“Over here.” Chu Yang led Tie Bu Tian’s group to the prison. After Cheng Zi Ang opened the door, Chu Yang, Tie Bu Tian and two other people, all four in total walked in. Everyone else remained outside.

It was completely different from the normal dark and damp cells that one would imagine. This place was dry and clean. In a corner, a steel pole as large as a person’s waist stood vertically. Tang Xin Sheng, in heavy chains, was hung there. When he saw Chu Yang, he unexpectedly smiled…

Being tied up like this was not any less comfortable than lying in bed at home. Tie Bu Tian’s appearance at this moment had helped him recover his original colors, a handsome thirty years old scholar.

Tie Bu Tian clasped his hands behind his back and slowly walked up. His eyes coldly glared at Tang Xin Sheng without even blinking.

Tang Xin Sheng smiled calmly as if it was just another gathering at the royal court with Tie Bu Tian.

“Official Tang, what is your relationship with Diwu Qing Rou?” Tie Bu Tian slowly walked to a table in the back, and slowly sat down on one of the chairs.

Without ever asking whether the man was a spy, he went directly to asking about the relationship between Tang Xin Sheng and Diwu Qing Rou. This gave the impression that he already had fully grasped Tang Xin Sheng’s situation, and there was no need for denial!

“Your majesty’s question is a little presumptuous.” Tang Xin Sheng laughed, “I, Tang Xin Sheng, might be a prisoner, but I am not the type that could be coerced to confess!”

“So you are really Great Zhao’s spy?” Tie Bu Tian closed his eyes.

“I do not want to admit it, but since your first bluff, I thought about playing a little dirty trick… hahaha… I have cultivated a strong state of mind, but I still hate to lose…” Tang Xin Sheng smiled comfortably, “But at this point, can I still deny it?”

Tie Bu Tian sighed and said, “Official Tang, you are a capable person and also a great tactician. I have always thought highly of you. I even thought about making you prime minister of Iron Cloud once the country is at peace… Hahaha, I had placed my hope in you. I can’t believe you fooled me for a decade…”

Tie Bu Tian’s words were very sincere… They made Tang Xin Sheng pensive for a moment as he reminisced about the cheerful days of the past between emperor and servant and said, “It’s true that your majesty treated me very well. But with two countries at war, to each his own master. I am also saddened by the whole thing.”

Tang Xin Sheng paused a little, then smiled and said, “The truth is, when I joined Iron Cloud, your majesty was still young; you were not able to see through my cover. As you grew older, I have already created a deep impression with you; that is why I was able to live peacefully for a decade. If I joined just now, I am afraid your majesty would have discovered me immediately.”

Then he laughed painfully, “Your majesty is clever and has a worldly state of mind… You would make a great king. Unfortunately, you were born at the wrong time, and have to go head to head with Diwu Qing Rou. No matter how good you are, you will definitely be reduced to ashes in the end.”

“Diwu Qing Rou?” Tie Bu Tian took a deep breath. His voice was sentimental, but his eyes were sharp as he spoke, “It’s true that Diwu Qing Rou is worthy of his fame. It is because of this that I need to know everything Official Tang knows. Is that clear?”

“I will never tell. Your majesty already knows my answer beforehand.” Tang Xin Sheng smiled warmly and continued, “Your majesty, I hope you will take into account that I have not done any great damage to Iron Cloud, and let me have some dignity in my last moments.”

“Dignity?” Tie Bu Tian’s countenance changed. With mixed emotions, he sighed, stood up and walked out. He paused at the door and said casually, “Make him talk!”

Then he waved for Chu Yang and walked out without looking back. Tie Bu Tian had finally shown his fierce Iron blood side.

Chu Yang followed Tie Bu Tian out… When they were shoulder to shoulder, he could feel that this prince’s heart was also weighed down…

Inside, a series of strange sounds rang out. It was then followed by the tragic scream of Tang Xin Sheng, “Kill me!”

“Ah… ah…” After that, there was a series of painful cries, mixed with Tang Xin Sheng’s cursing, “Tie Bu Tian, you use base means to torture a powerful person; don’t you feel embarrassed? I just want to die peacefully, and you won’t even allow it?”

Tie Bu Tian stood still there; his jade face did not show any emotion.

“Senior Chu, I am really angry at this person.” Tie Bu Tian clasped his hands and quietly said, “I truly admired his ability…”

Chu Yang rolled his eyes and said, “That is only natural; an enemy that we feel sorry for is the most dangerous enemy of all! If we just look down on him, how could he create such big waves…”

“Yes.” Tie Bu Tian slightly nodded, and said, “Torturing a powerful man, a genius, like this is something I really don’t want. But I must know the information in his head. If that was not the case, I would happily give him an easy death.”

Chu Yang was silent for a moment, then he said, “There are some things in life that cannot be forced. And there some people that would never open their mouths even if you removed their bones. Tang Xin Sheng is that kind of person. The moment I caught him, I already did not have any hope of getting anything from him. I am afraid your majesty will be disappointed.”

