Chapter 71

First off, huge thanks to ANARCHYDEV for catching something big. Gu Miao Ling did not have her leg cut off, only broken. Usually when I notice something iffy about the Vietnamese translations, I double check with the Chinese, but this time I didn’t even notice. I blame it on the late nights.

If you’re curious, read on. If not, just read the chapter. Anyway, the Chinese is 打断. This means to fracture/break. However, if you read just the second character, it means to sever or cut off.

So, please always feel free to point out stupid plot holes. Most of the time it’s probably the author. But sometimes, it’s my fault redface

5 thoughts on “TTNH Chapter 71 – Revered Berserker Sword Technique

  1. I rarely comment but this story is that good so thanks for translating. I read a lot of novel and i mean a lot and this is top 5 to me right now which means a lot since I’m currently reading at least 25+ novel all bookmark and in ranking for my favorite and your rank is 4.


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