Wu Qian Qian was shocked; she could not imagine that Chu Yang was able to find so many questionable points from just looking through the documents on a good and upstanding official like that!

Even though there were a few speculations that were a little forced, with so many suspicious points gathered in one place, it was too abnormal! To say that this was a big coincidence… hmm… even Wu Qian Qian did not believe that there was such a coincidence in this world.

“If this person really is a spy, then he is probably the biggest fish that Bu Tian Pavilion has ever caught!” Chu Yang said grimly.

Wu Qian Qian shuddered; she understood very well what Chu Yang meant by “biggest fish”… If his speculations were true, then the number of people involved in this case, from top to bottom, would be at least a few hundred!

It will be another bloodbath!

“Chu Yang, even if he is a spy, we cannot just kill… ah…” Wu Qian Qian said, “This person’s fame is too great. His prestige is high among the people of Iron Cloud; if you just kill him, I am afraid there would be civil unrest.”

In the time period that Wu Qian Qian had been assisting Chu Yang, she participated in analysis of officials and commoners of Iron Cloud Nation every day. Therefore, her experience in dealing with these matters had greatly improved compared to when she was still at Beyond the Heavens Sect.

“Really? Then what do you suggest we do?” Chu Yang smiled. Wu Qian Qian had a good learning curve; over this past time period, she became better with each day. She probably would not need too long to become a very capable assistant.

Chu Yang did not know why Tie Bu Tian sent Wu Qian Qian there, but he had a reason for not rejecting her: Wu Qian Qian was a person of Beyond the Heavens Sect. If he had to leave this place, he hoped that Wu Qian Qian could manage Bu Tian Pavilion in his stead.

This was the greatest gift Chu Yang was preparing for his sect. After all, his target was not this Lower Three Heavens.

Since the beginning, Chu Yang had every intention to “unintentionally” guide and train Wu Qian Qian’s mind, and make her a qualified leader.

“If he is a real spy… but these past few years, he clearly worked hard and did his duties. This is as clear as day… Moreover, all the things he has done was for Iron Cloud. So if we kill him without proper evidence, the people will not be appeased; there could be civil unrest.” Wu Qian Qian pondered, “Even if we do find evidence of him being a traitor, it is still uncertain whether the people will believe it or not.”

“I think we should discuss this with the prince first.” Wu Qian Qian said, “We must find a proper solution. Plus, we must also carefully plan on how to proceed after this is dealt with. We also need to think about how to deal with the issues that will arise after this.”

“Yes, we definitely cannot be reckless with this matter. Tie Bu Tian must be part of this process!” Chu Yang praised. After his praise, he thought for a little and continued, “I will let you take care of informing Tie Bu Tian! See how he wants to deal with this and act accordingly. I am going out for a little bit.”

Then Chu Yang took the black cloak off his body, and placed his mask on the desk as well.

“You’re going out again?” Wu Qian Qian was at a loss for words.

These days, Chu Yang only came here to work a little then he would immediately leave without a trace; even she did not know where he went.

Chu Yang’s whereabouts were indeed secretive. Wu Qian Qian could not imagine how he managed to finish such a huge workload at Bu Tian Pavilion. Based on this amount of work he should have spent a great amount of time.

And yet, it seemed as if Chu Yang was just relaxing and smelling the roses. Without any great difficulties, his work was getting done smoothly.

“Ah, it’s getting too boring in here… I am going for a stroll.” Chu Yang said carelessly as he pressed on the wall behind him. A secret door suddenly opened. Chu Yang’s body flashed and disappeared behind it.

The door slowly closed, leaving no trace of its existence. If anyone were to look, they would certainly think that this was only a normal wall.

Wu Qian Qian helplessly sighed. She put on Chu Yang’s cloak, wore his mask and sat in his position. These days, whenever Chu Yang was not there, Wu Qian Qian became his replacement.

Could it be that this air of mystery was a cover for his laziness? Wu Qian Qian shook her head and smiled. She quickly started writing on a piece of paper, and imitated Chu Yang’s voice as she shouted, “Someone! Bring this to the prince immediately; I have something important to discuss with the prince…”

(walkthejianghu.com …so you see me?)

