Chapter 196

I read some prev comments comparing TTNH and ISSTH… guys, no need to compare. They are both epic in their own ways ^_^

Also, thanks to JPB from MA, USA for the donation. It’s greatly appreciated!!

8 thoughts on “TTNH Chapter 196 – Tormenting Tie Bu Tian

  1. People just like comparing what they love (or hate)… somethings can never be helped…

    But this is one of the few series where an enemy was humanized instead of just being arrogant and villainy… so it can’t be blamed….


  2. dude, what’s to compare I mean they are both different stories from different writers, I mean if you’re going to compare a work at least use works from the same writer like Fenglin Tianxia writes this and Otherworldly Evil Monarch to see the differences in the MC’s and to compare how it was written. Otherwise all they are doing is comparing apples to oranges which just means I like this more then that …


  3. You should be honored. Being compared to ISSTH (most hyped chinese novel by english comunity) meens that TTNH have that much attraction to atleast reach ISSTH level. Not any of those trash novel would even be mentioned by ISSTH fans.. morever being compared!


  4. I would agree, but the MC is a huge fking lolicon, and i find lolicons utterly disgusting. So, no. ISSTH is better, if not for anything but the MC’s disadvantage for being a disgusting lolicon.


  5. WTF?! It is like comparing apple and orange! Beside, both series plot and storyline are totally different like day and night. If anything TTNH is like ROTK + Xianxia!


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