Chapter 73!

I was so excited about winning the powerball and hiring a bunch of translators instead of doing it myself, that I finished this rather late. I qc’ed it myself, so please point out any grammar mistakes. I welcome all grammar nazis.

And of course I didn’t win, so don’t expect hundreds of chapters tomorrow. sad

Edit: I just went through all the spam comments and found some that were real comments (I think anyways). But I wanted to share this one random spam comment that may be a LPT. “You should carry a survival knife on your camping trips.”

9 thoughts on “TTNH Chapter 73 – Buying it with your life, is it enough?

  1. oh, well, it isn’t that bad, as long as the current confrontation ends then it’s fine, as currently it makes me want to bash the screen of my pc with the cliffhanger showing up.. kukuku…~!

    Anyway, good work~! And, condolence? 🙂


  2. english not my primary language ,if i still understand why bother fix here and there 🙂 .that what i think
    and thank you for the chapter sir ,i really enjoy this novel


  3. If you’re going on a camping trip, you don’t need a huge survival knife. Take an ax instead. It actually has a practical use other than killing something, as well as the fact that it probably would be more effective if you do need to use it to kill something. If I was going to get attacked by a bear, i’d rather have an ax with a couple feet of reach than any survival knife. And if you do need to cut something, just use a pocketknife. Get yourself a leatherman.


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