In the blink of an eye, the cloak lifted to reveal a tiny face. Like a flash of lightning, it went right into Chu Yang’s heart! At this moment, heaven and earth was spinning in front of him!

It was as if time stood still! Everything around him, even heaven and earth, completely disappeared!

Qing Wu… Qing Wu…! You have finally appeared! You have finally appeared…!

My entire life, I will dance for you;

You will be the only one I dance for.

For a thousand times, my heart will never change.

I will not be bitter even if I have to die ten thousand deaths!

(TLN: Some version/part of Mo Qing Wu’s poem.)

Qing Wu, who do I exist for?

For you! It’s for you…!

Curved eyebrows and a tiny white face that had now turned pale. A pair of eyes that was supposed to be lively had completely shut. Her face was filled with suffering; her dry lips were tightly closed. There was a wound on her chest; it stained her white outfit black!

“Hei Mo!!!” (TLN: Dark Ghost)

Chu Yang’s pupils constricted as he roared in anger! This injury was unique to the Hei Mo family; there was no mistaking it.

At this moment, Chu Yang finally understood some of the questions he had in his past life.

On Mo Qing Wu’s chest, there was a wound. And that wound was the biggest hindrance on her path to advancement in martial arts. Because of this hindrance, her highest achievement was only Martial Great Master!

She was clearly more talented than other people, but because of this she could not advance after achieving Martial Great Master level! After Martial Great Master was Revered Martial Artist; and to cultivate at the level of Revered Martial Artist she needed to train her five internal organs.

With such an injury, this could never be successful.

Mo Qing Wu had said that she was injured as a child. Because she did not receive timely treatment the wound became worse. By the time she reached home, it had become an incurable internal injury.

When Mo Qing Wu talked about that, her face showed a trace of sorrow and scorn. She also said that her beloved uncle lost his life needlessly because of her…

It was also because of this injury that Mo Qing Wu was unable to break out of an ambush and ended up perishing in the end!

“Who are you? How do you know my little miss?” The man in black eyed Chu Yang suspiciously. This person’s face is completely covered and looked very mysterious. But when he saw little miss, his eyes reacted fiercely, filled with panic!

Then when he saw little miss’s wound, there was an anger in his eyes that seemed to want to burn everything. His demeanor shows a pain as if his heart is being crushed.

This is the greatest pain of the heart!

Chu Yang’s behavior put the man in black completely at ease. His eyes seemed to say that he would rather be injured a thousand times than let his little miss be hurt in any way.

With his mind a little relaxed, the man seemed to become shaky and almost fell down. He put in a great effort to keep his balance as he reached both of his hands toward Chu Yang, “I will leave little miss in your hands…! Please save her…!!!”

Chu Yang quickly reached out to receive Mo Qing Wu. The man in black seemed to have been able to lift a heavy boulder from his heart; he almost collapsed to the ground. His face was filled with exhaustion; even though he wanted to walk, he could not move.

“Are you alright?”

Chu Yang’s heart felt as if it was burning. He only wanted to hold Mo Qing Wu and run to find Du Shi Qing right away. But seeing the condition of the man in black, he could not bring himself to leave.

“When little miss got hurt… I used my own energy to prolong her life on the way here…!!!” The man in black smiled weakly.

Chu Yang immediately understood. So he was also injured, but on the way here, he used his own energy to prolong Mo Qing Wu’s life. This was on top of him going at top speed to Iron Cloud Citadel to find Du Shi Qing. If he did not have such determination, his body probably would have given out on the road.

With one arm holding Mo Qing Wu, Chu Yang grabbed the man in black with his other hand and yelled, “People! Prepare a carriage for me quickly!!!”

“You go ahead…! Little miss cannot hang on much longer…!! I will be okay…!!!” The man in black weakly shook his head. With all his efforts, he freed himself from Chu Yang’s grasp and pushed him away, “Go quickly!!!”

Chu Yang’s heart burned; clearly the man in black loved Mo Qing Wu even more than he loved himself.

Mo Qing Wu’s current condition was dire; he could not delay any longer. The only thing Chu Yang could do was give that man some of his leftover energy. After completing one cycle, he said to the soldiers, “Bring him to Bu Tian Pavilion and find Wu Qian Qian for me!”

After that, he held Mo Qing Wu and ran as if he was flying.

The officials and soldiers became even more startled. Wu Qian Qian? Is that not the Soul Demoness next to King of Hell Chu?

The man in black suddenly lost his color as he watched Chu Yang’s figure gradually disappear in the distance. He was a lamp without any oil. He was no longer capable of healing his own injury since his dantian was completely empty…

Even if I try to recover, I probably will lose one level. If I do nothing, this internal injury could never be healed in the future. However, this youth sent a wave of pure energy through me, and even managed to quickly direct it around my body for one cycle; in this process he had gathered any leftover energy!

This created an energy path, and, essentially, eliminated future problems. All I have to do now is follow that path and heal my own injury… This is tantamount to him saving my life!

Chu Yang moved like a whirlwind as he headed toward the prince’s manor. He pulled down his mask and said, “Where is the prince? I am from Bu Tian Pavilion and I need to see the prince with an important matter.”

After hearing that he was a man of Bu Tian Pavilion, the guards were startled. Was this a man of King of Hell Chu? They definitely could not delay him or say anything erroneous. Being watched by King of Hell Chu, even their ancestors would turn over in their graves…

They dared not shoulder such a burden and quickly sent him in.