Of course Chu Yang acted mysteriously not to be lazy.

But it was partly true that he was lazy with Bu Tian Pavilion’s business. His other reason was to maintain his air of mystery and secretly develop Heavenly Armament Pavilion. That place was being built ostentatiously; it could not be neglected…

Most importantly, Chu Yang also wanted to strengthen himself! After his enlightenment on the Gentle Force of water, Chu Yang felt his martial power was gradually changing qualitatively. There were many aspects that he never thought of or even imagined. And now his eyes seemed to have gradually opened up to them.

The feeling of stepping into a brand new area of martial arts was Chu Yang’s greatest motivation to work hard at cultivating!

These days, in Iron Cloud Citadel, there was not just the appearance of “King of Hell Chu,” but rumor had it that there was the emergence of one “Dark Night Challenger,” also not any less famous.

Recently, most of the famous masters in Iron Cloud Citadel were harassed by a crazy guy. The number of martial art schools and protection services in Iron Cloud Citadel was numerous. Its harsh northerly environment produced many sturdy people and a large number of masters in the field of martial arts. Although the number of top level martial experts were not many, Iron Cloud was number one in the Lower Three Heavens for the large quantity of martial artists.

This Dark Night Challenger was extremely weird. He seemed to have a different appearance each day. His disguise became more chaotic each time. Today, he was twenty years old; tomorrow, he would be thirty. The day before, he carried a weak young master look; then the day after he had a red face with a few chest hairs. In a few days, there would be a few moles that looked like rat poop. In short, every day was a different face.

And yet it seemed that his disguise was careless. This Dark Night Challenger tried hard to keep people from knowing who he was, but he was most unsuccessful…

The rumors were true; Chu Yang really did want to have a different appearance each day. The first time, he was really meticulous. Then the second time, he didn’t pay too much attention. And all the times after that were really careless, as if he could not wait to go out and fight… Regardless, no one would recognize that it was him. As the days went by, he became even more careless. There were some days when he would forget what disguise he used the day before…

No matter what appearance Chu Yang put on, everyone would call out in recognition: “Aahh, it’s him. It’s Dark Night Challenger; even if he turned into ashes, I would recognize him!”

This Dark Night Challenger’s martial power was not that high; he seemed to be only a Martial Warrior… but he seemed to improve with each day. Plus, he worked under strict principles.

Within a time frame of about twenty days, that guy had challenged more than thirty martial arts experts. If someone was keeping track of his challenges, then they would have seen that he did not challenge people randomly.

The first person he challenged was the absolute weakest amongst the famous martial artists in Iron Cloud Citadel. As time passed, he gradually moved up to more powerful martial artists. Everything was methodical, without any chaos. Each subsequent one was more powerful than the one before…

If the order of his challenges was used to rank the martial artists of Iron Cloud Citadel, there would be no errors.

This guy only wounded people; plus, these wounds were not serious. And he absolutely did not kill anyone… No one could deny his challenges. He did not curse at people. And he certainly did not use any vulgar means to instigate a fight. His abnormal method was already unbearable to everyone.

If someone turned him down, fine… This guy would immediately sit at your front door, and not allow anyone to pass. Going out to buy food? No! Going out to see friends? No! Going out for a stroll? Absolutely not.

All were prohibited from going out!

Anyone who wanted to send him away? Just fight first.

If someone else tried to send him away, he just ignored all their cursing… And in just a little time, people from all around gathered, with their gawking, pointing and noises. The house then ended up surrounded by a few hundred spectators. How could anyone bear that?

So, with the exception of the first ten days when people were still inexperienced, anyone challenged by the Dark Night Challenger would immediately jump out to fight with him and get it over with.

If they did not fight with him, they knew they would never be able to live in peace. Plus, this guy fought with principle. If he is not a match for me then he would run away. If he beat me then he would not challenge me again.

Later on, the martial artists of Iron Cloud Citadel openly competed to see who could get the most time with the Dark Night Challenger. If the Dark Night Challenger beat you, then he would immediately knock on someone else’s door. And your rank dropped… This meant that you were no longer part of the circle of experts…

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