Seeing Chu Yang’s serious expresion, Tie Bu Tian’s heart palpitated. He remembered Chu Yang once said: She is my life! Was it possible that the one lying there was his life? This little miss was clearly more important to him than his own life!

Who was this little miss? His little sister?

Tie Bu Tian would never have thought that Chu Yang would develop feelings for a little girl. She seemed to be only ten years old, how could that be?

Watching Chu Yang take one big mouthful of medicine, and then kept it in his mouth for a while until it cooled. Then he carefully gave the medicine to her, every moment was filled with love. Tie Bu Tian did not understand why his heart was beating erratically!

He was no longer able to watch the two, and turned his head in a different direction.

With last of the medicine gone, Chu Yang immediately stood up and turned to ask the saintly physician, “Senior Du, how many more times does she need to take this medicine?”

“One time today is enough. After the medicine gets into her body, you should help clear her meridians so that the medicine can be distributed faster. Then she could wake up by tonight.” Du Shi Qing looked up at the afternoon sky and calculated the time.

“At that time, I will prepare some medications to help her recover quickly. I think after seven to eight days, her life will no longer be in danger and she will be back to normal again. Her injuries will all be healed, but, regretfully, the injury to her Three Yin Meridian… my hands are tied.”

Du Shi Qing looked at Chu Yang and continued, “Currently, there is no physician or medicine in this world that can treat this internal injury. You should not waste your efforts…”

Of course, Du Shi Qing had seen clearly through Chu Yang’s thoughts. If he did not emphasize this, Chu Yang might do something rash. He knew that Chu Yang would go to end of the earth for this little miss. Others might not, but Chu Yang definitely would!

Anyone could have seen Chu Yang’s love for this little miss was to the point of desperation.

Du Shi Qing might not have been good at anything else, but his expertise in medicine was famous even at Upper Three Heavens! If he said that then Mo Qing Wu’s internal injury really had no possible treatment.

Chu Yang understood this well, and he also understood Du Shi Qing’s words: You have been through a lot of hardship to have what you have today; you should not ruin your life to treat this illness!

“All the legendary rarities… also cannot do anything?” Chu Yang asked sadly; there was still a tiny ray of hope inside him.

“Perhaps you don’t know what this poison is, but I am absolutely certain that it is the legendary Poison of Hei Mo. If this poison did not reach the Three Yin Meridian, then my medicinal skill would be able to heal it without a problem. But once it seeped into the Three Yin Meridian, even gods would not be able to do anything!”

Du Shi Qing said solemnly without any reservations, “Even if you could gather all nine great legendary herbs from under the heavens right now, you still cannot completely cure it!” Du Shi Qing paused a little to look at Chu Yang and continued speaking gently, “Chu Yang, what I could do is help her regain consciousness and stop the injury from affecting her mortality. Then she could still marry and have a family without any health issues. With any luck, she will live to be a hundred years old! The only problem is that she could not advance in martial arts!”

“As a female, this should be normal for her, just like other females.” Du Shi Qing said earnestly. (TLN: …)

Chu Yang sighed and dropped his head, “Gathering all nine great legendary herbs would still not completely cure it…” These words were the greatest blow for Chu Yang; they destroyed any remaining hope he had.

This might have meant nothing if it happened to other women, but it was absolutely unacceptable for Mo Qing Wu! If it was not for this damning condition, Mo Qing Wu would not have been ambushed and killed in the previous life.

Mo Qing Wu never talked about her family with him, but Chu Yang was absolutely sure that she came from a powerful family. How could anyone from a humble background have cultivated such grace and elegance as hers?

In the previous life, Mo Qing Wu would rather wander all over Jiang Hu than to go home. Why was this the case? This must be related to her injury. Or Mo Qing Wu just did not want to go home because her family did not treat her well. Or perhaps she was disowned by her family for some other reason.

If a daughter had Three Yin Meridian, she would be treated like a precious treasure. Why would they disown her? Unless it was because her Three Yin Meridian was injured!

In other words, everything originated from today!

This injury led to Mo Qing Wu’s tragedy; if she did not suffer this injury, she would not have left her family and would not have met Chu Yang. And she would not be ambushed and killed!

So Chu Yang could not accept this! He could not have Mo Qing Wu suffer from this injury for the rest of her life. Even if he could stay by her side and protect her, he could not be there every second. No! Mo Qing Wu must have the ability to protect herself! Then Chu Yang could be at ease.

“Chu Yang, what is this little miss to you?” Tie Bu Tian had finally opened his mouth and asked about this. Tie Bu Tian was a confident person so it was rare to see him curious like this.

But Tie Bu Tian’s question had awaken Chu Yang from his deep thoughts.

“She is my…” The moment Chu Yang opened his mouth, his face suddenly grimaced, “Pew… pew… Senior Du, what’s in this medicine that made it so bitter? I… I… Blah…” Chu Yang felt as if his mouth was full of herbal medicine.

This bitterness was extremely horrible!

Chu Yang’s face grimaced as his eyes rolled.

“Well, you didn’t feel it was bitter earlier?” Tie Bu Tian and Du Shi Qing asked in surprise.

