TTNH Chapter 80 – What’s a brother?

Chapter 80

I have to sleep before I turn into a zombie, so not much to say. But this one was fun to translate, so enjoy and have a good night guys!

TTNH Chapter 79 – Even if it has already scarred over, it must be uncovered

Chapter 79

Heh. I lied, conversation not over. Though at least they left the store. Also, some really awkward phrasing in this chapter, enjoy it for what is it, guys wink

So, based on the all the replies, I will just keep releasing chapters as I translate them. If I find that a chapter is full of conversation, I will add a summary to these announcements so that lazy readers don’t have to actually read it razz


TTNH Chapter 78 – Right or wrong, let history be the judge

Chapter 78

Ok, so the long conversation is finally over with this chapter. So some people have mentioned that maybe I should release these types of chapters all together. That would mean that at my regular pace, you guys will get a few chapters every few days. Let me know what you guys think.

Also, previously, I transliterated the name Lang Ting. But going with the naming convention that I have, it should be Wolf Tribe.

And that is all; happy reading.


TTNH Chapter 73 – Buying it with your life, is it enough?

Chapter 73!

I was so excited about winning the powerball and hiring a bunch of translators instead of doing it myself, that I finished this rather late. I qc’ed it myself, so please point out any grammar mistakes. I welcome all grammar nazis.

And of course I didn’t win, so don’t expect hundreds of chapters tomorrow. sad

Edit: I just went through all the spam comments and found some that were real comments (I think anyways). But I wanted to share this one random spam comment that may be a LPT. “You should carry a survival knife on your camping trips.”

TTNH Chapter 71 – Revered Berserker Sword Technique

Chapter 71

First off, huge thanks to ANARCHYDEV for catching something big. Gu Miao Ling did not have her leg cut off, only broken. Usually when I notice something iffy about the Vietnamese translations, I double check with the Chinese, but this time I didn’t even notice. I blame it on the late nights.

If you’re curious, read on. If not, just read the chapter. Anyway, the Chinese is 打断. This means to fracture/break. However, if you read just the second character, it means to sever or cut off.

So, please always feel free to point out stupid plot holes. Most of the time it’s probably the author. But sometimes, it’s my fault redface