Chapter 146

And so, they march down the path before them.

5 thoughts on “TTNH Chapter 146 – If you’re going to leave, leave quickly!

  1. Thanks for the chapter Itsumomisora!
    I have request, I know you are a busy person, but could you think about taking over Otherworldly Evil Monarch? It was dropped again… Since is from the same author of TTNH, maybe you have more affinity to do it. And you could use WW forum to increase your viewers base.
    Why do I suggest? more viewers = more donation = more chapters = I win xD


    1. Hi Zero. Sorry about the late response. Such a tempting request, but I will have to turn it down. I want to translate this well and quickly… quicker than this current pace.
      There are actually a few books I want to translate, but I am not touching anything else until this is done.
      Our author has many fans, so hopefully someone will pick it up soon.
      Thank you for your vote of confidence.

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      1. Thank you for your answer! Let’s hope someone will pick up… Hopefully yet more if he/she will just continue from where it stopped. Again Thanks for the answer me.


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