Mo Cheng Yu showed a helpless expression, then shrugged his shoulders and added more fuel to the fire, “Ahhh… little miss, Uncle Chu Yang is already very nice to you… how about you let him continue telling his story for you…”

“It’s Brother Chu Yang!” The little loli shook her behind and bared her fangs and claws, “Brother Chu Yang is a liar; his fairy tales are boring me to death…”

Mo Cheng Yu started to sweat and said, “Okay, okay… Brother Chu Yang is Brother Chu Yang. He has many other stories; he’ll tell them now…”

“Really Brother Chu Yang?” Little loli looked at Chu Yang with great expectation.

“Koff koff…” Chu Yang looked at Mo Cheng Yu with indignation; I depended on you… how could you be so shameless…

Mo Cheng Yu pretended not to notice Chu Yang’s gaze and smiled piously, “Umm, I have internal injuries; I will have to sit down and meditate for a while. Little miss, just go ahead and listen to Brother Chu Yang’s stories.” Then he immediately slipped away…

Chu Yang waved his arm, powerless and unable to speak…

“Brother Chu Yang, tell your stories!” Mo Qing Wu yanked on Chu Yang’s sleeve and blinked her lovable eyes, “Tell me a really good story!”

Chu Yang, “…” (

After a long, long time, Chu Yang staggered out of the secret chamber; his countenance was pale, his eyes seemed hollow, and his lips were dry. He plopped on the floor and moaned, “Pleasing girls is exhausting…”

With the thought that his ‘flirt plan’ had to be carried on for another eight to ten years, Chu became pale with distraught.

After she matured, Mo Qing Wu was not like this! She was normally smiling calmly; she just did her work quietly and gracefully…

And yet, how could this girl be so rambunctious?

Chu Yang sighed, then dipped his head into a vat of water and started drinking. He was dying of thirst… could anyone tell stories nonstop for hours…

Oh god! People could die from it…

But, well, Chu Yang was still very pleased… Mo Qing Wu really enjoyed herself so he was willing to put in the time and effort… even if it would be for a few more years…

Youth could go away, but he would never allow this joyfulness to disappear!

Starting tomorrow, I will have to read more books; specifically to learn more fairy tales… Chu Yang fiercely vowed to himself! For the sake of ‘flirting’, he was willing to pay any price!

Late that afternoon, Chu Yang made dinner for the three people; after they finished their food, he immediately hid part of the mess in the kitchen and only left one part… He also put away two thirds of the bowls… The entire scene looked like one person made food, ate, and left the mess in the kitchen…

After saying a few words to Mo Cheng Yu, Chu Yang left.

Mo Cheng Yu was a King level master so he was experienced; naturally, he knew the severity of things and would not act rashly… Chu Yang was not worried about this. Furthermore, the secret chamber was related to Nine Tribulations Sword so it was very well hidden; anyone who was not a top grade master would never be able to discover it.

Chu Yang went out to find Tie Bu Tian… Tie Bu Tian made a bet with him and he was absolutely not going to be shy about collecting.

While the bet was made for fun, it was serious to Chu Yang. It was related to Mo Qing Wu’s lifetime of happiness. How could he not take it seriously?

About two hours after Chu Yang left, a few black shadows quietly snuck into Heavenly Armament Pavilion. They gave the whole place a once-over without making a sound. After that, they immediately gathered around the main rooms that was in the center of the rest of the other rooms…

One of them went in like a ghost and disappeared. He did a round of inspection and quietly came back out after discovering nothing.

“Well?” The other veiled people in black stood outside, eyes glowing with ill intention in the night.

“No one, very clean.” The person said, “According to our investigation, there are only two people currently living here. One of them left more than twenty days ago and has not come back. There is only one person here now. The evidence here also verified that there is only one person here.”

“Go check the pots and pans in the kitchen; see if medicine was cooked.”

“Yes, sir.”

Three or four people went in.

The leader stood outside for a while, then he walked into Chu Yang’s room.

“We discovered nothing extraordinary in the kitchen except for the fact that this guy is really messy. The ground was covered with vegetable soup, and he did not bother to wash anything. Judging from the smell, the food must have been from yesterday night. There is definitely just one person here.”

“Huh?” That leader suspiciously walked into the kitchen. The moment he entered, he almost gagged from the heavy stench of spoiled food. He struggled to look around with hawk’s eyes and searched carefully before nodding and said, “It seems that there is only one person cooking here.”

“Sir, we found the medicine storeroom.”

“Let’s take a look.”

