TTNH Chapter 48 – Controlling the Power of Fire, the Divine Clan

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TTNH Chapter 47 – Oscar Winning Performance

Chu Yang didn’t know how to scheme in his previous life? Could have fooled me…

Have some popcorn and watch the show, I give you chapter 47!

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TTNH Chapter 45 – On this road, I will certainly overturn the Nine Heavens!

My dear readers, happy Friday! I hope everyone likes obtuse poetry because in tonight’s chapter, Chu Yang will be waxing lyrical again ^_^ though Tan Tan will provide some comedic relief.

I published it briefly, but had to fix an error and so took it down. That one person who somehow got to the page without me having linked it at all, please refresh the page and read the last few paragraphs over!

I give you chapter 45!