Real life has proved to be overwhelming with no end in sight, so I have decided to formally declare that I will stop translating this novel. I would like to thank everyone who has followed and read my translations up until today. I would also like to apologize for being unable to respond to those who have tried to contact me to pick up this work and wish whoever does decide to do so the best of luck.

69 thoughts on “Dropped.

    1. sad but..All good things come to an END

      hopefully NovelSaga will live up to our EXPECTATION (a good quality translation)

      Thank You for all the hard work that you’ve put into TTNH.. we will miss you

      and if you decided in the future that RL sucks.. and want to continue translating

      we will be here supporting you 120% as always

      again, THANK YOU.. and GOOD LUCK to your future endeavors~

      Thanks walkthejianghu for hosting this magnificent Novel

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  1. This is a sad day indeed. I’ll keep watch over this comment section hoping for news of whoever picks this up T_T


      1. I have heard about it but considering some of the comments in past chapters they aren’t doing that good of a job at it


      2. If novelsaga takes it over, it will be desecrated.
        Rylain started this series with a perfect top-notch translation.
        WTJ here continued it almost equal to the standards of Rylain, very strong.
        Novelsaga taking it would be like dumping a pile of dung onto a gold bar that was polished by masters.

        Unless it is the former translator of ZTJ, 2 or 3 top translators on Wuxiaworld, and 2 or 3 top from Gravity, maybe 2 or 3 others i’m unaware of, the novel translation will be tarnished.

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  2. This series is one of my very favorites, and I think that your translation is truly one of the very best. So, thank you! If you have time in the future and you have the interest, please translate something again.

    Also, will the site stay up, so that your chapters can migrate elsewhere?


  3. Thanks for all your hard work! it has been a wonderful ride , only regret you cant continue to translate this amazing novel.
    Good Luck with Life!


  4. Thank you so much for all the work. I really really enjoyed your translation, and your choice of what to translate.
    Best of luck.


  5. Ultimate sadness, thanks for the hard work though I just hope someone of your skill and commitment picks this up I fear NovelSaga will ruin the translation


  6. NOOO000ooo! </3
    Dog aunt!
    Alas, this dreadful day finally came.
    This has been a great translation, for a great novel.
    thanks for your all hard work so far.
    Wishing you the best of luck.


  7. You’ve given the novel community 294 amazing chapters of a great story and nothing can undo that. But hey lets be honest, with the other options available and from what I have seen I would hope that some time in the future you might be able to pick the story back up even if it has to be 1 or 2 years later. Anyways many thanks for the time and effort, even if your no longer translating I’m still a fan of Walk the Jiang Hu.


  8. So long, and thanks for all the fi- I mean translations. I’ve enjoyed your work and the story you chose to translate. Hope RL turns out alright, relaxing and rewarding for you.

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  9. I love the simplicity of the design of this website. I loved reading the really good quality translations. This was one of my favorite sites. More people should follow the simple quality of this website.

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  10. Even if you have to go, you’ve made me love this book πŸ™‚ Thanks for all your hard work and good luck in whatever else you may do!


  11. Thanks for your hard work and dedication to translating this novel. Your translations will be missed. Best of luck with your future endeavors!


  12. I have been following this site from since it has 20 chapters or so and I still remember reading your promise. Its really sad but I loved this site so has been a daily/hourly routine for me for so many months to just open this site and see if something has been posted. I would miss that a lot. I sincerely wish you best of luck for all your future endeavors.. (^ ^)


  13. Your translations were a constant in my life. I looked forward to every chapter you had translated.
    Ending it like so.. I am sad.
    Nonetheless, I thank you for all of your hard work. I wish you best.


  14. its already been THREE days since you posted that you DROPPED this novel…

    and yet i keep checking this site DAILY..

    (dog aunt! I must change this habit of checking your site daily LOL)

    on that note.. I re-read again your last post..
    and saw the TITLE for Ch293:The sword’s chaos begins

    what a way to end things.
    You shouldve change the title DROPPED to DROPPED: The Reader’s Chaos BEGINS


    ..will probably still keep checking this site out of habit LOL

    This site will be forever in our hearts πŸ™‚ GOOD JOB and THANK YOU again



  15. Well damn sorry to see RL is kicking you in the balls……It’s always sad to see a quality TLer have to give it up do to RL issues….Ty for you work an effort you always seemed to make the story flow so well


  16. Thanks for the efforts you put in to this quality translation, you will be missed.
    On another note Translation Nation seems intent on picking up Transcending the Nine Heavens, they seem to be a bit more consistent than Novel Saga so let’s see how that goes.


  17. From NY, thank you for countless hours of entertainment on my long commutes, your site was part of my daily site visiting rituals. You will be missed.

    Best of luck!!


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