Wind and Thunder Platform, Singular Heavenly Route, in the area of Cloud Sea, Nine Heavens.

Wind and Thunder Platform was one of three most extreme regions in Upper Three Heavens of the Nine Heavens continents.

Here, wind and thunder filled the sky; it was the only place to enter and leave Singular Heavenly Route!

In this moment, Wind and Thunder Platform was covered with fog.

“Chu Yang, give us Nine Tribulations Sword now and we will spare your life!”

“Chu Yang, you are at death’s door. Quickly give us Nine Tribulations Sword and we will let you die in one piece!”

“Chu Yang, a top divine item like Nine Tribulations Sword is wasted in your hands. All these years and you have had no progress, such a waste of a heavenly treasure! Hand it over…”

These shouts came from all directions.

At the center of Wind and Thunder Platform, Chu Yang was wearing a black outfit, with his whole body covered in blood. His hair was disheveled, but his face was cold with an indifference that seemed to be eternal. His countenance was still calm and his whole body was straight like a spear!

Like the sword in his hand, he would sooner break before yielding.

At this time, his injuries were fatal!

At the foot of Wind and Thunder Platform, in the radius of a few hundred meters around him, there were countless severed bodies with blood pouring out, dying the ground red.

Looking at the martial masters in all four directions who were screaming and yelling without daring to advance, Chu Yang’s face showed a mocking, arrogant and condescending smile!

With this martial masters numerous as ants, he might have been like a candle in the wind, but his arrogance reached the heavens.

The people present here were all calculating. They knew that Chu Yang had little fight left in him, but no matter who advanced, they would be dying with him. Naturally, no one wanted to become pavement for others to walk on. They were all hoping some fearless person would rush forth first.

But how could there be such a stupid person? Therefore, without any coordination, they all paused at this moment.

A whole bunch of useless people! If you act like that, then your heart is also like that! No matter how high their cultivation is, and how numerous they are, killing me ten thousand times would still not make them worthy of being my opponents!

Chu Yang smiled cynically and slowly sat down. His face remained icy as before; he did not say a word by his heart started to fill with doubts.

How did they know that Nine Tribulations Sword is in my hand? I had to search for three years before verifying that there is a fragment of Nine Tribulations Sword on Wind and Thunder Platform in Upper Three Heavens. I had to go through thousands of difficulties and risked my life to be able to come to Upper Three Heavens; how is it that I run into such a massive ambush here? Today is only the fifth day since I advanced into Upper Three Heavens! The moment I reached Wind and Thunder Platform, I was ambushed!

In the end, today will be the day I die!

I am known for being elusive; who knew about my plans? I have continually tried to break out for a dozen times, but I was blocked every time! Moreover, all the places I chose to break out were dead ends! Ordinarily, this is something that cannot be!

Who could know my habits so well like this? Who is this enemy in the dark?

This issue plagued Chu Yang’s mind.

Nine Tribulations Sword still lit up a whole region, looking as if it drew a rainbow across the air.

Looking at this scene, the ones surrounding him felt as if their hearts were on fire; they hated the fact that this saintly object was not in their hands!

An ancient saintly object! The number one saintly object of the Nine Heavens continents!

Whoever got Nine Tribulations Sword, that person would be champion of the world! Within Nine Tribulations Sword was the great secret about the path toward invincibility! According to legends, the power of Nine Tribulations Sword did not just end at that.

“Nine Tribulations, Nine Heavens, one sword to destroy the world. In all of time, it is the only one in Nine Heavens!”

This was the ballad in Jiang Hu about Nine Tribulations Sword that no one was able to verify. Nine Tribulations Sword was always a myth. No one had expected that one day, Nine Tribulations Sword would actually appear in front of them.

Chu Yang was currently curious. Yes, this is Nine Tribulations Sword! Yes, I have acquired Nine Tribulations Sword. Plus, I have, step by step, found five fragments of the sword body. But, regrettably, the power of Nine Tribulations Sword is not as great as I thought it would be! Moreover, there is a clear divide between me and Nine Tribulations Sword. Whether I mark it with my own blood or use my mind to feel, there is not even a little effect.

Why? Why?! (

Extreme in love, extreme in sword! I destroyed love and joined with sword; I used the sword to join with martial arts; I used martial arts to find the ways of the heavens and paid for it with a lifetime of loneliness. I killed to save the living. Unfortunately, I am not able to complete Nine Tribulations Sword, and finish cultivating Nine Tribulations Transcending the Nine Heavens Technique!

