Chapter 293

Still chugging along…

11 thoughts on “TTNH Chapter 293 – The sword’s chaos begins

  1. Hey there bud,
    Our team would like to take over this translation. We’re a private team on a big site and we’d love to also extend invitations for you to join the team as a part time translator.

    Feel free to get in touch for more details. I don’t bite haha.



  2. Thank you for continuing to find time to translate this, I know that you must be busy, but please keep translating this, your quality is one of the best out there for translated novels. I’m willing to wait for quality chapters.


  3. What Willuwontu said, your translation is of a far superior quality. Frankly, I think we’re all a bit spoiled by you, bu nonetheless it’d be great if you could keep slowly bringing them out.


  4. I’ve read the new translation from Novel Saga and I have to say I much prefer your translations. I’m more used to the name you use plus the translations are excellent quality 🙂 Thanks for the chapter!


    1. Novel Saga did say that the translator of TTNH has been wanting to drop it. The translator of TTNH even said it in his last post that it’s just a hobby of his and if we can find translator who can continue his work it would be great. Also a few chapters translated by both sites works well since we can compare and adapt accordingly.


      1. I don’t think its about Novel Saga taking over the novel. It’s more about the way they translate things. To me, it just seems like they (the people/person) that translate the novel doesn’t really think about their audience. They changed a lot of things that audience are not familiar with.

        I know that translation varies amongst translator, but Novel Saga have really butchered this novel up.

        We have come from Nightbreeze translation to WalktheJianghu to Novel Saga.

        Basically translation went from Excellent > Excellent > Uhh…I guess so..?


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