First, let’s address something that irked me for a little bit. I don’t want any drama. That being said, I was reading reddit yesterday and I noticed someone said I was MTLing this and that was why I am so slow in translating. Perhaps they had the wrong impression when I said that I am not very good at Vietnamese. I don’t want to have to defend my Vietnamese abilities, let’s just say that I can read newspapers perfectly fine! I just take my time and try to convey the author’s style to you guys. Yes, I can take an hour to translate and give you a stilted and shortened chapter with terrible grammar. But I’m not going to do that. If you want that, let me save you some time; guy gets epic martial arts, becomes champion of all under the heavens, and gets all the chicks.

Sorry about the rant. Moving on, here is chapter 40. Comments and stuff are appreciated. Oh but if you guys could refrain from posting spoilers or keep it in spoiler tags (is that available in WordPress?)…

Edit: Also, there’s nothing wrong with MTLing! That takes a lot of hard work and I appreciate it (thanks to turtle for letting me read Ark).

16 thoughts on “TTNH Chapter 40 – Seven Shades Congregation Grounds

  1. Thank you for the chapter, and i think your pace is good enough! Once one starts off it is always slow in the beginning. I mean even Ren of Wuxiaworld did it slowly in the start and I think with time it will get easier.
    We all love the translations you are putting out and reading the story!

    Thanking you again for your efforts and the new chapter.


  2. You are doing a good job. Quality is good and speed is not a matter that some leechers can complain about. I mean, I really don’t like it as a reader when translators just pump out many chapters with horrible grammar where you need to mull over a sentence to get some meaning. I absolutely hate MTL without a working knowledge of the language you are attempting to translate. I can understand that if some translator knows the language but need some help from machine. However, it is plain mockery of the actual work of the author if you don’t have any knowledge of the language but still attempt to translate with the help of a machine. The resulting product then becomes a fan fiction. How can anyone compare your translations to MTL? I guess some people need more working brain matter. Speed is not an issue as long as quality is decent. At least in my book, proper work is always more appreciated than half-ass translations.


  3. Yeah, you should ignore those negative comments. I think your pace these days is satisfying and you’re definitely not MTing. Your grammar is good and the sentence construction is easy to understand. So keep up the good work! πŸ™‚


  4. You’re doing great! Greatly appreciate having someone translate this. If we could support you somehow that would be great too!


  5. Hell, I can barely translate English and I’m from the U.S.. I would like to thank you for the job that you do as well as your editors that allow me to read something that would normally be beyond my grasp.


  6. “. If you want that, let me save you some time; guy gets epic martial arts, becomes champion of all under the heavens, and gets all the chicks.”




  7. “guy gets epic martial arts, becomes champion of all under the heavens, and gets all the chicks.”

    Noo, you just spoiled almost all xanxia stories I read!
    … XD

    Bored people like trash talking, leave them alone and they’ll learn foreign langage by themselves if they’re tired of waiting!

    Thanks for your hard work!


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