“That’s why I waited. Plus, I wanted to have a relaxing conversation with Official Tang.” Chu Yang smiled as his folding fan gently moved. From beginning to end, he maintained his composure and did not cease to fan himself, “This is not a delay tactic; I truly want to have a heart to heart with Official Tang.”

While Chu Yang said it was not a delay tactic, at this moment, people in black appeared out of nowhere in all four directions. They were the Fierce Blood assassins of Bu Tian Pavilion, flanking from all sides. Their coordinated action was completely contrary to Chu Yang’s words; everyone watching saw right through his ridiculous lie.

“You think you can stop me with these people?” Tang Xin Sheng chuckled and said, “Minister Chu, you dared bring your precious body so close to me like this?”

“Yes, I couldn’t help it.” Chu Yang did not know what else to do besides swing his fan, “And yet being close is not necessarily a bad thing. There is Crisp Bone Rapture Powder in this fan. Surely Official Tang has heard of this, right?”

“Crisp Bone Rapture Powder?” Tang Xin Sheng’s countenance changed, “This… This is one of the top poisons?”

Since his identity was exposed, Tang Xin Sheng had not shown any fear until now.

“What did you say about Crisp Bone Rapture Powder? It’s just a small gift I have for Official Tang to commemorate our first meeting. It’s not much; just a token of my sincerity. I hope Official Tang does not take offense.”

“Perhaps Official Tang did not notice that since I arrived, I remained upwind.” Chu Yang smiled, and patiently explained, “And every time I moved, I only gently fanned at the moment when the wind was gentle. If the wind was too strong, the powder would be dispersed in the wind.”

Chu Yang smiled happily; his eyes almost closed, “Official Tang is knowledgeable; of course, you know that the wind is unpredictable and water is impermanent. Regardless of the wind, this poison does not differentiate between big and small or old and young.”

“So I took the liberties of standing on the side to enjoy the summer breeze and have a good chat with Official Tang; the longer the better. With more time, Official Tang could enjoy more Crisp Bone Rapture powder.”

Chu Yang gently continued, “I hope Official Tang doesn’t blame me for talking too much. In fact, I am usually a man of few words…”

Tang Xin Sheng’s eyes flashed an icy gaze as he raised his two hands. Only a swoosh was heard; it did not come from his throat but his body. His robe flew up as if there was a strong wind. Dust flew and fell back to the ground.

Tang Xin Sheng felt the energy in his body start to dissipate; not only that, it was dissipating at an increasingly fast rate!

“Crisp Bone Rapture Powder is colorless and odorless, a wonderful powder.” Chu Yang continued to gently fan, “Whoever inhales it would lose all bodily strength; all of their energy would dissipate; the more they try to activate their martial energy to fight back, the quicker this dissipation will be. Of course, a little bit of this powder does not have a great effect on Official Tang, but what about this brother right in front of me? It can cause death like this…”

Chu Yang smiled and slowly reached out his left arm. He gently grabbed the hair of the man with his back towards him. Then he slowly pulled him up. His right arm reached down to his waist and pulled a glistening small saber out. With his eyes watching Tang Xin Sheng, he smiled and said, “Death is the end. Dying in a state of unconsciousness is gentle like a passing cloud and truly serene.”

After that, his right hand pulled the saber hard across the man’s throat. Fresh blood sprayed out in Tang Xin Sheng’s direction. Chu Yang looked at a stunned Tang Xin Sheng. He swung the small saber one full circle as he kicked the headless corpse far away. At this time, the gray haired head of Tang Xin Sheng’s underling was swinging back and forth from Chu Yang’s hand. His eyes were still opened in hopelessness, and seemed to be filled with disbelief as well.

“Yuck…, this is really bloody.” Chu Yang conveniently tossed the head forward and smiled, “Official Tang, look at that. Your bodyguard was a Martial Great Master, right? His face still looks so good even after he died…”

This man was grabbed by Chu Yang, and died willingly. From beginning to end, he did not give the slightest resistance. He was killed as easily as a chicken. No, even chickens could not be easily captured and killed like that.

“How did you do it?” Tang Xin Sheng caught his bodyguard’s head, and looked at Chu Yang with hatred. He still could not believe that his best man would die so easily. He had heard that Crisp Bone Rapture Powder was powerful, but it could not be so powerful to make a Martial Great Master willingly get his head chopped off.

“When I was standing on the side, I intentionally stood behind his back. Haha…” Chu Yang continued, “At that time you two were on guard and did not want to make any rash moves. I kept shaking out Crisp Bone Rapture Powder, and he inhaled most of it… And when I exposed your identity, he immediately activated his martial energy. Haha, Official Tang, like I already said, whoever inhaled this power, the more they try to activate their martial energy, the more quickly it will dissipate.”

“He… Why didn’t he resist?” Tang Xin Sheng suddenly realized the answer; he was only mad that he could not slap himself. At that time, he and Chu Yang was busy insulting each other. He thought he had King of Hell Chu in the palm of his hand, and was slowly taunting him. How could his bodyguard have dared to interrupt him?

