The two walked out of the vault shoulder to shoulder, and discovered that it had become dark.

In front of the palace was person holding two horses, waiting; it was Wu Qian Qian. When she saw Chu Yang come out, she was overjoyed. She said hastily, “Minister Chu, please make time to come back to Bu Tian Pavilion; something has happened!”

“Bu Tian Pavilion is in trouble? What happened?” Chu Yang frowned.

“A group of powerful people in black asked us to hand over the person from the other day.” Wu Qian Qian said worriedly, “We spent a long time explaining, but they still did not believe us… we’re on the verge of a physical confrontation… If you were still out and we couldn’t find you, then this would not end well.”

Chu Yang was greatly surprised; he immediately jumped on the horse and said to the prince, “Your Majesty, this is an urgent matter; I will take my leave.” Then he added, “Please let the guards escort you back to your manor; don’t go to Bu Tian Pavilion. I am afraid it might be dangerous.”

Then he immediately took the mask and cloak from Wu Qian Qian. With one leap in the air, everything was on neatly; he dropped back onto the horse’s back, and whipped the horse to go forth.

Wu Qian Qian followed close behind. The two quickly disappeared from Tie Bu Tian’s sight.

Tie Bu Tian’s eyes widened as he yelled, “Back to the manor immediately; I have something important to do.” At this moment, Tie Bu Tian decided that, no matter what, he had to let the two shadows go to Bu Tian Pavilion to see what was going on.

Inside Bu Tian Pavilion was currently chaotic, like chicken and dogs running amok!

In the great hall, there were fourteen seats, all taken up by the people in black. Chu Yang’s main seat was also taken by an arrogant veiled man with heinous eyes… Of course these people did not put any weight on this establishment of the prince…

In front of each of them was a cup of tea with steam rising from it. This scene was made possible by Wu Qian Qian; before she went to find Chu Yang she had put a lot of effort into appeasing them.

Next to the great hall, was a small courtyard belonging to Fierce Blood Hall. Here, there were currently intermittent moans; probably belonging to the ones trying to stop the people in black earlier…

These people in black were Chu Yang’s most hated enemies; they were the culprits responsible for Mo Qing Wu’s injury…

The people of Hei Mo clan.

They had finally arrived at his door!

On that day, Chu Yang had given orders for Mo Cheng Yu to be brought to Bu Tian Pavilion in front of many people. It would be strange if these people did not find out about it.

The sound of hooves was heard outside.

The eyes of the people in black brightened: The legendary King of Hell Chu has finally decided to show himself?

The sound of hooves stopped at the gate… then, there was the sound of rapid footsteps… finally, a person wearing a black cloak and a ferocious mask quickly and calmly walked in…

Two eyes shined under the night light with icy brightness… persistent and calm…

King of Hell Chu stood at the entrance of the great hall, slowly and coldly surveying the situation. Then he said gently, “You came to find me?”

King of Hell Chu’s words were very warm with every intention to avoid a confrontation. His voice was very calm with a touch of surprise, as if he had no idea what the motives of these people were.

“You are King of Hell Chu? The minister of Bu Tian Pavilion?” The man in black sitting at the leader’s seat asked, and laughed, “Such a big authority; seems a little arrogant, too!”

Chu Yang’s legs felt weak… It was not because he was scared, but because he had used too much energy to help Nine Tribulations Sword absorb the contents inside the vault. By the time the absorption was done, his internal energy was completely gone; not a little bit was left.

After that, there was the matter of him quickly returning and not having any time to recover. But given the current situation, Chu Yang expressly wanted this to happen.

The timing was coincidental; Chu Yang also wanted to use these people to spread the rumor that he did not know any martial arts…

“In front of you seniors, why would this lowly official dare to be arrogant?” Even though Chu Yang was wearing a mask, his voice made everyone feel cool as if they just drank spring rain water. Much like the voice of a good friend that they have not seen for many years.

He called himself a lowly official, hinting that he was an official of the royal court, not a person from Jiang Hu! Since you people are talking to me, you should use less of your Jiang Hu etiquettes.

“Huh?” The sight of a King level master was really powerful! The leader had some suspicions as he looked at Chu Yang’s situation.

This minister is supposed to be the leader of the greatest spy organization in Iron Cloud Nation. How could he have not a little bit of strength? Plus, how is his spiritual energy downright pitiful like this?

He is an ordinary person who does not know any martial arts!