Chu Yang hesitated. Early, all of his thoughts were concentrated on Mo Qing Wu. When he saw that she was able to take in the medicine, he continued to give her medicine without even noticing if it was bitter or sweet…

Now that they were taking about it, he tasted the total bitterness of the medicine. But at the same time, he remember Mo Qing Wu’s poem: A lifetime does not make a gentle dance, a dance is a lifetime of bitterness; my entire life, I will dance for you; even in bitterness, I will dance an entire lifetime…

Bitter? Chu Yang could not help but grin. How is this bitter? Is this bitterness really bitter compared to the bitterness that Mo Qing Wu had to endure in the previous lifetime? It probably can’t even compare.

“You… You’re really…” Du Shi Qing admired the young man in front of him more and more. Chu Yang was truly a caring person. This made him feel that he was not wrong in his judgement of Chu Yang…

To save a life, he did not even pay attention to his own self; this was truly a selfless sacrifice…

At the same time, Tie Bu Tian had a different line thought. Chu Yang’s greatest weakness was this little miss! Once the enemies learns of his weakness, it would be disastrous. This information must be kept secret!

But what is this little miss’s background?

“Senior Du, about your treatment for this little miss today, I hope you would not let any little piece of information slip out.” Tie Bu Tian smiled as he politely reminded Du Shi Qing.

Du Shi Qing initially hesitated and then immediately understood the prince’s meaning. He quickly replied, “Your Highness needs not worry; not one other person will know about this.”

After a short amount of time, Mo Qing Wu’s face became rosier. Her breathing gradually normalized; she looked as if she was sleeping soundly. Seeing this, Chu Yang became more at ease, and the bitterness in his mouth also greatly lessened…

On the other hand, his curiosity heightened. Since he was already here, he started to look at this legendary royal palace.

“Is this really the royal palace? It’s definitely opulent and luxurious…” Chu Yang looked as he assessed with great interest, “I feel as if it’s a little desolate somehow.”

“Of course it’s desolate.” Tie Bu Tian sighed as he explained, “In order get my work done, I don’t usually stay in the royal palace. Moreover, most people were sent out of the palace; only a few ladies who take care of my father, and some custodial staff are left. Currently, there are hundreds of things that need attention in Iron Cloud… To maintain everything in the palace would require a large expenditure.”

Chu Yang immediately said “oh,” indicating he understood, but he asked with curiosity, “What about your younger sister? You don’t take care of her?”

Chu Yang clearly remembered that young lady at Heavenly Armament Pavilion calling Tie Long Cheng “second uncle.” Those two words “second uncle” might mean nothing when used with other people, but addressing Tie Long Cheng as such was not ordinary.

Before arriving at Iron cloud, Chu Yang did not know anything about the royal family, but after entering Bu Tian Pavilion, he learned that the emperor had only one brother, Tie Long Cheng.

If that was the case, that young lady must be Tie Bu Tian’s sister!

“My little sister?” Tie Bu Tian seemed surprised; a flash of troubled emotion appeared in his eyes. He laughed and said calmly, “That troublesome girl, have you met her?”

“Ah, she once came to Heavenly Armament Pavilion.” Chu Yang nodded.

“That little girl is such a headache…” Tie Bu Tian smiled and said, “But she is also very cute. Minister Chu suddenly brought her up… Hahaha… Don’t tell me Minister Chu has feelings for my little sister?”

Without waiting for an explanation from Chu Yang, Tie Bu Tian laughed, “Minister Chu is a superior person, if you feel that way, I would not mind making the match.”

Chu Yang laughed because he knew Tie Bu Tian was just joking. He replied, “I am just a commoner, how can I be suitable for the princess? I was really curious when I met the princess in Iron Cloud; she seemed very mysterious.”

Tie Bu Tian blinked and acted as if he was covering some deep emotion. He explained, “The existence of my little sister is a secret that no one knows about. That year, Great Zhao continually sent assassins to kill royal family members. To protect my little sister, her birth was hidden from everyone. After that, father got injured, so I did not dare announcing this to the world. If the enemies knew and came to hurt her, wouldn’t this big brother be responsible for that?”

Tie Bu Tian continued sadly, “It is unfortunate to be a female in a royal family. It is even more unfortunate to be born in times of war. Those of royal blood are already few, and with the repeated onslaught of war… everything is just worse. I can only hope that my little sister can live a peaceful normal life. Concealing her identity was a precautionary measure to keep her safe. On the off chance that Iron Cloud might fall one day, she could at least keep her life. Even if she lives as a commoner somewhere, she would still live.”

He took a deep breath as if he was trying to keep at bay the emotion that was rising inside him.

After remaining silent for a while, Chu Yang felt as if there was something hidden in Tie Bu Tian’s words. So he said, “That’s true. Being born in a royal family might mean living a luxurious life that ordinary people can only dream of, but it also means living under such pressure that could crush you to death. Your little sister is lucky to have a great big brother like you; that is her good fortune.”

Also affected by the gloomy atmosphere, Du Shi Qing sighed.

It had always been the case that daughters of the royal family were used as tools to establish diplomatic relationships under the guise of marriage. It did not matter what the princess thought; everything was in the interests of the nation…

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