Did I make the wrong choice or was this path wrong since the beginning? Could it be that my heartlessness was not enough for Nine Tribulations Sword?

A swordsman is merciless! A swordsman is heartless! If one is loving, how can one be called a swordsman?

The ways of the sword, the ways of martial arts, the ways of the heavens! In the end, they are all merciless… But now that I am at the border of life and death, why am I wavering like this?

Oh, Nine Tribulations Sword! Oh, Nine Tribulations Sword! What is your secret?

Looking at the greedy gazes staring at Nine Tribulations Sword from four directions, Chu Yang laughed bitterly in his heart. You people only know that you can be invincible with Nine Tribulations Sword, but do you know what kind of price I had to pay because of Nine Tribulations Sword?

What I got from it was the loss of everything!

A red, graceful silhouette suddenly appeared in Chu Yang’s mind. This red figure gradually grew clearer; her robe fluttered with the wind and flew in the darkness. There seemed to be a faint sound of ethereal music in the air…

That graceful figure gently danced the dances of some distance past as it faded in and out.

Chu Yang’s gaze suddenly became distant, sad and filled with longing!

Fresh blood continued to pour; Chu Yang could feel that life force was quickly draining. He had chased the ways of martial arts all of his life; he had felt in love, broken love, felt out of love, and, finally, destroyed love. In that near-death moment, he had thought that his only regret was not be able to achieve that ultimate state he had chase his whole life. But, unexpectedly, a figure had appeared in his head.

That beautiful red figure, that turning of the head, that movement… It was a perfect, gentle, graceful dance in his heart. Each time she turned and looked at him, her eyes were filled with feelings deep as the sea…

She was Mo Qing Wu, the woman Chu Yang fell in love and broke love with!

“So I never truly broke love…” Chu Yang smiled with mockery and muttered to himself!

A trace of remorse quietly rose inside him. At first, it was gentle like a mist. But within moments, it had flooded his heart. At this time, his heart no longer could be controlled nor did it want to be.

“Qing Wu! Will I be able to see you again when I go to the afterlife? Qing Wu, you know that I left you because I was cultivating Three Tribulations Destroy Love. Do you know how much I regret that?”

Currently, Chu Yang only felt sadness and loss…

“Everyone advance at once! Let’s mince him up! As for Nine Tribulations Sword, we can slowly discuss it later!” A person shouted, “If we keep waiting until he recovers, killing him will be even more difficult!”

Everyone loudly agreed and, together, they raised their blades toward Chu Yang’s direction.

Chu Yang remained seated like before as if his spirit had left his body. He did not move and his eyes were staring into some far off distance. His desolation seemed to have become eternal; his hair, matted with blood, fluttered in front of his forehead…

The figured in his head danced faster and faster and became more intense. At this point, it had become a formless red shadow, appearing and disappearing. A soft and sad voice sang out…

“A lifetime does not make a gentle dance,

A dance is a lifetime of bitterness;

My entire life, I will dance for you;

I will dance for you in this one bitter life.”

This was the promise poem that Mo Qing Wu had given to Chu Yang. He still remembered at the moment, Mo Qing Wu tearful eyes were filled sorrow and bitterness. She already knew that he only used her feelings for cultivation, but she felt into his arms live a moth into a flame, allowing herself to be burned!

Chu Yang thought wistfully, his heart filled sadness. At the last moment of his life, he finally understood how precious love was; but it was too late.

He still clearly remembered the last time Mo Qing Wu was pushed away by him. Her heart was filled with so much pain that it broke into pieces. On the way back home, she was ambushed and her life ended.

After he heard the news, he immediately rushed there, but he was one step too late. Afterward, Chu Yang chased down the culprits that ambushed Mo Qing Wu; he even killed all nine generations, but that beauty could not be brought back to life!

As she was dying in his arm, that great beauty weakly said, “Chu Yang, if there is another life… if I can see you again, I hope you could… give me one glance. I am easier on the eyes than a sword! Chu Yang, to be able to die in your arms, I am very happy…!”

These were Mo Qing Wu’s last words!

Qing Wu, are you not satisfied? Do you have any regrets? If not, why are tears coming out of your eyes?

