In short, the appearance of this Dark Night Challenger created a wave of excitement among the ranks of martial artists in Iron Cloud Citadel. In the beginning, some people were just fighting halfheartedly, but it led to Dark Night Challenger not bothering with them anymore. They then became the “weak” ones. Wherever they went, people pointed and said, “Look, it’s him… He normally bragged about how he’s strong as an ox… After one fight with Dark Night Challenger, he was ignored…”

Some people joked, “Why did the dragon not go to the shrimp’s house?”

“Because the shrimp was not worthy… Hahaha…“

“Ah, so that’s it… understood, understood… big brother is so smart. Your explanation is perfect. Here I thought he was really strong as an ox…!”

“Not really, not really… hahaha…”

And the end result… he completely lost face.

Since they had already seen examples, how could the rest of the martial artists not put in all of their efforts and fight? Each additional day was an increase in fame…

Chu Yang jumped a few rounds, and by the time he came back to the main street, he had become a youth with a pale face and tousled hair. On his left cheek was a mole, and on the right was a large scar… He looked very ugly.

And like that Chu Yang walked openly toward his target of the day. Suddenly, someone on the street, acted as if he had just discovered a new continent, “Wow! Look, the Dark Night Challenger…”

“Where… where…?”

“There… there…”

“Quickly, quickly. Let’s follow and see.”

“Does it look like he’s heading toward Meteor Martial Arts School again? Could it be that Meteor Martial Arts School persevered yesterday?”

“Uh, it seems so.”

“Hahaha… let’s place some bets. I have ten taels of silver on Meteor Martial Arts School not being able to persevere today… Come, come, anyone has the guts to bet… Hahaha…”

“I will bet on the Dark Night Challenger, twelve taels.”

“I will bet…”

A bunch of gamblers gathered together. Seven or eight mouths jubilantly yelled out their bets as they followed behind the Dark Night Challenger. The crowd headed in the direction of Meteor Martial Arts School…

With his eyes looking up at the sky, Chu Yang quickly strode forward… Internally, he thought it was funny. He did not expect his method of improving his martial skill was able to bring such enjoyment for Iron Cloud Citadel…

Since he was enlightened with Gentle Force of water, Chu Yang had started to think about how he could incorporate Gentle Force of water with his sword and palm technique.

His sword techniques included Gentle Wind Sword and Floating Cloud Sword; there were gentle types of sword techniques… But these were gentle techniques, not gentle forces. What Chu Yang was still trying to figure out was how to create a gentle force from a hard sword.

Gentle, but not weak. Soft, but lethal. This particular aspect, even after he traversed all the continents, he had not seen anyone use it yet.

Firm or flexible depended on your mind… these states cannot be changed within seconds. One simply could not be fortified like a mountain one moment and flexible like the wind the next. Instead, inner energy must be transformed before each sword strike. This was what it meant for firmness and flexibility to be dependent on the mind!

Chu Yang was absolutely sure that if he could achieve this, then he would be able to bring forth a new brand of martial arts to the continents of the Nine Heavens. Moreover, it would be powerful in not just killing enemies but in defending lives as well.

For methods like that to be incorporated into world dominating techniques such as Nine Tribulations Transcending the Nine Heavens Technique was inconceivably difficult.

He could only fight, fight… and never cease to fight! Only from fighting could he receive little trickles of martial arts enlightenment to achieve his goal. Just sitting in meditation… he would probably break his head in vain.

That was why Chu Yang transformed himself into one Dark Night Challenger to fight with these famed martial artists. Moreover, by challenging his targets like this, he could fight two or three people each day. Within this group there must be people who cultivated their techniques using an unyielding method, and also those who went with a gentle method.

After each fight, Chu Yang thought hard about each detail, and, from there, he tried to find clues to incorporating Gentle Force into his battles.

And during this time period, Nine Tribulations Sword’s spirit remained quiet; it did not make itself heard even once.

This was proof that it intended to let Chu Yang search and discover for himself!