“I need Du Shi Qing to help me heal an injury!” Chu Yang quickly said the moment he saw Tie Bu Tian.

“This little girl?” Tie Bu Tian asked in surprise as he looked at Chu Yang holding Mo Qing Wu in his arms.

“Yes!” Chu Yang forcibly nodded, “She is my life! Please hurry!”

Tie Bu Tian was immediately startled! Other people might not know who Chu Yang was, but how could he not know? King of Hell Chu, who could easily wipe out the entire family of a royal court’s official, was in such a rush that he did not greet Tie Bu Tian ceremoniously. He did not even bother with simple courtesies and simply said straight out: She is my life!

So he could guess how important this girl was.

“I will take you to the royal palace!” Tie Bu Tian quickly decided and stood up immediately; with long strides, he walked out. He gave orders to get the horses ready and send them at full speed to the palace. He sent for Du Shi Qing, and made sure that Du Shi Qing, the saintly physician, could immediately treat “Chu Yang’s life”…

***** (

In the royal palace. In a quiet room.

Du Shi Qing slowly pulled back his fingers from Mo Qing Wu’s wrist. He took a deep breath and shook his head.

“What’s wrong?” Chu Yang asked anxiously.

“This injury, I cannot cure.” Du Shi Qing sighed as he looked at Chu Yang sympathetically, “Who is this little miss to you?”

He had a very good impression of Chu Yang. Furthermore, he had given Chu Yang his life’s work; he had already seen Chu Yang as the heir of his work. If Chu Yang had a problem, how could he not be concerned?

“She is the most important person!” Chu Yang’s heart sank. If Du Shi Qing said he could not treat it, then how serious was Mo Qing Wu’s injury?

Why did the reputed Hei Mo of Middle Three Heavens do such a thing to a young girl?

“The injury could be treated easily, but the poison is difficult to treat.” Du Shi Qing frowned, “If someone did not use his energy to prolong her life, this little miss would probably have lost her life already. But even if her life was held by energy, it has been too long, more than a day. The poison has seeped into her five internal organs…”

Du Shi Qing sighed, “If it was only injury and poison, in this old man’s hand, it is not a problem. But this little miss was born with a Three Yin Meridian, and that one sword strike damaged its critical point. It won’t be difficult to save her life, but her Three Yin Meridian is damaged. We can never get rid of the poison that went into the Three Yin Meridian. It will stay there for her whole life and can never be healed!”

Chu Yang was shocked.

That was really the case. Du Shi Qing had said that Mo Qing Wu could survive but the poison would stay with her whole life and she could never be healed. Mo Qing Wu really did suffer from the same situation in the previous lifetime!

Three Yin Meridian was not an illness but a heavenly gift! With a Three Yin Meridian, all the meridians would have much better flow compared to normal people. No matter what technique you were cultivating, it made that technique much more effective. However, if a Three Yin Meridian is damaged, there would be no hope of recovery!

And Mo Qing Wu got injured at the critical point of her Three Yin Meridian yet again!

This was a heavenly gift, but Mo Qing Wu could never truly recover because of this gift!

Du Shi Qing would never hide anything from Chu Yang; he told him everything he knew. Since he already said so, Chu Yang already knew that forcing him to do anything else would be useless.

“Senior Du, please don’t keep anything from me. Please tell me everything you know. Currently, saving her life is the most important thing.” Chu Yang said.

“Good.” Du Shi Qing checked Mo Qing Wu’s pulse once again. After thinking for a moment, he wrote down a prescription, and chuckled, “It’s a good thing we are currently in the royal palace. Otherwise, even if you knew how to treat this, there would be a lack of many precious herbs out there. Even though she is unlucky, she is fortunate enough that she was able to get to the royal palace and find me. Let’s just see it as finding fortune in misfortune!”

Chu Yang sighed.


Not long after, a medicine boy brought in a bowl of precious herbal medicine extract for Mo Qing Wu to drink all at once. He discovered that this little miss had her jaw clenched tight and he could not open her mouth.

“Even with a poisoned wound, this little miss is quite resilient. She clearly clenched her teeth and did not complain about pain; but her strong will power had made her clench even in her unconscious state. If the medicine does not get swallowed down, then…” Du Shi Qing’s eyes suddenly widened. His mouth opened wide as he shivered.


Chu Yang had taken the bowl of medicine and took a big gulp in his mouth. Then he bent down and covered his lips on this little miss’s lips and gradually transferred the medicine…

Chu Yang’s face was completely calm.

Other people might not know, but how could Du Shi Qing not? In this medicine was lotus root. It was the most bitter thing in the world, and very effective for internal injuries. A normal person would not be able to drink this while conscious.

There was a Revered Martial Artist who got injured and needed this medicine. Revered level masters were supposed to have great control, but he ended up spitting out the medicine. In the end, Du Shi Qing had to give him medicine to make him unconscious first before giving him the bitter elixir.

To play it safe, a conscious person would be knocked unconscious first before he was given this medicine; it was because Du Shi Qing saw that this little miss was unconscious that he added this most effective ingredient into her medication…

But, currently, Chu Yang had the medicine in his mouth. Even though his color was very pale, he did not seem to notice any hardship. He did not seem to notice that the medicine was just boiled and was very hot… Little by little, he transferred the medication…

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