The so-called medicine storeroom was a tiny sealed room stacked with medical supplies that Chu Yang did not use. In that mess, Chu Yang purposely kept some rare items as well.

“This guy is really lazy, but he does have some valuable things…” That leader stood at the door and slightly frowned as he looked at the mess inside.

“There are two medicine pots here.” One black outfitted man yelled out.

That leader took one sniff, and said, “This one is clearly brand new and has never been used… but this one… mother* must have been from more than a month ago. The herbal dregs in it are completely covered in white mold!”

Chu Yang had wasted a lot of effort to obtain this stinky old medicine pot; it had now shown its usefulness…

One person pushed out the moldy pieces. He held his breath and looked inside, “This is medicine for a cold…”

“Get lost! Who asked you? Are you highly educated and talented? You even have the gall to say it’s for treating a cold…!” The leader grimaced and slapped hard on the man’s face.

“It’s herbal dregs from more than a month ago; even if it is for treating injuries, it’s still not related to the Mo clan. A month ago, Mo Cheng Yu was still lying around at the Mo Clan!”

Because that guy picked at the herbal dregs, the stinky smell exploded in the entire room. Suddenly, the entire storeroom was much smellier than a public toilet…

“Yes, yes… I deserve to die.” That guy did admit his fault nonstop, and tossed the medicine pot outside. With a bam, the medicine pot fell on the ground and broke into five or six pieces.

The stench became even fiercer.

That leader became even more livid; his face was turning purple as successively slapped the idiot… Then, unable to hold on any longer, he held his nose and ran out of there as if his life depended on it. His speed was definitely impressive!

The moment he escaped that area, he started to gasp for air. With fierce and cruel eyes, intermingled with rage, he looked at that underling and scolded nonstop, “Motherf*, you can be stupid but save some for the rest of the world… I have met many idiots, but none were even half as stupid as you… Motherf*…!”

The rest of the group also ran out in a chaotic state while covering their noses.

“Damn! What is that horrible smell?”

“This stench is going to kill me!”

The leader still covered his nose as he asked in a serious tone, “Did you discover anything? Did you see any secret passages?” His tone was filled with anger.


“We did not find anything.”

“Nothing, and you are still lingering here? Leave quickly; or are you enjoying this smell?” The leader roared in anger and disappeared into the night.

It seemed he suffered a great wrong.

An important and powerful leader of the Hei Mo clan, he was a King level master… He only needed to stomp his foot and all four directions would tremble. Until now, he had never been in any place that was so stinky!

Too humiliating…!

Everyone looked at each other and quickly scrambled out to escape that lovely bouquet. Finally, that highly educated and talented guy could not control himself any longer and threw up his dinner before dragging his useless body out of there.

The leader’s slaps were not for nothing… he lost two teeth as well as a few mouthfuls of blood.

Of course, Official Chu Yang knew nothing of this. He was currently walking into the palace’s vault.

Prince Bu Tian was extremely puzzled and annoyed with Chu Yang coming to his door to ask for the gambling debt.

It has only been a few hours, and he is already asking for payment? Does he even trust me? Why do you have so little faith in me?

While gambling was a normal, everyday thing in Iron Cloud Citadel… every hour, there would be some sort confrontation that broke out because of it, but… collecting debt from a prince, the ruling prince of a country…

This was too unusual.

Therefore, Tie Bu Tian was greatly troubled when he saw one red-faced King of Hell Chu standing in front of him… His body language seemed to indicate that payment must be made immediately…

“Your Majesty, koff koff… hack hack… You lost earlier but you have not fulfilled your promise yet!”

Hearing Chu Yang’s words, Tie Bu Tian almost choked on his own blood. He grinded his teeth and said, “Minister Chu, you’re something! Would I skip out on a debt to you?”

“Haha, koff koff… I was just worried that Your Majesty is so busy with thousands of things, you would forget…” Chu Yang knew that he was being impolite, but he continued. Thick skinned? Despicable? No problem! Pay your debt and you can despise me as much as you want.

There is a saying that goes, the thick skinned eats everything, and the thin skinned gnaw on dirt… Such wisdom… Haha…

Now, the prince was annoyed at being ‘escorted’ by King of Hell Chu to the palace’s vault.

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      About Heavenly Armament Pavillion being left with Chu Yang alone, it’s easy… following the clues collected while looking for Mo Qing Wu and Mo Cheng Yu, they could have picked up any guys that worked on the construction of the said Pavillion and questioned him.. Knowing about Gu Du Xing existence is a matter of fact (he was the on handling the construction at the time)

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