Seeing the terror in his opponent’s face, Li Jian Yin thought: This retard, I only pulled out my sword and you’re already that scared… With that thought, all grievances in his heart disappeared. His heroic aura began to rise once again.

On the part of Wu Qian Qian, she forgot to close her mouth. Her eyes were wide open in disbelief. This Chu Yang… Even though none of his seniors were around, he shouldn’t be this way! Not only did he not dare to fight, he was so scared, he didn’t know what to do. Seeing him from earlier, it didn’t seem like he was this sort of person.

Faster than could be said, Chu Yang yelled out, “Someone save me!”

Soon after, as if going limp from fear, he started falling to the ground on his backside. However, at this time, one of Li Jian Yin’s feet had stepped into a strange hole on the ground. The ground was clearly very flat, but for some reason, when Li Jian Yin stepped on it, the hole suddenly appeared.

The shape of the hole was actually the same as Li Jian Yin’s foot. As soon as he stepped on it, he discovered that the hole was very deep; moreover, the hole was actually much larger underneath the surface…

There was a pitiful cry! When Li Jian Yin ran forward, he exerted all of his energy; being overconfident, he didn’t take any caution. So with a forceful stride, he fell straight to the ground. A loud crack was heard, his ankle was clearly broken.

In his experienced eyes, Chu Yang only needed a glance to see all the weaknesses of Li Jian Yin’s martial arts. Even if the trap he set was simple, the opportunity was perfect. If Li Jian Yin had been able to escape… then he would no longer have been Li Jian Yin.

With a ‘pow!’, Li Jian Yin fell forward. It’s not clear if it was by chance, but Li Jian Yin fell straight forward under Chu Yang’s crotch in one smooth motion. Chu Yang, at the time, being ‘so scared’, was falling straight toward the ground and ended up sitting on Li Jian Yin’s neck…

In an awkward position, Li Jian Yin cried pitifully, but every time his mouth opened he ended up gnawing into the ground.

When anyone tries to cry out, they opened their mouths wide. But Li Jian Yin was an especially spoiled child who was afraid of pain; his mouth opened even larger with more than thirty teeth exposed. The mud there was extremely hard. If swallowed, it could really jam up your throat…

Chu Yang, sitting on Li Jian Yin’s neck, screamed toward the sky, “Oouuuch…… Such pain, you’re biting my butt…”

Li Jian Yin was now half dead; he should be the one crying out. But before he could make a sound, this guy who was sitting on him, without any injuries, had already beat him to it. If based on the pitifulness of the cry, then Chu Yang’s injuries must have been a dozen times worse than Li Jian Yin’s.

A scared and confused Wu Qian Qian rubbed her eyes, she could not believe what she was seeing, she continued to rub her eyes. Everything happened so quickly. Before she had a chance to react, it had all ended. Only, the results were beyond her imagination. One side, forceful and aggressive just a moment ago, was now laying on the ground, having difficulty even making a sound. The other, terrified and backing away earlier, was now screaming in pain.

Even if Wu Qian Qian was smarter, it was of no use; she was only seventeen or eighteen. She wouldn’t have been able to make sense of the situation.

Her mouth was opened wide and her eyes were round; her fingered shakily pointed at the two, but her mouth could not form a word. It was truly beyond words… How could such a thing happen? How could such smooth ground suddenly cave in like so? It was truly mysterious. And how could Li Jian Yin unluckily step into it just then? This hole wasn’t that deep; with his abilities, how could Junior Martial Brother Li have fallen down? Moreover, in such a bad way.

At this time, Chu Yang, while calling out in pain, was holding onto his belt, trying to stand up with some difficulty. Looking at his actions, it seemed that his injuries were serious.

Earlier, did I see how he was injured? Wu Qian Qian was full of doubt, but she still ran forward. “Junior Martial Brother Chu, stop squirming, let me help you.”

Before she even finished, Chu Yang let out another pitiful scream. Acting like his waist hurt unbearably and that his body could not stand up; he raised his butt high up, only to fall down again, hard this time…

Once again sitting on Li Jian Yin’s neck, this time sitting down even more cruelly!

Li Jian Yin, after all his troubles, was finally free from the butt; he had only managed to lift his head for a breath when unexpectedly, that butt fell upon him a second time bringing with it the whole ‘army of heaven.’ (TLN: really, really, really hard.)