After her last breath, two tears dropped down from her face… a forced smile remained on it. Perhaps she worried that he would be burdened? Why was that smile so beautiful but so forlorn like that?

At the moment the two tear drops touched the ground, his heart broke into pieces! And since then, it had been neglected, covered in cobweb!

Gentle like a floating dream,

In seas of blood and mountains of bones, still this same dance;

Swing the sword for thousands of miles, do you understand,

Life and death go hand in hand in the nine heavens…

This was a poem by the most talented Xue Lei Han, who was touched by the deep love Mo Qing Wu had for Chu Yang.

You are now one step ahead of me. While I am still in the world of the living… I will soon be with you for all eternity!

Chu Yang was in a trance. A calm and sad smile suddenly bloomed on his icy face. His blood soaked hair flew in the wind…

Qing Wu, wait for me…!

Qing Wu, do you know? If there is another life: I would rather not practice sword art; I would rather not try to achieve the pinnacle of martial arts; I would rather not seek revenge; I just need to be by your side! Is there anything in this world that is more important than your contented smile? No…!

In his head, Mo Qing Wu’s voice drifted further and further away, becoming fainter:

“My entire life, I will dance for you…

You will be the only one I dance for…

For a thousand times, my heart will never change…

I will not be bitter even if I have to die ten thousand deaths… I will not be bitter…”



There was a sound a saber ripping through the wind the slashed forward. Chu Yang, still in a trance, immediately raised his sword to block. In his mind, he still heard the faint sound of Mo Qing Wu’s voice ringing out from the darkness.

This life is over! Qing Wu, before I die, let me hear your voice once more…

Not bitter… Qing Wu, you suffered bitterly, but you did not feel bitter… But I am currently very bitter! I am very regretful!

The number of blades slashing increased and blood splattered everywhere. Pain spread throughout his body breaking the image in Chu Yang’s mind!

Chu Yang screamed in anger! He suddenly stood up; his long black hair flew in the wind! His rage had reached its peak!

In my last moments of life, you people dare to come here and disturb our reunion! Die!


A sword stabbed deep into Chu Yang’s chest. Chu Yang’s heart was full of pain as he looked down. The piece of jade hanging from his neck had broken into pieces. In the middle was the word “Wu”, now shattered…

Chu Yang was at a loss as he reached out his hand to catch the pieces! All of the pieces of the jade pendant was in his hand; his eyes were in tears.

This was the only memento he had from Qing Wu!

“Die!” Chu Yang looked up, his eyes raged with killing aura. He looked up the heavens and screamed out. Nine Tribulations Sword in his hand radiated brightly all of a sudden. It was as if countless flashes from all nine levels of heaven gathered to form this great light!

Bang… Bang… Bang…

Waves of contact sounds rang out as the weapons of those around him were chopped into pieces!

All of the people surrounding him hurriedly backed up. Their eyes were full of terror as they looked at the fragment of weapon still in their hand. Cold sweat streamed down their bodies. They could not imagine that one blow of the Nine Tribulations Sword could be that powerful!

They had thought that since Chu Yang already had one foot in death’s door, he did not have any offensive strength left. They were beginning to feel reassured and their gutsiness grew greater. They were already thinking about how to take Nine Tribulations Sword after Chu Yang died. If they could get it, how would they escape? The whole lot of them were anxiously calculating when Chu Yang suddenly made a move! That one move carried massive power!

Beyond their expectations! Truly beyond their expectations!

Chu Yang’s whole body was soaked in blood. With sword in hand, he stood erect with his eyes glaring at the group of people in front of him. The moment his gaze fell on anyone, they could not help but shiver.

They could all see in Chu Yang’s eyes infinite grief, endless despair, extreme anger, and infinite killing intent!

Chu Yang looked around once, and suddenly asked softly, “You want Nine Tribulations Sword?”

Without waiting for anyone to answer, he smiled coldly and said slowly, “Well, I will let you see Nine Tribulations Sword!”

He suddenly leapt up!

He had suffered many fatal wounds but he had managed to jump up at this moment! In midair, the wounds all over his body squirted out blood, but he did not show any emotion and coldly shouted, “Nine Tribulations Sword, one spot of cold light radiates over a vast area!”

