Tie Bu Tian was silent when he suddenly raised his brows and asked, “Emerald Flow Lake… how is it?”

“Very good!” Chu Yang said cheerfully, filled with satisfaction, “About the award system for the candidates, what does Your Highness think?”

Tie Bu Tian laughed mischievously, “Very good.”

Chu Yang also laughed. Both of their laughs seemed to carry some hidden thoughts.

“I already ordered Cheng Zi Ang to leave all decisions in regards to Bu Tian Pavilion’s matters to you.” Tie Bu Tian looked at Chu Yang seriously, “But I need to get information from your side, because I cannot remain deaf to it all!”

Chu Yang was moved by these words. They had shown that Tie Bu Tian was very sincere.

“I know! That’s why I just put a little pressure on him instead of getting rid of him. But there is something I am not too clear on! Why do you trust me so?” Chu Yang said.

Tie Bu Tian calmly looked at Chu Yang for a moment. Then he slowly smiled and said, “Intuition! I sensed that you are a trustworthy person! It’s that simple!”

Chu Yang suddenly discovered that Tie Bu Tian’s smile was very fascinating. It started at his eyes, and traveled gradually to the tip of his nose which moved slightly. Then it reached the edge of his mouth which stretched. And finally, it reached his cheeks.

His eyes brightened every time he smiled, and made others feel very happy. In this moment, Tie Bu Tian’s smile does not carry any majestic aura. It is… umm… lovable! Yes!! Very lovable!!!

Strangely, this line of thought rose inside Chu Yang, startling him. He continually reminded himself: Chu Yang!… That is a man! That is a man…!!!

Seeing Chu Yang staring at him, mesmerized, Tie Bu Tian became annoyed all of a sudden and said, “I will leave now!!!”

Without waiting for Chu Yang to see him off, Tie Bu Tian stood up and left with Dragon Tiger Steps, and quickly disappeared.

It was as if he was running away!

Chu Yang mouth became crooked as he muttered, “Come on, must you use such an imposing air even when leaving? Clearly he just used a technique for emperors! Mother*! If he didn’t use that technique would anyone say he’s not a prince? That was a little extreme!”

After leaving Bu Tian Pavilion, Tie Bu Tian suddenly remembered, “Oops! I forgot to tell him about the movements at the border…”

He was going to turn around but decided against it after thinking it over. “This little fox, every time he talks to me he always looked straight into my eyes, making me so nervous…”

Tie Bu Tian was a prince whose authority had been growing greater and greater over the past few years. With the exception of Tie Long Cheng, no one dared look up when talking to him. But time and time again, Chu Yang proved to be the exception!

Chu Yang had a habit of looking into people’s eyes when they talked.

Of course Tie Bu Tian did not know that this habit was created by Chu Yang’s Deep Spirit Principle. At any time, Chu Yang always used Deep Spirit Principle to verify if the other person was being truthful. This was truly a good habit! He did not care if the other person was a man or a woman; Chu Yang always used that gaze when talking to people.

Because if a person was lying or thinking of something else, there would always be something a little abnormal in their eyes. Very few people have the cultivation state where they could lie without some anxiety in their hearts. And their eyes would show this abnormality.

******** (walkthejianghu.com)

For the next few days, Chu Yang was very busy.

That afternoon, Tie Bu Tian decided to send Wu Qian Qian over to be Minister Chu’s assistant.

Chu Yang was dumbfounded with this decision; he did not know whether to laugh or to cry. Everything was going well, and the prince sent a beauty like Wu Qian Qian to these wolves at Bu Tian Pavilion. The minister’s good luck inspired looks of envy and admiration. They all had to praise the favor the prince bestowed upon Minister Chu: “Such a beauty and the prince was actually willing to send her over… This really shows how much the prince trusts and values you!”

During these few days, many tasks were quickly carried out by Bu Tian Pavilion.

After cleansing Bu Tian Pavilion, the new minister got started right away. Because he could not show himself, for all deliveries of important documents, he sent the female official the prince sent over, Wu Qian Qian.

Each one of those papers was essentially a death sentence! First, an official was arrested. Then, he was handed over to Minister Chu for questioning. After they had all the evidence, the evidence was then submitted to Tie Bu Tian. Finally, a decree was handed down: seizure of all properties and execution of the guilty official.

Every now and then, a few other families were also implicated.

Even though Minister Chu himself designed special uniforms for the three brigades of Bu Tian Pavilion, they would all wear black when they carried out their tasks. The Fierce Blood Brigade headed by their leader, Cheng Zi Ang, never stopped raiding, arresting, and killing…

Iron Blood Brigade headed by Minister Chu continually interrogated, searched for evidence…

As for Heavenly Secret Brigade under the leadership of Chen Yu Tong, they took turns deciphering information recovered by their spies to find even the smallest clues. After all that was done, they submitted the results for Minister Chu to make his decisions.

It went on non-stop for half a month; the rancid smell of blood filled the sky of Iron Cloud Citadel. Bu Tian Pavilion essentially replaced the Judicial Department; with the exception of the jail cells, everything else was handled by Bu Tian Pavilion.

Bu Tian Pavilion worked with efficiency and speed never seen before. Each member did not even have enough energy to complain. They did not stop; they did not rest. Even if they had free time every now and then, they were forced to cultivate.

Because as Minister Chu once said, “Members of Bu Tian Pavilion must be martial experts, must be great talents! If your cultivation does not meet the required standards, you might as well kill yourself so you won’t be killed by others! You want to quit? That is not an option! Once you join, unless you die during a mission, you cannot leave even if you are handicapped. Handicapped people will be given tasks like intelligence analysis…”

Under this strict management, all members of Bu Tian Pavilion moaned and groaned during training. At any given moment, they felt as if there was a saber hanging above their heads.

Minister Chu was truly impartial. He once discovered one of the brothers who was close to him not cultivating, he directly ordered him to be paddled two hundred times on the spot.

The punishment was so harsh four sticks broke and blood and meat were everywhere.

All the while, Minister Chu sat on the side going over various documents while periodically handed out a piece of paper with the words: “Continue paddling! If he dies then he deserves it; if not then he must continue cultivating!”

With the risk of losing their lives, everyone did not make a peep.

Under such high pressure, everyone thought that they would not be able to survive. But nine days later, early in the morning, a third grade Martial Master suddenly announced: Under such great pressure he had broken through to grade four Martial Master!

Who did not know how hard it was to breakthrough in cultivation? And so everyone ran over to check it out! After verifying the whole thing, their eyes lit up with jealousy. Under great pressure and such a busy schedule, he still managed to breakthrough…

A few days later, some people discovered that after a few years of hitting a cultivation bottleneck, they were on the verge of breakthrough.

With such role models, even those not required to breakthrough put greater efforts into cultivation. They could not let themselves fall too far behind the others… How humiliating would it be? Moreover, with greater strength they would have a greater chance of making a big contribution. Marrying, having children, becoming an official… everything was waiting for them!!!

After that, everyone seemed to understand Chu Yang’s painstaking care. That old repressive atmosphere from before quickly changed to an encouraging one.

Minister Chu did everything for our sake!

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