Chapter 54!

So I am a bit late as usual (you guys should know that Vietnamese people are often late to things); I did some late Christmas shopping last night and instead of finishing the chapter, I fell asleep at the table…

Sometimes I feel like I should hide the chapter title until the end, the ones that are a bit spoilerish. Let me know what you guys think. Oh and a very merry Christmas, happy holidays, and all that to everyone!


6 thoughts on “TTNH Chapter 54 – Breakthrough Once Again

  1. Thank you! My opinion is that if the title is spoilerish, you can put the title at the end of the chapter. If its a spoiler for the next chapter. Its better just to hide it or use a spoiler button, if that is even available at all.


  2. Thanks! It doesn’t matter to me if the tittle is spoilerish…because I’ll read it eventually. I may not notice the title as I’m too eager to read the chapter 🙂


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