Chapter 161

Well, here it is.

8 thoughts on “TTNH Chapter 161 – Extreme breakthrough is that easy!

  1. hey, just a technical question that might have been asked before: why did you translate 天兵阁 as heavenly armament rather than just heavenly soldiers. I guess contextually in the beginning the store seemed like such a thing, and I haven’t read that far ahead, but if they keep the name and it becomes the name of Chu Yang’s group… anywho


    1. 兵 means weapons, soldiers, military, etc. It’s usually clarified by other words that it’s paired with. But calling the group Heavenly Armament is not so bad, is it? They’re heaven’s weapons…
      We’ll figure it out when we get there. And by we, I mean, there will prob be a fan vote. 🙂


  2. Thank you for the translation! This is a fantastic story. The characters are so interesting and the comedy makes for a nice change compared to the typical xianxia. Keep up the good work! I’ll keep reading.


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