Nine Tribulations Sword swung up and became an arch in midair! With that arch, millions of cold light rays shined brilliantly; they seemed to carry with them the most ancient desolation of heaven and earth.

Nine Tribulations Sword! Nine Tribulations Transcending the Nine Heavens Technique! Number one sword in the world!

Nine Heavens was the name of these continents. In all of history no one dared to use these words to name their sword technique, but this technique of Nine Tribulations Sword dared to use the words Nine Heavens.

Throughout the ages, this was the only one!

While Chu Yang could not manifest the true power of Nine Tribulations Transcending the Nine Heavens Technique, he had already learned these moves long ago. The power of these moves were not a great as one would imagine, but they still exceeded that of ordinary sword techniques.

When a dozen martial masters standing in all four directions saw this move, they were unable make a move to against it! After contact, their bodies trembled, and they felt like they could barely hold their weapons!

“Nine Tribulations Sword, slaughter the world!”

The first move was not done, the second came down thick with killing aura! Light surged like a tide from the ocean, killing aura overwhelmingly pushed forth! Screams rang out, and the dozen masters, capable of dominating a region, used all their might to resist only to end up being pushed back; their bodies were soaked in blood!

This moment, everyone had the illusion that Chu Yang was not injured at all! He was absolutely at his peak condition!

They had no idea that they had interrupted Chu Yang’s reminiscing, and disrupted Mo Qing Wu’s dance. They had awoken the fury inside Chu Yang’s heart, and made him manifest all of his power! This was life force’s strength, an anger from deep inside his soul! This strength even exceeded that of his peak state!

“Nine Tribulations Sword, sword emperor gathers wind and clouds!”

Chu Yang laughed wickedly, and Nine Tribulations Sword emitted a light that looked like a large crown! Overwhelming the entire area with a limitless force! Wherever that sword light traveled there were sounds of painful screaming. Blood was spit up and many heads rolled like melons on the ground…

Nine Tribulations Sword, the emperor has arrived to annihilate the world with ease! I will do as I please, take what I want and destroy what I don’t!

“Nine Tribulations Sword, passionate swordsman cut off from the world!”

“Nine Tribulations Sword, mountains of bodies and seas of blood, everlasting legends!”

Three sword moves came out, one after another. They turned the already blood-soaked grounds into a demon’s slaughterhouse! A dozen people advanced only to drop into the pool of blood!

Chu Yang slumped and staggered. He looked around condescendingly. For more than ten meters radius around him, there was no one standing! These people were once famed martial masters, but they had now turned into bodies under Nine Tribulations Sword!

“You want Nine Tribulations Sword? Are you people worthy?”

But after this explosion, Chu Yang was completely burned out!

“Qing Wu, whether it is in this world or the next, no one can keep us apart!”

He leaned on his sword and panted with eyes closed. He was hoping that song would come to him again… But nothing happened!

Chu Yang suddenly opened his eyes and growled, “Why? Why is there nothing? Qing Wu…”

From a distance, three golden glows appeared in three different directions. Then they quickly became three golden silhouette in midair. The blinding radiance brought with them an incomparable mighty fury.

The golden glows represented King level masters! They also meant that three King level masters had joined the fight!

Chu Yang’s pupil contracted! He smiled a bitter smile and looked at the three golden silhouettes in the sky helplessly feeling chills in his heart.

I can’t believe that my opponent has waited till now to make his official move!

I am only a Revered Martial Warrior; while I am only one step from King level, this step is a matter of heaven and earth!

Three King level masters! A true master stroke!

“Good sword technique; you are definitely worthy of being called Poisonous Sword Revered Martial Master! Too bad this Upper Three Heavens is not a place for you to act arrogantly!” A person said calmly, “Unfortunately, I am not able to fight a fair battle with you… truly unfortunate!”

The two others only appeared. Their robes fluttered in the wind.

Chu Yang’s vision had become blurred, “You three King level masters also want Nine Tribulations Sword?”

“Wrong! We don’t want Nine Tribulations Sword. We came because we want you to die!” The three smiled, looking majestic, “We’ll just take Nine Tribulations Sword since we’re here; let’s call it an added bonus. A big bonus!”

Chu Yang smiled and straightened himself as he said arrogantly, “Too bad you people can’t comprehend Nine Tribulations Sword! You will never be able to get it!”

His eyes suddenly looked determined! Currently, he no longer had the strength to fight, but he still could make one last move! One move called Destruction!