Such tragedy! Li Jian Yin just lifted his head and now his face was smashed deeper into the ground. Right after, a ‘crack’ rang out… Luckily there were not many rocks in the area, otherwise, one would dare not predict how bad the outcome would be. Even so, the bones of his nose had been broken…

Wu Qian Qian had just reached her arm out when she fell into a stupor once again. Her body was in position to help but she was frozen, with eyes and mouth wide open… What a pity for her. At this moment, her brain seemed to have shorted…

The result was two people on the ground. One was sitting on the neck of the other person, crying and yelling with great pain. He was twisting his behind upon Li Jian Yin’s neck, turning it into a pretzel… (TLN: an Asian pastry, but pretzel is a pretty good equivalent.)

On Li Jian Yin’s part, he was laying on the ground, mouth full of dirt, unable to say a word. His throat was also full of dirt; with great difficulty, he could only moan ‘Oh…Oh…’

At that moment, Li Jian Yin, from his thighs to his ankles, was still in the pit,with his body on the ground forming a parallelogram… One could imagine how much he was suffering at that time.

His ankle was swelling up faster than the naked eye could see, like a balloon… His remaining leg was now bristling and trembling fiercely…

After a long moment of being shaken up, Wu Qian Qian finally moved forward and pulled Chu Yang up. She saw only his pale white face, his trembling body soaked in sweat. He said resenfully:

Elder Martial Sister Wu, did you see that? Li Jian Yin is too much! The sect prohibits disciples from fighting each other. Yet Li Jian Yin still wanted to take his sword and kill me! My little life just now was completely in his hands! … fortunately, my luck was good. Elder Martial Sister Wu, did you two come here to kill me?”

Finishing his sentence, Chu Yang suddenly became guarded, like facing enemies. He had a wary and fearful look towards Wu Qian Qian. He said hurriedly, “Elder Martial Sister Wu, I didn’t do anything bad. You cannot… here… in broad daylight, the sun is still shining…”

On Wu Qian Qian’s pretty face, there was clearly a dark aura… This guy is talking like this again, as if he were about to get assaulted or something…

How could that be? We are on orders from father to give message to Junior Martial Uncle Meng, inviting the senior to come over for an important discussion… geez…”

Wu Qian Qian patted her forehead, her eyes rolled. She finally remember the reason for coming there.

But still, I am scared…” Chu Yang leaned on Wu Qian Qian, his whole body seemed to have gone limp in fear, his entire body weight rested on her. Weeping and saying, I… I don’t have any power or backing, my martial arts cultivation isn’t that high. In the sect, my position is the lowest. But Gathering Clouds Peak and Locking Clouds Peak have many disciples and is above all, if… I poked in the wrong place, I fear I would be forced… I would be forced to leave…”

Never!” Wu Qian Qian said freely. “This is nothing!”

What Poor little miss did not know at this time was that Junior Martial Brother Li’s leg was broken, bones were crushed. Laying on the ground, waiting to be save…

“Then… if the sect asks, Elder Martial Sister Wu will stand on my side and be my truthful witness?”

Chu Yang continued to buy time, to let Li Jian Yin experience the most immense suffering. He begged, “The previous events, from beginning to end, you’ve seen it all for yourself. Li Jian Yin dared to insult my master, right? When I arrived, he called me a retard, right? Then, he wanted to fight with me and when I yielded to him, he even wanted to kill me, right? …he drew his sword, slashing murderously, trying to kill me without any mercy, right? I almost got killed, right?”

He continuously used the word ‘right?’ in an extremely pitiful voice, mindfully leading her thoughts step by step. Wu Qian Qian naturally listened to his words, naturally remembering, thinking about each scene as it happened without any automony and nodded repeatedly. Everything happened as Chu Yang had said, without any deviation.

Wu Qian Qian could not help but be a little disgruntled, “This Li Jian Yin was really too much…”

TLN: Dear readers, I can’t help but feel bad for Li Jian Yin. It gets even worse in the next chapter >_<

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  1. *sigh*, I guess I read too much Xianxia’s otherwise, this could have been entertaining. I hope the pace accelerate in the following chapters, ’cause for now, everything is like most of the other Xianxia.
    Thanks for the translation.


  2. This scene reminds me of Yang Guo ,making himself look not strong in the competition against the mongols in the return of condor heroes book by Jin Yong


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