Since Chu Yang arrived, he still continued to think about Cheng Zi Ang’s answer. He became more and more suspicious. Young watermelon seed? Is this not…

With one sweep of the chaotic surroundings, Chu Yang asked himself: If I am Tang Xin Sheng, what would I do? How would I hide?

Chu Yang started to analyze deeper from Tang Xin Sheng’s perspective…

The situation is still uncertain; Bu Tian Pavilion has not started any actions against me yet. I just need to be careful. First, I will hide and watch their reactions. If there is something, then I will immediately escape. Otherwise, I will come back and tell everyone that I went to see some friends… Ummm, this is Tang Xin Sheng’s mentality.

So, Tang Xin Sheng is still around here, watching for any movements at Tang Manor. Around here, the roads extend in many directions. If I want to watch the situation at Tang Manor, where would I position myself?

Chu Yang thought: Cheng Zi Ang will definitely not choose the best location to avoid people’s attention. The best position would be monitored; people would be watching. The worst position would be the same! If Cheng Zi Ang didn’t choose those positions, then Tang Xin Sheng, in all his wisdom, will not either!

Then he will choose something slightly less ideal. The position that Cheng Zi Ang currently occupies is such.

Chu Yang’s eyes swept around, searching for the best positions to watch Tang Manor. If the first two are not okay, then it must be the third!

Chu Yang looked in the direction of the two old men playing chess under the tree.

The two both had white hair. They looked to be more than sixty; their faces were full of wrinkles. The two were concentrating on the chess board in front of them. Between the two, the one facing Chu Yang was a little relaxed and content. He fanned himself with a paper fan. The other person had his head down; his face pensive. It was as if he was trying his hardest to find a way to break his opponent’s formation.

These two old men were in great spirits. They were so old, and can still sit so comfortably like that…

Chu Yang’s mind was piqued. He gave Cheng Zi Ang a mysterious wink.

“Two brothers, you must be tired from playing chess. Have some watermelon seeds! Haha!” Cheng Zi Ang staggered over. With a humble smile, he placed a handful of watermelon seeds on the table. He said with an envious voice, “You two are really lucky; you have been playing chess for two consecutive days and don’t have to worry about a thing. Not like me, at this age and I still have to work hard all day to make a living…”

The man with the content face smiled and said, “You are also very lucky! Is not having a healthy body the greatest blessing of all?” His voice was old but exceedingly graceful.

Cheng Zi Ang nodded repeatedly in agreement, and returned to his old spot.

Played chess for two consecutive days… Chu Yang had an epiphany. He immediately came to a conclusion. Looking at the tree trunk, he leisurely walked over to the two old men playing chess. Then he bent down and looked at the chess board.

“This setup is not easily to break out of…” Chu Yang clicked his tongue over and over again, “Good! This is really good…”

The old man contemplating immediately turned and glared, “What nonsense are you talking about? Do you even know how to play chess?” It seemed as if all the suppressed anger just spilled out on this nosy brat.

“Uh. Look at this position; staying won’t work, and leaving is not okay. The middle is even worse. The opponent’s setup is quite sharp. Here as well; at first glance, it looks like a good position, but it’s filled with hidden danger. You truly cannot break out…” Chu Yang opened his fan, and fanned. Then he folded it up again, and pointed to a spot on the chess board.

Chu Yang’s words made Cheng Zi Ang jump! He clearly was clueless about chess, but those words of Chu Yang were implying something else… Motherf*… Isn’t he talking about Tang Xin Sheng’s current situation?

Could it be that I have been sitting here for two days and the target was just behind me? Thinking of this, Hall Leader Cheng just wanted to stuff his head into his crotch…

He had vowed that he would capture Tang Xin Sheng no matter what, but he could not even discover the target sitting right behind him… This… this… is truly embarrassing.

“Huh? In your opinion… youngster, what should be done?” That content old man smiled and asked Chu Yang.

“In my humble opinion, this game… you should let it fly!” The paper fan on Chu Yang’s hand opened once again, and he fanned it a few times. He said eloquently, “Even a little delay would not be good. Don’t you think that’s right? Official Tang!”

The moment Chu Yang finished the atmosphere suddenly became tense. The other old man next to Chu Yang suddenly stiffened his back.

Cheng Zi Ang immediately stood up, and quickly turned to look at the old man behind him in disbelief; his face became red as blood.

This is too shameful! I should just die!

I can’t believe I made such a mistake…

The countenance of the old man facing Chu Yang did not change. He calmly said, “Fly how? There is a method? Your words are too enigmatic for me to understand…”

“I also find it hard to understand… there is also some disbelief as well.” Chu Yang chuckled, “I didn’t understand the phrase ‘Finding by sheer luck after searching far and wide’ until now. Official Tang, don’t you think my words made a lot of sense?”