“Then, I waited until he could barely fight, and I just let out a little killing aura…” Chu Yang said shamefully, “My cultivation is actually not high at all, and my killing aura is not that strong. I just tried hard to put him on high guard; plus, I was standing behind him… He did not dare turn around because he was worried that the moment he turned, I would make my move first. So the only thing he could do was activate his martial energy and be on high guard… The result is, hahaha…”

Of course, the truth was not like that. Chu Yang actually waited for the moment the bodyguard could barely hold on and brought Nine Tribulations Sword’s tip to his finger. From the back, he gently pushed that sharp sword tip into that man’s heart. The man became a ghost on the spot, but his body did not collapse because Chu Yang supported it with his knee.

“King of Hell Chu! Even though my martial energy is currently dissipating, I will still kill a lowlife like you!” Tang Xin Sheng shouted and immediately leapt into the air.

Cheng Zi Ang was surprised and immediately jumped, ready to face the enemy. His eyes were staring intensely at the figure in the air.

But the next moment, the most unbelievable thing happened. Tang Xin Sheng was still in the air when his body started to shake. There was a tortured look on his face. He turned purple as he yelled painfully, “This… How could this be?”

Before he even finished, he plopped on the chess board like a broken winged bird. The board immediately broke apart, and countless black and white pieces flew in all directions…

Just a little earlier, Official Tang was majestic and full of confidence, a martial master. Now he had fallen in a disheveled state, filled with indescribable pain.

“Oh, Official Tang, I am really sorry. I forgot to tell you; a person poisoned with Crisp Bone Rapture Powder should not be near blood. Because once you inhale the smell of blood, as long as you have not reached King level and formed a stable master state… Then no matter how powerful your martial energy is, the smell of blood will immediately cause you to completely lose your martial cultivation.”

“I was worried that Official Tang did not inhale enough so I tossed the bloody head your way. And Official Tang is definitely someone with loyalty; you immediately held the head in your chest. Thanks to that, the smell of blood continued to be with you…” Chu Yang mocked, “This is my fault! I really cannot compare myself to someone with understanding and wisdom like you.” He smiled and said, “I had no choice but to use this ‘pain and suffering’ tactic! Didn’t Official Tang use this before??? Hahaha…”

(TLN: Basically, this kind of tactic is one that use mainly pain and suffering to touch people’s emotions. In case you don’t remember. Killed a whole village, and became poor orphaned lone survivor.)

“I discovered Official Tang because of Crisp Bone Rapture Powder as well. Ordinary people would immediately collapse after inhaling this powder. Only you two were as lucid as ever; even to the point where you did not even show any symptoms. You are truly skilled… The only thing was, why would such skilled people come here just to play chess? Moreover, Official Tang’s voice was especially calm; so I suspected that you were waiting for me here…”

Chu Yang said these words to answer the questions in Tang Xin Sheng’s mind, and, at the same time, help clear out any doubts Cheng Zi Ang had: So that’s it!

Lying on the ground, Tang Xin Sheng lifted his head with great efforts and stared hatefully at Chu Yang. If a gaze could kill, then Chu Yang would have been dead long ago, and his bones would have already turned to dust…

After a long while, Tang Xin Sheng struggled to stand up. He sighed and said quietly, “You are definitely skilled! I can’t believe as a ninth grade Revered Martial Artist, I lost to you without being able to make one move! Haha, fair game, fair game…! Hahaha…” When he finished, his whole body went limp and he plopped to the ground.

At this time, he clearly was disheartened. He thought of everything, and yet, his opponent planned one better…

If before… When I discovered the possibility of danger, if I left, then I would be thousands of miles from here. If I trusted my intuition when I saw Cheng Zi Ang… If I did not have the desire to kill Chu Yang and left right away, then I would be free right now.

Even at the moment I saw Chu Yang and I made a quick decision to leave immediately, then I would still be safe.

In the worst case scenario, if I did not leave right away but made my move immediately, this King of Hell Chu could have died by my hands.

However, time and time again, I did not act as I should have. Instead, I wanted to have a battle of wits and compare strategies with my opponent. I just wanted to repay my opponent with a thousand times the humiliation he dealt me…

I can’t believe the outcome was reversed, and my plan, so close to fruition, has failed. Even my own life is now in the hands of another!

The enemy has calculated with extreme precision. He secretly made his move while still acting nonchalant!

Tang Xin Sheng had to admit defeat in front of Chu Yang and accept his situation. But in his heart, there was a strong frustration from this utter defeat. He was exceedingly resourceful, and a meticulous tactician. Everything was in the palm of his hand. He alone entered Iron Cloud. With his intelligence and the support of the spy network, he advanced quickly in rank. All the Iron Cloud officials were pawns in his hands. He was a spy who was hailed as a living saint in Iron Cloud Nation.

If he was not exposed so early, then when Diwu Qing Rou starts a war after Tie Bu Tian is killed, Iron Cloud would be in a state of chaos like a snake without a head. At the moment, this living saint only needs to stir the people to topple Iron Cloud.

Ten thousand things were already prepared; they were just waiting for the right moment. But now, the world had slipped from his grasp.

Moreover, the person that defeated him was a boy this young! How could Tang Xin Sheng have admitted defeat? It was this stubbornness that made him abandon thoughts of escaping and determined to seek revenge.

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