Tang Xin Sheng was a proud man! When people like him faced an opponent, they would find hundreds of ways to win back their strategizing reputation.

So Tang Xin Sheng vowed to give Chu Yang the greatest humiliation… a humiliation when he is at the height of his satisfaction. He thought his plans were perfect; the moment Chu Yang discovered him would also be the moment of Chu Yang’s downfall… plus, he, himself, would also kill Chu Yang afterward.

For an intelligent man, a failed strategy had the greatest impact.

Down to the very core of his being, Tang Xin Sheng hated Chu Yang! More than ten years of planning and manipulation… but Chu Yang just appeared, and everything was suddenly gone…

Chu Yang had used his indignation and blind thirst for revenge to set up a trap for him to crawl into. And by the time he opened his eyes, there was nowhere to turn to.

Before Tang Xin Sheng even thought about a battle of wits with Chu Yang, Chu Yang had already made his move, carefully calculating every little detail to expose his true identity. And when he wanted to have a battle of wits, his opponent had used force. Finally, when he wanted to use his martial arts, he no longer could…

Unscrupulous? Clearly his methods were unscrupulous… But Chu Yang’s strategies had left Tang Xin Sheng in awe. The moment he admitted his true identity to Chu Yang, Chu Yang had led him by the nose! He was supposed to be the one in control of the situation, but somehow, in a blink of an eye that control was completely in Chu Yang’s hands.

In the end, Tang Xin Sheng asked himself: If I was in his position, would I be able to do the same thing? Could I use the cultivation of a Martial Warrior to defeat and capture a ninth grade Revered Martial Artist? Furthermore, without the aid of anyone else…

The answer was of course: I would not be able to.

I was not defeated in martial arts, but in tactics! With my wisdom and I still got calculated to death by someone else without even noticing… what is there to say?

So Tang Xing Sheng sighed and simply gave up! He did not even curse at Chu Yang; he just closed his eyes and let go of any resistance.

There was one thing that Tang Xin Sheng did not know… It was his desire for revenge along with his arrogance that made him leave his manor before receiving word from Diwu Qing Rou. This had led to Diwu Qing Rou’s note falling into Chu Yang’s hands.

This was his biggest mistake…

When Chu Yang saw Tang Xin Sheng had gone from feeling extreme hatred to a sudden calmness, he felt a slight chill.

This Tang Xin Sheng had fallen into a state of utter despair and yet he could still remain calm. He was able to instantly quell his anger… this was indeed a powerful person!

No wonder Diwu Qing Rou had placed so much hope on him.

“People! Take this old man away! Lock him in Bu Tian Pavilion, and use the heaviest shackles!” The person giving orders was Cheng Zi Ang. As for Chu Yang, he had quietly moved away from the center of attention, and left without a trace. By the time the black outfitted assassins of Bu Tian Pavilion converged, they could only catch a glimpse of the back of a mysterious figure…

Besides Cheng Zi Ang, no one knew that young man was none other than the famed King of Hell Chu…

Cheng Zi Ang’s eyes showed a trace of respect as he looked at Chu Yang’s silhouette. Minister Chu is definitely Minister Chu! Just by laughing and talking, he made his enemies powerless. Without any commotion, he captured the mastermind! With just the cultivation of Martial Warrior, and he accomplished this much; who would dare to compare?

Cheng Zi Ang suddenly shuddered. Cold sweat poured out; it was not until now that he felt terrified. Ninth grade Revered Martial Artist! This weak looking scholar, Tang Xin Sheng, is a ninth grade Revered Martial Artist! A high-level master!

Oh god! I am only a third grade Revered Saber Artist, and Chen Yu Tong is only a first grade Revered Martial Artist. If we got into a fight with Tang Xin Sheng… all of our people here would probably die! And after that, Tang Xin Sheng will merrily walk away! Ninth grade Revered Martial Artist… If he wanted to run, how many people in Iron Cloud Citadel could stop him? Moreover, Tang Xin Sheng is an extremely cunning person…

No wonder he was so confident and proud like that. He had the guts to actually set up a trap in front of his own home and used himself as bait to humiliate and kill King of Hell Chu.

As his thoughts reached this point, Cheng Zi Ang felt a chill from his head to his toes. He recalled the spot Chu Yang was standing at earlier. On the off chance that Tang Xin Sheng immediately took a shot at Chu Yang, he would be obliterated… there was no chance of survival!

However, at that time, Chu Yang’s demeanor remained at ease as he happily talked, and did not show the least bit of stress. Chu Yang’s psyche is truly… tough beyond measure…

Cheng Zi Ang did not know… Chu Yang was currently soaked in cold sweat as well…

The moment the order was given, the people in black outfits immediately grabbed that “old man,” and carefully brought him back to Bu Tian Pavilion as if he was their own father.

Ah! An old man… is an old man! Tang Xin Sheng did not tell people who he was; so Cheng Zi Ang also did not reveal it since it would only cause problems.

As for Tang Xin Sheng’s family, Minister Chu had told him, “Don’t touch them! Leave them there!”

With these words of Chu Yang, Cheng Zi Ang was sure that not only he, but even Prince Bu Tian and General Tie Long Cheng would probably not dare to touch them…

Chu Yang returned to Bu Tian Pavilion.

The back of his shirt was drenched in cold sweat; he was scared almost to the point that his spirit would leave his body… The first thing Chu Yang did was call in all the people of Heavenly Secret Hall and yell at them. Chen Yu Tong’s people were unlucky; their heads were covered in saliva, but they did not dare to say a word back!

