“Hahaha…” Mo Cheng Yu laughed, “This little girl knows that men and women should not be together… Alright, Uncle Chu Yang and I will go outside to talk. If you feel any discomfort, call me right away.”

He turned toward Chu Yang, “Brother Chu, let’s go outside and talk.”

After he said that, he was suddenly shocked. It was as if he saw the sun rise in the west. He asked, “Brother Chu, what’s wrong with your face?”

Chu Yang weakly rolled his eyes and thought: What’s wrong with my face? Didn’t my wife just turn into a niece? The fact that I am not killing myself right here is already something…

“Was little miss’s wound treated by Du Shi Qing? What did he say?” Mo Cheng Yu’s brows twisted as he sat with Chu Yang on the steps; his heart was heavily burdened.

Since he discovered that Mo Qing Wu’s Three Yin Meridian had been damaged, Mo Cheng Yu felt as if there was a large mountain on top of him. He became eerily quiet like a volcano on the verge of eruption, like the sky before a storm.

“Senior Du said it can’t be treated even with all nine great legendary herbs under the heavens!” Chu Yang had a really good impression of this King level master so he did not hide anything. He looked at Mo Cheng Yu and said, “Senior Mo, there is currently no way to cure Qing Wu’s injury. If you bring her back to the family, I am afraid she won’t be able to handle it. Just leave her with me. What do you think?”

Mo Cheng Yu’s dark brows pinched together. He sighed and said, “No!”

“Why?” Chu Yang’s eyes twitched angrily, “Must you bring her home to endure endless suffering? You should remember that her Three Yin Meridian is damaged; the family’s attitude toward her will change! Children with no useful values, you and I both know how they will be treated!”

“It’s painful, but she is still a person of the Mo family!” Mo Cheng Yu sighed, “In the family, the benefit of the whole clan comes first; it’s not something you don’t already know. While you have saved her life, to the Mo family, you are still a stranger.”

Mo Cheng Yu snorted, “Even if she gets treated worse than before when she goes back, it’s still better than staying with a stranger. You might have saved her life, but it’s all the same!”

“Not to mention that with your current strength, you cannot possibly keep her safe! If the Hei Mo find their way here, do you think your meek strength could protect her?” Mo Cheng Yu coldly said.

His last sentence made Chu Yang feel completely powerless.

This was the truth!

No matter what, the harsh reality was his strength was extremely low! If he was currently a Martial Great Master, along with Nine Tribulations Sword, he believed he could deal with Hei Mo.

But currently, he was just a ninth grade Martial Warrior, not even a Martial Master yet.

Once Hei Mo arrived, Mo Qing Wu would surely die! That would not be protecting her, but harming her instead.

However, Chu Yang was not willing to let Mo Qing Wu face the family’s heartlessness if she went home.

“In any case, little miss is still the clan master’s own daughter.” Mo Cheng Yu said sincerely, “Even without Three Yin Meridian, her life in the family would still be very good.”

“Do you believe in the things you just said?” Chu Yang looked at him coldly, “You are a King level master; if your cultivation is gone and you become an ordinary person, even if no one looks down on you, will you be able to deal with it?”

“But everyone has to face the reality!” Mo Cheng Yu growled in a low voice, “You think I don’t feel bad? The moment little miss was born, it was determined that she has Three Yin Meridian. I was immediately assigned as her mentor and guardian! I watched her grow up, and see her has my own daughter! She got injured; I am mad that the person injured was not me! This love, how could you understand?”

“I know that once little miss returns home, once she is pulled into the fight for power, her life would not be peaceful. But only the family can keep her alive! Anywhere else… it’s not possible! I cannot do it; you definitely cannot do it!” Mo Cheng Yu’s eyes were red like blood. He fiercely looked at Chu Yang. All his suppressed emotions exploded.

“But I will not allow her to go home and get bullied!” Chu Yang did not give in.

“You won’t allow it? What can you do?” Mo Cheng Yu looked at him dismissively. His voice was full of pain and helplessness. Those were ugly words, but they were the truth, “Chu Yang, you saved us and I am grateful. That is why I am still talking to you. But you should know your own strength. The Mo family will not be changed by you, and certainly not by me!”

“If I use force?” Chu Yang’s eyes narrowed as he said in a low voice.

“I am currently seriously injured; if you force me to stay, I would have to temporarily stay. But you have to think about the consequences. Even though I believe you do not have any ill intentions, if the Hei Mo family clan finds out, they will bring you great misfortune. Likewise, if the people of the Yan family clan find out, they would flatten this place!” Mo Cheng Yu grunted and continued, “You are a wise person; you would not do anything stupid like that!”

Chu Yang had impulsively used the word force; he knew that it was something he would not do. But he finally saw Mo Qing Wu, and under circumstances like this as well. How could he bear to see her go back home to suffer and have the past repeated?