Destroy himself! Destroy Nine Tribulations Sword! Destroy his enemies!

The sword flashed as Chu Yang forcefully turned Nine Tribulations Sword around and stabbed straight into his own heart! His looked at the three people in the air with an emotionless gazed and yelled icily, “Take the blood of my heart and destroy all! Master of Nine Tribulations Sword inverts destiny!”

This was the only sword move that he could manifest the total power of. Before, when he learned this move, he knew that he could use it. But a move like this would need his own life in order to work!

Such a sword technique, who would dare to use it? The person who used this was guaranteed to die!

Nine Tribulations Sword suddenly shined blindingly; the black was like a sun in the air; its sharpness burst out violently; its massive force unexpectedly lifted Chu Yang into midair!

This was the last move of Nine Tribulations Sword! Using the blood of one’s own heart to offer one’s body and soul and stimulate the sword spirit! This was a move to die with the enemies! It could even kill an opponent a few levels higher than your own!

It was the killing done by the sword spirit, the destruction of everything!

“Retreat!” The three King level masters were shocked and quickly tried to escape! Their departing speed was the complete opposite of leisurely entrance! Their graceful air also disappeared and the only thing they knew now was to clamor away!

The three of them never expected that this Poisonous Sword Revered Martial Artist was capable of making such a move!


Sword light shot straight into the air turning the sky into a blinding silver color! The three King level masters did not even have time to react, and immediately turned into ashes!

Even as the golden radiance emitted from their King level power was still lingering in the air, their lives had already returned to dust!

One attack of Nine Tribulations Sword spirit had enough strength to destroy anything within its vicinity, let alone just three King level masters!

Chu Yang suddenly felt a little funny and laughed mockingly in his heart. Perhaps this is the invincible secret of Nine Tribulations Sword? If that is the case, where is the value in this number heavenly item?

He faintly had the feeling that the secret was not just this. But he no longer had the chance to find the true secret of Nine Tribulations Sword anymore.

Chu Yang let out a sigh as a figure remained floating in midair. When he glanced over, he immediately discovered someone that he never thought should be there.

In a distance, a person in white was gaping at him; his countenance was filled with disbelief!

Mo Tian Ji?

Chu Yang looked straight in the direction of that white figure; he finally understood why he was ambushed even with his secretive movements, and why all of his attacks were blocked so accurately!

So it was him, Master of Calculation and Manipulation Mo Tian Ji!

No wonder I suffered such a crushing defeat!

Chu Yang wanted to laugh bitterly, to mock himself, to… but he could not do anything. He had depleted all of his energy, and he did not have time to ask anything either!

Chu Yang’s body slowly lowered to the ground and he slowly fell back like a dry leaf at the end of autumn. As he fell, there was a faint but warm smile on his face.

Qing Wu, if there is a next life, I will dance with you under the heavens!

If death cannot be avoided, I should welcome death with the greatest enthusiasm and longing because the woman I love is waiting for me there!

In the darkness, the land seemed to be covered in snow, and flakes swirled in the air. In that dreamy silver space, a graceful red silhouette gently danced as if greeting him… as if anxious about him. While her face was blurred, the affection in her eyes was clear. The calmness and lack of hatred or regret were shown plainly…

The graceful dance gradually grew intense and flew straight up into the heavens, and made one’s blood run cold…

In Chu Yang’s heart, Nine Tribulations Sword suddenly emitted a blinding and majestic radiance!

Chu Yang had closed his eyes but it was as if he could still hear an ethereal voice in the darkness. It carried with it fatigue as well as happiness like some ancient burden had been lifted, “Nine Tribulations Sword becomes nothing; leisurely hanging between life and death. Even a hole in the sky could by patched, why wait until the next life… Ah, I have finally found you after all my waiting…”

With only a few short words, that voice seemed to have travelled over great obstacles, and barely able to get any closer…

Then the radiance from his heart shot straight into the air and suddenly dispersed into a rainbow illuminating the entire world. All those who witnessed this, while their eyes were opened, were unable to see anything!

That fleeting brilliance, after shooting straight through nine levels of heavens, disappeared without a trace…

On Wind and Thunder Platform, the wind continued to howl as if it was wailing those words Chu Yang had said, “If there is a next life… I… will… dance… with… you… under… the… heavens…”

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