The white haired old man flashed a smile in his eyes and said, “I still don’t understand; why do you keep insisting that I am Official Tang?”

“Looking up, the country spreads for thousands of miles, the blue sky is endless… Looking down, there’s not much fame and glory, only a handful of sand…” Chu Yang said casually.

These two sentences were written by Tang Xin Sheng when a big general of Iron Cloud, an Iron Soul, died in battle. When Chu Yang read it, it seemed to have a different added meaning.

It also completely dispelled any denial on Tang Xin Sheng’s part.

His cover had been seen through, any denial would just be a laughing matter.

Tang Xin Sheng stood up and smiled, “Your memory is truly good.”

“I am flattered.” Cupping his hands together, Chu Yang smiled. (TLN: You guys have read enough to know the cupping hands thing right?)

“Surely you must be the legendary Minister of Bu Tian Pavilion, King of Hell Chu, right?” Tang Xin Sheng remained calm as before, without the least bit of anxiety. But as he said this, he immediately showed a trace of despair.

It’s King of Hell Chu, again!

He is the most ferocious man in Iron Cloud!

“I do not dare; that vulgar nickname has soiled Official Tang’s ears.” Chu Yang said humbly.

“I never thought such a fierce name amongst the people, one sword that sheds blood in Iron Cloud, King of Hell Chu would turn out to be so young and handsome like this!” Tang Xin Sheng said spiritedly; his voice was cool and clear, “But I still don’t understand how you found me. How did you determine that I would be here?”

“I dared not determine; I was only hoping.” Chu Yang said frankly, “If I tried this method with idiots, it would be useless. But with one of incredible intelligence like Official Tang, I had to test my fortune. I originally only came to look around, but when I got here, I was sure that you are Tang Xin Sheng!”

“Huh?” Tang Xin Sheng felt really curious, and looked at him with a suspicious gaze.

“You can easily watch Tang Manor from here. Other places are also good, but they would bring more attention. And there is a great tree to provide shade here; there have always been people playing chess under it. Clearly, Official Tang had planned this early on. Once you are in disguise, sitting here would not bring any attention…” Chu Yang smiled.

“Yes.” Tang Xin Sheng showed a trace of admiration as his gaze gradually sharpened.

“And Official Tang was still not sure if I would make a move on you or not. So this is a good position to watch for any movements. It might be a little dangerous, but you can also wait for the support of your people here. Plus, if anything was to happen inside your home, you can easily glance over and see.”

“Official Tang is calm and resourceful. The most dangerous place is also the safest place. Official Tang must know this. The truth is, if Official Tang goes straight to Bu Tian Pavilion that would be the safest!” Chu Yang smiled gently, “So, I would like to invite Official Tang to the safest hiding place!”

Tang Xin Sheng shook his head and chuckled with amusement, “Not bad. You are worthy of the name King of Hell Chu.” He paused a little, and his eyes narrowed, “But why didn’t you make a move right away, instead of talking nonsense with me?”

“You should know that loose lips sink ships. You are the famed King of Hell Chu, how could you not know this?” Tang Xin Sheng’s pupils constricted and shot a radiance as sharp as a needle.

“Because there was something unexpected!” Chu Yang calmly smiled and said, “Because I did not anticipate that a scholarly official like you would be a top level martial master! I had some uncertainties.”

“And Official Tang did not make a move probably because of anger.” Chu Yang laughed, “Your perfect plans were foiled by another. Plus, your cover was carefully cultivated, and it was still discovered. This is insulting to an intelligent person like you! I am sure Official Tang would rather die than suffer a humiliation like this!”

“So Official Tang toyed with me.” Chu Yang mocked, “Official Tang wanted to wait until after I revealed everything. And at my most triumphant moment, you would humiliate me. After which, you would use your incredible martial skill to escape!”

“Or directly kill me right on the spot!” Chu Yang said casually, “Official Tang, did I get anything wrong?”

“Well said!” Tang Xin Sheng slowly stood up and said, “I have painstakingly planned for thirteen years, and you destroyed everything in just a moment. And you even come here yourself. For this humiliation, how could I not kill you?”

He grunted coldly, “Bu Tian Pavilion is only a toy in my eyes. If you don’t have the ability to capture me, then you might as well prepare to be humiliated!”

Chu Yang’s guess was correct. It was really Tang Xin Sheng’s plan if the worst was to happen. Tang Xin Sheng was a martial expert. Moreover, he did not even care about Cheng Zi Ang. His plan was aimed at killing Chu Yang!

Chu Yang wanted to capture him, and he wanted to kill Chu Yang.

This was the only oversight in Chu Yang’s plan.

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