However, if he did not let her go back, everything Mo Cheng Yu said would come to fruition. Chu Yang might not have admitted it, but at this time, he did not have the power to protect Mo Qing Wu. Keeping Mo Qing Wu would be harming her as well as himself.

The fact that Mo Cheng Yu came into Iron Cloud Citadel to find Du Shi Qing could not be hidden from people. At this very moment there could be pursuers on their way here; they could be here at any moment.

“We need to carefully discuss this.” Chu Yang thought for a while and decided to give in a bit, “Senior Mo, regardless of whether you two will stay or not, your injury must be treated quickly. On the off chance that there are enemies pursuing, you can at least fight. As for everything else, let’s wait until Mo Tian Ji gets here, and we’ll discuss them further.”

This was the best delay tactic Chu Yang could have thought of.

The mere mention of the words “Mo Tian Ji” filled Chu Yang’s heart with bitterness. He could not speak out this feeling, and could only secretly sigh.

“That will have to do. I am afraid my injuries will take about half a month to recover.” Mo Cheng Yu’s heart was filled with loss and sorrow. At the same time, he also felt guilty and remorseful. His duty was to protect the little miss, but she had now received an injury that could never be healed!

A mix of emotions weighed down on his heart to the point it almost collapsed.

He knew Chu Yang’s solution was the best one. He needed to heal as well. If his injury was not completely healed and he pushed himself to leave with little miss, they would most likely get killed by enemies on the road.

“I have rare elixirs for injuries from Senior Du Shi Qing. You are a King level master, you should know what you need for your injury. If we don’t have it here, just let me know!” Chu Yang said slowly.

“Good.” (walkthejianghu.com)

Chu Yang leisurely took two steps then said, “The only thing is, if you are to stay here and the enemies come, it would be troublesome. It would be better if you go down to the secret underground chamber and wait for your injuries to heal before leaving.”

He smiled and continued, “Like you said, if the Hei Mo people come right now, I would have no means of stopping them. Please do not scold me for being too careful!”

The secret underground chamber was especially designed by Chu Yang. It was especially deep. He did this to prepare for obtaining the second fragment of Nine Tribulations Sword. The secret chamber was located right above the second Nine Tribulations Sword fragment. According to Chu Yang’s estimate, he only needed to dig at most twenty feet more to get it.

At this time, that secret chamber had become a safe haven.

“This is best. Even I am not that careful!” Mo Cheng Yu sighed. If it were not for Mo Qing Wu by his side, he would rather die in battle than hide in a hole. But he was currently helpless…

“Let me make some arrangements.”

There were no servants at Heavenly Armament Pavilion, so Chu Yang had to do everything by himself.

At the shops, basic amenities like, beds, lamps, blankets and other necessities were quickly bought up by a hasty shopper who did not care about money. In about an hour, two rooms were prepared.

Chu Yang carefully arranged everything to be comfortable for Mo Qing Wu’s room. Plus, he covered all four walls with white silk. The bed was even dabbed with oil to make the whole room filled with fragrance.

Mo Cheng Yu’s room was by far inferior. He simply toss the items into the room and told Mo Cheng Yu, “You can set it up yourself. Good night…”

Mo Cheng Yu was so mad his hair stood on end.

While Chu Yang was busy preparing, Mo Cheng Yu had observed him carefully. The more he looked, the more he felt that this youth was full of mystery.

Who is he? How does he know little miss? Plus, he protected and took care of little miss even though his cultivation is not that high.

He had already met most of the talents that were coming out from Middle Three Heavens’ families. And if he had not met them, he had heard others described them. There was absolutely no person like Chu Yang.

This is really strange!

What Chu yang did not want to talk about, he naturally would not ask. At least, the other person did not have any ill intentions!

Once everything was properly prepared, Chu Yang slowly carried a sleeping Mo Qing Wu down. The moment Chu Yang put his arm out to hold Mo Qing Wu, Mo Cheng Yu put out his hand in protest. But Chu Yang shot him a stare as sharp as a saber.

Mo Cheng Yu was a King level master, but that stare unexpectedly sent a chill down his spine. After that Chu Yang said, “You are injured; what would happen if you accidentally tripped?”

Mo Cheng Yu had to take a loss and awkwardly followed Chu Yang down to the secret chamber.

Looking at Mo Qing Wu sleeping soundly in the secret chamber, Chu Yang rubbed his hands and said, “Senior Mo, I want to discuss something with you.”

“What?” Mo Cheng Yu was currently annoyed. This kid just gave him a stare, and what’s more, he was actually fearful of it! Motherf*! I am a King level master! What level is this kid? Why was I fearful of him? I just ran into a demon…

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