Chapter 85

Distracted so easily? …Not a very good spy. But remember guys, Bu Tian is not an earth-shattering beauty!

Anyways, leave some comments or else I’ll feel lonely. Also, thanks to all my readers, especially the ones who’ve supported my Starbucks addiction.


5 thoughts on “Chapter 85 – Adjunct Minister

  1. Even when we are silent readers we appreciate your translating efforts immensely. Thank you!

    Have you thought of adding TTNH to WuxiaWorld/Gravity/NovelsNao or other multi story portal?

    From what I remember TDG and BTTH were hosted on their own webiste as well as on the portals. It will also bring much more comments and fame to the story.

    I haven’t read if you have answered this before, sorry if this is the case


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