The writing on this note was majestic, but also hid a meticulous edge; it was as if there was an incredible sword in this letter even though it never showed its sharp tip. This writing was filled with an unstoppable aura.

Seeing the words was like meeting the person; Chu Yang truly believed that besides Diwu Qing Rou, no one else was capable of writing those words.

This was an unexpected windfall!

“Minister, this Invisible Falcon…” Cheng Zi Ang cautiously said as he unconsciously licked his lips and revealed a hunger in his eyes.

“Invisible Falcon, this is truly a treasured courier!” Chu Yang did not notice Cheng Zi Ang’s abnormal behavior and asked thoughtfully, “Can it be retrained to work for us?”

Cheng Zi Ang regretfully shook his head, “Invisible Falcons will only have one master in their lifetime. Plus, with a mature Invisible Falcon that can deliver messages, there is absolutely no hope.”

Chu Yang let out an “Ah!” and said, “That’s unfortunate!”

“Minister, Invisible Falcon meat is delicious…” Cheng Zi Ang saw that the Invisible Falcon no longer had any use, so he swallowed and said that with a smile.

“You are saying… eat?!” Chu Yang was shocked as he looked at the wretched old man. Then he looked at the tiny Invisible Falcon, not bigger than a sparrow. It was only about half a pound in his hand… He was speechless.

After removing the feathers, there would probably be less than a quarter pound of meat. This old man wanted to have some wine with it…

“Do you know anything else besides eating?” King of Hell Chu pounded the table; he was furious. Such a precious thing, and he wanted to make a drinking snack out of it? Chu Yang really thought that was unforgivable!

Moreover, with enemies inside and out causing all sorts of chaos, he was extremely short tempered today. And this damn old man was still thinking about food, how could he keep his composure; a storm immediately rose up…!

Cheng Zi Ang pulled his head down. Then his balding head suddenly felt heavy rain from the direction of Minister Chu Yang’s mouth!

Outside, all the members of Bu Tian Pavilion were training when they saw the storm rise up. Everyone became as quiet as clams and looked at each other with a feeling of schadenfreude. They asked themselves who the unlucky bloke was. It was still early morning, and King of Hell Chu already rained down thunder and lightning…

Ahhh… So sorry for him! Even so, they only had a gloating look in their eyes and did not dare to stop training. Everyone made a show of “must train even if they train to death.” Maybe the minister would come out and praise them!

“Go and tell Chen Yu Tong to bring all of the petitions, documents… belonging to Tang Xin Sheng to me. On another note, take care of this bird well. If it loses one feather… hehe… Hall Leader Cheng should know the consequences.”

Chu Yang grunted coldly and said, “As for Tang Xin Sheng’s whereabouts, let’s temporarily stop the search. All the spies around Tang Manor should be removed as well. Just you watching would be enough. Other people’s cultivation levels are simply too weak. On the off chance that our plans are discovered, all our efforts would be in vain…”

Cheng Zi Ang hastily nodded. He wiped the cold sweat as well as the saliva from his head and quickly backed out of the room.

Ahhh… My stupid mouth! I didn’t get any credit; just a yelling. And now I am stuck with this most boring duty.

The moment Cheng Zi Ang stepped out of the room, the people outside became even more shocked. Motherf*, it’s the number two man of Bu Tian Pavilion, Hall Leader Cheng!

King of Hell Chu is really cruel! He even yelled at his own deputy! Everyone felt terrified, and immediately turned their eyes elsewhere… They all thought to themselves that Hall Leader Cheng was now full of anguish; no one wanted to be the unlucky guy that fell within his gaze. They all quietly prayed: Let it not be me, let it not be me…

“Fierce Blood Hall, listen up!” Cheng Zi Ang rubbed his head as he walked out. Looking at all the guys dressed so neatly, a flame inside him suddenly burst up. He gave an earth-shattering roar, “Today, you will train three times your normal routine!”

“Motherf*…!” The assassins of Fierce Blood Hall felt as if they were just hit by lightning; they immediately fell to the ground and started foaming at the mouth! Oh mother… we’re barely alive after normal training each day; now we have to do three times as much…

The people of Iron Blood Hall and Heavenly Secret Hall next to them roared with laughter.

They were holding their stomachs laughing when suddenly a great beauty gracefully walked out of Minister Chu’s room… It was Wu Qian Qian.

The moment they saw the Soul Demoness appear, everyone’s mouths clamped down. This elder martial sister was exceptionally beautiful, but no news that came out of her mouth was ever good news. They all became tensed.

Wu Qian Qian glanced over everyone and said with a smile, “Minister Chu just heard everyone laughing; he was very unhappy. Minister Chu said that you are members of the same team, and yet you laughed at misery of others… He could no longer hold back… So the minister decided…”

When she got to this point, everyone’s eyes were wide open. Their jaws practically dropped to the ground, and they could barely stand straight…

Sure enough, it was not good news!

“Everyone from the other two halls that are here…” Wu Qian Qian smiled beautifully and continued, “… will also train three times as much!”

