Chapter 78

Ok, so the long conversation is finally over with this chapter. So some people have mentioned that maybe I should release these types of chapters all together. That would mean that at my regular pace, you guys will get a few chapters every few days. Let me know what you guys think.

Also, previously, I transliterated the name Lang Ting. But going with the naming convention that I have, it should be Wolf Tribe.

And that is all; happy reading.


9 thoughts on “TTNH Chapter 78 – Right or wrong, let history be the judge

  1. Just keep doing what you’re doing. Consider adding a note at the beginning and the end of a long conversation arc to let people know. If you do that then the people complaining can just wait until the arc ends to read it all at once. There’s no need to change the way you release chapters that way.

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  2. My personal vote is keep at 1 chapter a day or whatever steady rate you’re working at, then only consider doing long conversations / parts that would be dull released one chapter at a time all in one go.


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