“Your Excellency, I am still not sure what you mean by that!” One of the six people sitting on the right spoke up; the other five nodded in agreement with him.

“This type of official should get promoted often! This King of Hell Chu seized this idea to start his investigation. It is not just him, we all know this. Therefore we arranged for our inside men to be hardworking, loyal, and dedicated; moreover, they were not allowed to be greedy. All these things gave them the momentum needed to climb to high positions. It is there that we can reap the most benefits!”

The person explaining was not Diwu Qing Rou, but a person sitting next to him, “The most important thing for an inside man is to gain the trust of the enemies and gradually rise in position. When the time comes, they could then have the greatest influence! If we can think of this, then King of Hell Chu can also think likewise!”

“Because of this, we suffered a critical loss of manpower in Iron Cloud!” He continued gravely.

The person just talking had a lanky build. If he lay down on the ground and let someone sit on him, the other person would probably think that he was sitting on a bamboo. (TLN: what a weird description)

“If our people did not act that way, how could they have high positions in Iron Cloud?” A man with rough and crude features said hastily, “Isn’t this too contradictory…”

“Not necessarily!” One middle-aged scholarly official with a goatee smiled, “He could investigate, but in the end he might not be able to find anything. This is because there are some people that even he would not dare to touch!”

“You can’t assume that he would not dare to touch them!” The speaker was none other than Diwu Qing Rou, a man famed as being dignified in his entire lifetime. At this moment a look of apprehension appeared on his face. He pondered and continued, “With one sweep, this King of Hell Chu made nine of our inside men at Bu Tian Pavilion lose their lives! As for the officials in Iron Cloud, he already took six shots. His aim was precise and merciless; he never left one stone unturned. This person… is Iron Cloud’s greatest threat to us.”

“Plus, while removing spies from Bu Tian Pavilion, this King of Hell Chu stated…” Diwu Qing Rou’s face showed a flash of admiration, “that he did not need evidence, he only needed to suspect someone to kill them!!!”

“This man is truly decisive and cruel. Plus his methods are highly irregular!” Diwu Qing Rou said definitively, “This person is potentially not any less dangerous than Tie Bu Tian!”

He turned, and with his back facing everyone, he in a low voice said, “Right after receiving this news, I have already had people prepare an Invisible Falcon to send a message to number one. If anything irregular is discovered, immediately withdraw!”


Everyone was very surprised. Were things really that serious? While everyone was still analyzing the situation, Diwu Qing Rou had already responded with such extreme measures.

“In addition, Golden Horse Riders Department already mobilized a leader and a number of martial experts to Iron Cloud! If number one is safe, then they will kill Chu Yang and return. If they run into a dangerous situation, then they will kill Chu Yang and return with number one! Give order for Black Horse Riders and Iron Horse Riders (TLN: killers and intelligence) in Iron Cloud to fully cooperate with each other!!!”

“This plan’s name is Slaughter the Sun!” (TLN: It’s Tu Yang, a play on Chu Yang’s name. Tu means slaughter and yang means sun) Diwu Qing Rou issued a series of decisive orders, a bloodthirsty aura flashed in his eyes.

Tie Bu Tian! You think a King of Hell Chu can help you sprout wings and fly? Watch as I chop him down!!!

“Minister! This is ten years in the making; it cost us a lot of resources… Do we just give it all up?” The middle age official with the goatee questioned.

“Let’s hope I am overreacting!” Diwu Qing Rou’s countenance became sullen, “But this is not the time for you people to doubt! Carry out my orders immediately! Also, have the five northern corps move forward a hundred miles!!!”

“A hundred miles?” Everyone was dumbfounded. Did the prime minister want to start a war? A hundred miles put them in Iron Cloud territory! Even though there were no towns or villages there, could Iron Cloud military just sit idly by?

“Do as I say!!!” Diwu Qing Rou’s back seemed to hunch a little. His eyes seemed to feel heavy. He slowly close his eyes as he silently said to himself: Hopefully, it’s not too late!