When he was walking in, his legs were weak and his eyes were glazed. He had no muscles and his skin did not have the color a person who practices martial arts should have.

Could the rumors be wrong?

“You have all traveled a great distance to get here, and I still have not had the chance to get your names!” Chu Yang cupped his hands.

“You don’t need to know who we are!” The black outfits glared at him, “Today, we came to bother the minister so we could ask about a few things, to clarify some things…”

“Haha, I know exactly why you are here!” Chu Yang casually walked into the great hall, to be surrounded by twelve Revered Martial Artists. Then he went to the side and quietly sat down.

“You know?” The leader looked at Chu Yang with a cruel gaze. Now that Chu Yang was sitting very close to him, he was sure that Chu Yang was just an ordinary person.

“Two days ago, at the citadel’s gate, this lowly official discovered two people that were severely injured. I felt sorry for them and brought them to Bu Tian Pavilion for treatment.” Chu Yang’s voice was full of sadness, but not the least bit of regret…

“Where are these two now?” The leader’s eyes fixed firmly on Chu Yang; under the power of my gaze, forget about ordinary people, even a Revered Martial Artist’s lie will be caught immediately!

“Haha, I am sure this senior already knows that our Iron Cloud Nation has always valued talent.” Chu Yang sighed, “Many years of war has left the nation weakened, and lacking in talent. On top of that, talents are becoming harder and harder to find; it is currently the nation’s greatest concern. Since the prince has entrusted me with Bu Tian Pavilion, I have had many sleepless nights. This lowly official has been helpless in changing the situation…”

Chu Yang gently recounted.

There was a slight hint of impatience in the leader’s eyes, but he still did not interrupt…

“That day, when I suddenly discovered a master in trouble right here in Iron Cloud…” Chu Yang smiled bitterly, “This lowly official immediately had the thought to welcome them…”

The moment he said these words, all fourteen people in black sneered. Welcome? You think he is an ordinary person? This is a person of the Mo clan; moreover, a King level master!

Even if he suffered a serious injury, you Lower Three Heavens people can’t even get him to adopt you, let alone welcome him. But once Chu Yang said this, everyone knew what happened next…

So that’s why he saved those two! Right! If it was me in the position of Bu Tian Pavilion’s minister, I would most likely have done the same…

Iron Cloud’s current situation is dire.

“The truth is, I have taken too much liberty…” Chu Yang sighed in failure.

“What happened to those two after that?” The leader asked after his eyes flashed from behind the thin veil. Even he did not realize that his own voice had become much calmer than before.

He was just someone working diligently for his country and did not know the situation, how could he be blamed?

“That great man was fine; while he did have some major internal injuries, he recovered after a short amount of time. However, the young lady was not so well off. She was so young and was terrified. Plus, she suffered a serious injury; we were almost unable to save her…”

Chu Yang said in a respectful tone, “Luckily, the prince greatly valued talents, and brought those two to Senior Du Shi Qing…”

“However, her injury was too serious. Even Du Shi Qing was only able to temporarily keep her alive and could not completely heal it…”

The leader contemplated and then nodded. He knew that with his single sword strike, while slightly blocked by Mo Cheng Yu, was not something a little nine year old girl could handle… This guy spoke the truth.

Chu Yang’s words were ninety percent true. Besides his motivation, everything else he said was the truth. Naturally, this made it easier for others to trust in those words…

“And after that?”

“Then that man… ahhh… he was really loyal and courageous. He was truly a good man.” Chu Yang generously praised Mo Cheng Yu, “Seeing the situation, he only took half a day to recover and immediately took the little girl to find another physician…”

“I tried to keep him here, but it was useless. I even offered him my minister position, but he remained unmoved.” Chu Yang said in admiration, “His only condition was that we heal that little miss’s injury. Then he would do us one favor. Only… regretfully, we were unable to do that.”

“Unable… Haha…” That leader laughed loftily. He thought to himself: You people wanted to heal an injury caused by my Hei Mo sword’s dark aura? You don’t know your own limits.

“Hmmm… There are some errors in your words. You are lying to me!” The leader felt that while Chu Yang sincerely told the truth, there were some things he was still covering up…

“Alright… Your eyes are definitely skilled!” Chu said with admiration, and helplessly admitted, “That man said that while we were not able to heal his little miss, he still owes our Bu Tian Pavilion a favor. In the future he would definitely repay our kindness.”

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