“Ack!” More than ten people from the two halls coughed. Their eyes rolled and their faces turned very ugly.

Happiness just turned into sadness!

“Haha…” The assassins of Fierce Blood Hall laughed their hearts out.

Without paying attention to the crying and complaining people, Wu Qian Qian returned to the room!

“Elder Martial Sister Wu, come and look at this note… what do you think?” At some point, Chu Yang had pulled out that note, placed it in front of him and was now looking at it intently.

Wu Qian Qian thought for a moment and said, “I am afraid you have attracted Diwu Qing Rou’s attention.”

“Yes.” Chu Yang said calmly, “Diwu Qing Rou is finally aware of the danger. Plus, he has also guessed that I would find out about Tang Xin Sheng, so he gave the order to retreat. But if you were Diwu Qing Rou, what would you do?”

“Of course I would quickly retreat and send people to help bring Tang Xin Sheng back. After that I would find an opportunity for Tang Xin Sheng to appear publicly, and, using his established fame, speak out on Iron Cloud’s mistreatment of him to create unrest with the soldiers and the public.” Wu Qian Qian said without hesitation.

“Yes, and what else?” Chu Yang faintly showed approval.

“Also…” Wu Qian Qian thought hard, “Diwu Qing Rou knows that these things happened after you were instated. If you are capable of finding Tang Xin Sheng, then you will be capable of finding others. And, surely, Tang Xin Sheng is not the only spy in Iron Cloud Nation. Therefore, in order to achieve his goals, he will decide to immediately deal with you. He absolutely would not allow a great threat like you to affect his grand designs… Ah!”

When she got to this point, Wu Qian Qian was startled. He eyes widened as she looked at Chu Yang, “Chu Yang, you are currently in great danger!”

“Danger… Yes.” Chu Yang smiled and said, “Elder martial sister is really good in figuring out these two points… Can you think of anything else?”

“There’s more?” Wu Qian Qian frowned and concentrated for a while. Then she shook her head, “I cannot think of anything else!”

“There are at least five other points that elder martial sister did not think about.” Chu Yang raised his hand with five fingers outspread.

“Five points?” Wu Qian Qian was somewhat unconvinced; how could I not have thought of so much?

“First, elder martial should note that before this note arrived, Tang Xin Sheng had already disappeared.” Chu Yang said, “This proves that Tang Xin Sheng is especially vigilant; even more than that, he is incredibly intelligent. He had already sensed that he was in great danger beforehand. A character like this is extremely dangerous!”

“With the speed of Invisible Falcon, it would have taken one and a half days to get here. And Diwu Qing Rou wrote really sloppily; this proves that he already guessed that Tang Xin Sheng was in danger before receiving the news. That was why he immediately wrote and sent this note at the very moment the news reached Great Zhao…”

“Diwu Qing Rou’s reaction was extremely fast and decisive. If we are to face him in the future, we must be very mindful of this. His sloppy handwriting tells us that he was in haste. With his powerful position, that he was hasty like that tells us the importance of Tang Xin Sheng to him. Because of this point, it would be very useful for us to capture Tang Xin Sheng. This is point number two.” Chu Yang said.

“Third, Diwu Qing Rou only wrote two words, dangerous situation, but he did not say what must be done. In other words, he still has some hope that I would not find out about Tang Xin Sheng. Or, that he wanted to let Tang Xin Sheng, himself, make a decision.” Chu Yang smiled and raised up three fingers, “We only need to capture Tang Xin Sheng; he will be our greatest opportunity!”

Wu Qian Qian nodded in agreement, she absolutely did not think about these points. Her admiration for Chu Yang had went up a few more notches.

“No matter what Tang Xin Sheng decides, Diwu Qing Rou already knows about my existence. With Diwu Qing Rou’s character, he would never allow someone like me to continue living. This was a point you already stated. But, who would he send to deal with me? In addition, to also assist Tang Xin Sheng?”

Chu Yang said casually, “Our Bu Tian Pavilion has Revered Martial Artists. Plus, there are as many martial masters in Iron Cloud as there are clouds in the sky. He would send someone he is certain would finish the job. So I would guess that he will send one of the four peak-level masters from the Golden Horse Riders Department; maybe even two to work together…”

He said each word with great gravity, “At the very least there will be one King level master! Moreover, he will be acting in secret to assassinate me! Diwu Qing Rou definitely intends to kill with one blow and not give me any chance to fight back.”

“Fifth, Tang Xin Sheng might have disappeared, but he still left his family behind. This proves that he left in haste. There are two intentions: one, he wants to paralyze our actions against him; and, two, he still hopes to return. In other words, Tang Xin Sheng, still has not been able to verify whether we are watching him. And these are just my hunches: He is not hiding very far away; he is still somewhere in Iron Cloud Citadel. Moreover, he must have his own people around him. Even if he is a famed character, going far away will increase the chance of him running into enemies. That’s why he won’t go far. Plus, he still has hope that he would be lucky!”

Chu Yang coldly smiled and said, “Therefore, we just need to carefully deploy our plans and Tang Xin Sheng would still fall into our hands.”

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