Suddenly, his eyes opened as he said quickly, “No matter what, no one is allowed to touch Tie Bu Tian!”

Everyone quickly filed out. Diwu Qing Rou turned; his eyes brightened with a searching gaze. With a look of expectation, he muttered to himself, “If you are a true rival, let’s see how you handle this move of mine.”

Then, Diwu Qing Rou slightly shook his head and smiled as he looked at the blue sky in the distance through his window. In that direction… was Iron Cloud!

Diwu Qing Rou stood dreamily for a while, then he said, “Get me all the information on Beyond the Heavens Sect for this recent period!”

**** (walkthejianghu.com)

From the prime minister’s mansion, Diwu Qing Rou tossed his arm up, and a white bird flew to the sky. After making a few rounds and determining its orientation, the bird went into the white clouds and disappeared.

Invisible Falcon! It was a strange animal of the Nine Heavens! It was capable of changing color and hiding in the sky, a most advanced intelligent creature used for courier. Its speed was three times faster than that of an eagle. Moreover, it could fly for one day and night without food or drink.

With its speed, the Invisible Falcon could go from Great Zhao’s capital to Iron Cloud Citadel in half a day.

After an hour, at the northern gate of Great Zhao’s capital, three black riders rushed out at top speed. As the three riders whipped their horses, the sound of thundering hooves was heard all around. Within a blink of an eye, only a trail of dust could be seen at the city’s gate.

Thousand Mile horses! There were only a few in the entire continent, and yet they did not mind wasting the horses’ energy on this short trip.

Their destination was Iron Cloud Citadel!


At this moment, Chu Yang, the Dark Night Challenger, had just finished another fight and was walking out from Meteor Martial Arts School. He conveniently found a place to sit down and changed his appearance. After all signs of the Dark Night Challenger were gone, he stepped out, feeling a bit of regret.

If the “Meteor Force” of Meteor Martial Arts School’s owner was a little higher, then under his attack, Chu Yang could have started to combine Gentle Force of water with Nine Tribulations Transcending the Nine Heavens Technique.

Chu Yang was currently at a bottleneck. He could feel that he was close to a breakthrough, but was kept out of reach by a very thin line.

It was as thin as a piece of paper, but it kept him from breaking through. Such a feeling was very irritating!

The path to understanding required a suitable opponent, not too high, not too low. Otherwise, no success could be found!

There was another type of understanding that could be achieved under the oppression of a killing aura. But when two people were simply competing, no such aura can be found. Killing aura came from the heart; if there was no killing intention in the heart, no killing aura could be created.

This was something that could not be helped. Luckily, while Chu Yang’s martial power was not too high, he still managed to find a suitable opponent. If he was at a higher state and ran into a bottleneck like this, finding the right opponent would have been more difficult than plucking a star from the sky!!!

To be at the peak was to be lonely! It was not until now that Chu Yang understood this!

Finding an opponent would be hard!

Without pressure there was no breakthrough, but if there was pressure, you would have to be sure that your life could be maintained under that pressure… No wonder so many top masters had to work hard to find an opponent.

If it was a simple matter of life and death fighting, it would be much easier. However, being enlightened while fighting an enemy was as rare as dreaming while remaining wide awake!

Once standing on the pinnacle of martial arts, there would not even be an enemy let alone an opponent.

Because he was deep in thoughts, Chu Yang’s pace slowed down. It was still early, maybe he should go to Emerald Flow Lake. He thought and turned; he headed toward the southern gate of Emerald Flow Lake.

Thinking about Emerald Flow Lake, Chu Yang could not avoid thinking about Gu Du Xing. It has been more than twenty days, shouldn’t he already be back?

When he comes back and sees that I went from fifth grade Martial Warrior to ninth grade Martial Warrior in a little more than twenty days, how would he react?

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