Chu Yang’s voice boomed and seemed to almost break open the roof. He angrily enlightened them, “Are you all pigs? No, pigs are more intelligent than you! Pigs do their duties well! Damn it… What should I compare you to? Grass? Or what?”

“What are you gathering information for? Just die. Telling you people to go back home and work on the farm is insulting for the hoe! You eat rice every day, but have you become grass eating cows? The whole group, damn, damn! You’re so dumb even the sun and moon can’t shine! Sh*t…”

King of Hell Chu’s fury made all of Bu Tian’s pavilion tremble in fear! The ones taking the full blow in the room had paled faces and did not dare look up. The ones standing outside were not much better either. They trembled nonstop, and their faces were ashen and anxious…

Standing in front, Chen Yu Tong suffered the worst. His whole body was soaked, but he did not dare open his mouth to say one word.

Before, Heavenly Secret Hall had brought back the following information: Tang Xin Sheng, frail scholar, superior intelligence, first-rate tactician. Though without martial art skill, he is good at scheming and manipulation. Meticulous planner…

This information, per Chu Yang’s request, was verified three times and was written by Chen Yu Tong’s own hand. And this had almost caused King of Hell Chu to go see the real King of Hell.

A frail scholar was suddenly transformed into a ninth grade Revered Martial Artist! This was a difference of heaven and earth! Such an error was unforgivable. If something unfortunate had happened to King of Hell Chu, then Tie Bu Tian would probably kill all of Heavenly Secret Hall and their families…

If only it was something like “cultivation unclear” or “no one had ever witnessed him use martial power” or something of that sort… If it was like that, it would have greatly reduced the shock that Chu Yang was in today.

If it was not for Chu Yang being through countless life-threatening situations in his previous life, he would not have developed a habit of being careful and always having an exit strategy. Plus, if it was not for Chu Yang always following the mantra ‘A lion should use full force even if attacking just a rabbit,’ then today would have been tantamount to Chu Yang bringing a meal to Tang Xin Sheng’s mouth…

Chu Yang was still startled. This is an outrage! Even though I managed to achieve my goal and return safely in the end, this mistake cannot be tolerated!

If I just let them off easily, when we face one insidious Diwu Qing Rou, the whole army could be wiped out…

As Chu Yang’s roar shook the entire Bu Tian Pavilion, the savior of Chen Yu Tong’s people finally arrived. Cheng Zi Ang had triumphantly escorted Tang Xin Sheng, dressed as an old man, back to Bu Tian Pavilion.

The moment he returned, he immediately diverted King of Hell Chu’s attention.

“Minister! I was fortunate to complete my task and brought back this old man to be arrested! I have come to let you know myself!” Cheng Zi Ang cockily looked at Chen Yu Tong drenched in saliva. The more he looked, the more happy he felt at another’s suffering. On one hand, he was showing off his valiance; on the other hand, he was glaring at Chen Yu Tong and smiling to the point that his eyes were completely closed and exposing his full set of yellow teeth.

Nice! Really nice! Watching someone else get scolded is great.

Chen Yu Tong’s mouth twitched. He glared back in anger, and quietly cursed all eight generations of Cheng Zi Ang’s ancestors… Motherf*, this creep is gloating!

When Chang Zi Ang entered, Chu Yang was feeling a little thirsty from all the yelling, he picked up a cup of tea and took a gulp. Upon hearing Cheng Zi Ang reported with self-satisfaction, he immediately spit the entire thing on Cheng Zi Ang’s face… after that, he fell into a coughing fit…

Cheng Zi Ang’s countenance suddenly looked very interesting. He was originally elated and smiling, but in the blink of an eye, the heavens sent a torrential downpour… It was like taking a stroll in spring and getting caught by sudden rain. But why was this rain so warm??? He wiped down his face with his hand, catching a few leaves of tea with it as well. His face had become crestfallen…

He took a sneak peek at King of Hell Chu, and thought: King of Hell Chu, you are…?

“Ha ha…” Having witnessed Cheng Zi Ang’s embarrassment, Chen Yu Tong suddenly felt great and unwittingly laughed. But, after two sounds, he realized his mistake and shut his mouth. I have done a great sin, how can I be so happy? So he quickly became quiet, and glanced up to find King of Hell Chu still busy coughing. At that time he settled back to his old expression and properly put his head back down…

“Koff koff…” Chu Yang coughed for a long time before looking up with his reddened face and yelled, “You still have the nerve to stand in front of me with self-satisfaction? Let me ask you; what did I send you to do? Huh? Huh?”

Cheng Zi Ang choked as he stared in surprise. Before he had a chance to take back his elated expression, his face now had a look of surprise. His countenance was odd looking; his mouth was gaping, but it could not say a word…

“You tell me!” Chu Yang yelled angrily, “Did you do well… huh? I sent you to watch and what happened in the end? Ah! You put yourself in front of them so they could watch you? To call you a pig is too much of an insult to pigs!”

“Koff.. koff..” Chen Yu Tong coughed nonstop. This is too good; I can’t hold it down any more…

Cheng Zi Ang was red from ear to ear. His hands and feet no longer knew what to do with themselves.

“They sat behind your ass for two days! Motherf*… when you farted, they had to cover their nose. And you dare to cheerfully talk to me about watermelon seeds…?” Chu Yang was so angry, smoke almost came out of his ears.

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