The first time Chu Yang learned something new after coming back from a fight, the sword spirit said to him, “If you comprehend it, then it is yours. If I tell you, then it belongs to Nine Tribulations Sword.”

The two things were fundamentally different!

( …so you see me?)

Looking at Meteor Martial Arts School in front of him, Chu Yang pulled up his sleeves, let out a spirited cry and charged right through the gates… Another fight had begun…

Behind him, a rowdy crowd stayed close yelling and calling as they also rushed in…


At the same time, Tie Bu Tian had his eyebrows pinched together as he was deep in thought. Since he started holding control of Iron Cloud until now, he had never faced a decision as difficult as this one.

Tang Xin Sheng!

Looking at the twelve reasons Chu Yang had listed on the paper, Tie Bu Tian sighed endlessly… In principle, this issue did not need further investigation. The dozen reasons gathered here was enough to prove one thing: Tang Xin Sheng was a spy!

Even for someone with such wisdom and temperament as Prince Tie Bu Tian, looking at these twelve reasons was enough to be certain of this conclusion, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Tie Bu Tian was just shocked… yes, shocked! A spy who had been in Iron Cloud Nation who had been, for the last ten years, calling wind and rain; he remained standing like a powerful tower… Moreover, he seemed to have become a saint of Iron Cloud Nation!

This… this is a spy? Of all the officials of Iron Cloud Nation, is there anyone who is less likely to be a spy than this person? An upright official who loves the people like his own children. He was honest and fair. Everyone has nothing but praise for him. The people fervently support him…

Tie Bu Tian smiled bitterly. A spy… like this!

This type of spy, once they start rebelling, their influence can cause great devastation! He could easily control public opinion and use the people’s anger for his cause… These tactics could put all of Iron Cloud Nation in chaos!

As for dealing with this spy… it’s clear that publicly arresting and putting him on trial is not an option. No one will ever believe that such an upstanding official was working as a spy for another nation. If this is not dealt with properly, it could lead to civil unrest.

Tie Bu Tian was silent for a while, then he asked, “What did the minister say?”

Wu Qian Qian, standing opposite of him, answered reservedly, “Minister Chu said to check with Your Highness first before deciding on a plan.”

Tie Bu Tian’s prestigious air was at its height; Wu Qian Qian felt lowly as she stood in front of him. This type of royal air put so much pressure on her that she had trouble breathing…

In this aspect, Wu Qian Qian truly admired Chu Yang. This junior martial brother was from the same sect as her, and practiced the same techniques as her. His martial power was even less than her, but when he stood in front of Tie Bu Tian, he was not the least bit nervous. Perhaps… he was even more relaxed than Tie Bu Tian!

What’s even stranger was… sometimes when the two of them were together, Tie Bu Tian seemed to be more nervous than she was just now!

This was truly unbelievable!

“Me? No!” Tie Bu Tian smiled, “Checking with me first is the right thing to do, but he certainly would not do things according to my thoughts.” It seemed that after he heard Wu Qian Qian relay Chu Yang’s words, Tie Bu Tian became more relaxed.

“This King of Hell Chu… he just disappeared, didn’t he?” Tie Bu Tian tilted his head and winked as he asked. This showed that the prince was in a good enough mood that he had time for a joke.

King of Hell Chu… the moment Tie Bu Tian thought about these words, he already wanted to laugh. It was unbelievable that Chu Yang managed to establish for himself such a scary reputation in a short time period. This was truly brilliant!

“Yes. His whereabouts during this time is an absolute mystery.” Wu Qian Qian answered anxiously; she was worried for Chu Yang.

“That’s good. That’s good.” Tie Bu Tian’s answer almost made Wu Qian Qian fall to the ground. A person who was not putting his full effort into his duties, who went missing every few days, and the prince evaluated it as good.

What kind of logic was this?

“Tell him to just do it according to his own judgement.” Tie Bu Tian smiled, “I will work with him; there will not be any problems.”

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