Tie Bu Tian was silent for a long while. Then he suddenly said, “It’s not certain just yet. It could be said that my two bodyguards came straight out from hell… I have absolute faith in their methods. Only, with Tang Xin Sheng, they have to be a little more cruel.”

Chu Yang smiled and said, “Your majesty, just wait and see.”

Tie Bu Tian laughed slightly, “Would Minister Chu like to make a bet with me?”

Chu Yang smiled, “Could it be that the prince is a gambler? What would your majesty like to bet?”

“We will bet only whether Tang Xin Sheng will talk.” Tie Bu Tian said, “I bet that he will talk; if I win, Minister Chu will have to remain at Iron Cloud. I want to work with you to bring prosperity to Iron Cloud!”

Then, Tie Bu Tian turned around and looked at Chu Yang with total sincerity. After the last time he talked to Chu Yang, Tie Bu Tian had always thought that such a talent not staying in Iron Cloud was truly regrettable.

And Chu Yang’s recent actions had left Tie Bu Tian even more restless!

Now, Tie Bu Tian was making another effort at it.

“I am afraid your majesty will have to be disappointed.” Chu Yang smiled and slightly moved his gaze, “Good. I agree. But if I win, I want to enter the palace’s medical repository and treasury to pick a few things.”

Chu Yang never forgot that Mo Qing Wu’s injury needed another half of a Nine Tribulations Pill.

Chu Yang’s condition seemed incomparable to that of Tie Bu Tian… but they both knew well that these things were most important to each respective person.

“Good! It’s a deal!” Tie Bu Tian was elated. He raised his hand to seal the deal with Chu Yang. But Chu Yang was startled when he saw Tie Bu Tian’s hand. Besides the fact that it was white and extremely small and slender, it was probably just half the size of his hand.

This is a man’s hand?

When Tie Bu Tian saw that Chu Yang was staring at his hand, his countenance slightly changed. And with that emotion, he said, “Do you want to make the bet or not? What are you waiting for?”

Chu Yang immediately came to, and smiled in embarrassment. At the same time, he raised his hand and clapped against Tie Bu Tian’s hand.

Bam… The two hands clapped against each other.

The moment they touched, Chu Yang only felt that Tie Bu Tian’s hand was extremely soft, even very tender. He could not help but smile and said, “Your majesty is really well-maintained.”

Tie Bu Tian was a little startled, and pulled back his hand at the speed of lightning. He grunted coldly, “This clap is our oath. Even in death, there are no regrets. Minister Chu, you must keep your promise.”

Chu Yang laughed loudly, and said with certainty, “I definitely won’t lose!”

The two looked at each other; Tie Bu Tian looked at Chu Yang’s fierce mask and smiled, “Your mysterious pretense, how is that working out?”

Chu Yang smiled; instead of answering he asked, “What does your majesty think? I never shoot an arrow without a target!”

Tie Bu Tian laughed.

After a long time, the cries in the prison cell became softer and softer; but it turned into more of a trembling sound…

After a while longer, a shadow gently walked out. His face was pensive, and his eyes had a hint of anger.

“How is it?” Tie Bu Tian did not look back but asked confidently.

“Mouth of steel, cannot be opened.” That shadow said shamefully.

“Huh?” Tie Bu Tian turned in surprise, “Nothing worked?”

The shadow nodded. With anger and admiration in his eyes, he said, “Such stubbornness is rare.”

Tie Bu Tian said quietly, “Let’s go in and see.”

When they reached the entrance and got a glimpse inside… Even with Chu Yang’s fortified mind, he was a little nauseated. These two shadows really did come from hell… Tang Xin Sheng no longer had a human form.

His whole body was raw with his skin peeled off. His veins popped out like a snake wrapping around Tang Xin Sheng’s body. A few tendons even came loose and wiggled back and forth as if they had a mind of their own… If the chains were slightly tightened, they would have broke his body into pieces…

The sound of chains pulling continued. Tang Xin Sheng’s eyes were crazed, and his moans were barely heard. But every now and then there was an arrogant look in his eyes.

Lightning Body-Severing and Bone-Moving Method! Chu Yang was startled. This was the most horrible punishment in the world. Those suffering from this torture would rather die a thousand times. A person under this punishment would go crazy and kill himself!

And yet, Tang Xin Sheng could hang on until now!

At this moment, Chu Yang had heartfelt admiration for this spy. He might have been an enemy, but such a good man was rare!

Tie Bu Tian’s face reddened. He was clearly disturbed as he bit his teeth and asked, “Are there… any other methods?”

The two shadows silently shook their heads.

Tie Bu Tian sighed hopelessly… he blurted out, “Good man!”

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  1. Lol its funny how they misunderstand each other and think they are Gay. Its not the first time the Prince wanted to run away! But even the Mc feels uncomfortable


  2. This is a common theme in chinese novels where the authors have their heads up their own asses, HYPOCRISY! There are countless examples of this in this particular novel (although er gen who wrote issth takes the award). The shadows look down on MC earlier because he used poison to deal with a strong enemy, but are okay with torturing that same enemy? So poison = bad, but torture = good? Seems a little inconsistent there.


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