers all around the world!

5 thoughts on “Not a chapter

  1. Why switch to the domain when the free worked just as well?

    And I’m guessing your not asking for donations cause your translating at your best speed right now…

    But can’t you add ads to your original wordpress to get money?


      1. Oh. Okay. I’d just think that the free version still does the job well though, since you could still do everything you need for translating and getting money, plus the website management would be done by wordpress, so it’d be less work….

        That said, to be honest, all I care about (and no offense is meant) are reading your translations (which I enjoy very much XD)

        Good luck on getting your coffee XD


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