Chu Yang sincerely looked at the leader and said, “Senior, I have complete faith in the promise of a martial arts master from Jiang Hu. Therefore, I have great expectations… In fact, my future plans will be changed because of this. However… this is Bu Tian Pavilion’s secret, and it has to do with the conflict between two countries; I hope you will keep this a secret.”

The leader slowly turned to another person and nodded, looking somewhat satisfied…

Yes, this is consistent with Mo Cheng Yu’s character, always pay it back whether it is kindness or revenge; an annoying characteristic…

“King of Hell Chu, you seem honest…” The leader said somberly, “But, I am afraid that martial arts master will not be able to do anything for you…”

“Why?” Chu Yang smiled, “That person seemed like an upstanding person who would definitely keep his promise; for a person like that, his promise is most important to him…”

“Haha… Why?” All fourteen people in black broke out in laughter; one of them mocked, “Because the person you are talking about will soon die at the hands of our leader! How will a dead person show gratitude?”

“Huh?” There was a look of shock in Chu Yang’s eyes; he stammered, “This… this…”

“Where did they go?” The leader growled icily.

“This, this lowly official doesn’t know…” King of Hell Chu seemed to be immersed in his great loss, and pleaded, “Senior, with that man… can you be lenient? Such a good person… it would be a waste if he dies.” King of Hell Chu sighed.

“This is not up to a lowly official like you!” The leader glared at him coldly; his gaze was icy. Chu Yang perfectly timed his reaction and shuddered. Then he made a show of trying to regain his composure…

The King level masters in black looked at each other; there was a faint hint of lip movements as they seemed to be discussing something.

While they were people of the Hei Mo clan from Middle Three Heavens, they did not need to make trouble with a lower kingdom. Now that no results could be found here, they would just simply leave…

Chu Yang looked anxious; he wanted to say something but did not dare…

“Do you have something else to say?” The leader noticed Chu Yang’s reaction.

“It is… This lowly official dare not say it…” Chu Yang stammered, “All of you seniors are very powerful… Our Iron Cloud is currently in a great crisis… It’s bold, but I want to ask…!”

King of Hell Chu’s eyes became filled with righteousness and heroism; with a willingness to risk everything, he stood up and bowed as he said loudly, “If I may boldly ask… Can you help our Iron Cloud? The six hundred million people in it will forever be grateful to you!”

“Bold? You are really bold!” The leader in black almost laughed, “You saved our enemy and helped him escape. The fact that we haven’t killed you is already merciful enough. You want to recruit us as well? Huh?”

The leader’s words made all of the Hei Mo masters burst into laughter.

They looked at King of Hell Chu with mockery; it was incredible.

Chu Yang remained silent for a moment and then said seriously, “Your words are wrong… When this lowly official saved these people, I did not know about the grudge between you. Plus, even if I knew…”

“What would you do if you knew?” The leader asked coldly.

Chu Yang took a deep breath and said loudly, “If I knew, for the hope of being able to recruit him to help our Iron Cloud, I would still save him! Even if it is just for a promise!”

True words with a powerful air! Chu Yang looked straight at this leader, surprisingly uncompromising!

Suddenly, all of the people in black were stunned by these words! While this Minister Chu was just an ordinary person, without even a little martial arts ability… but he had now, unexpectedly, shown himself to be noble and righteous!

At this moment, Chu Yang had shown his courage, earning the admiration of others!

The leader icily stared at Chu Yang for a long time; finally, he sighed and said, “Good for Minister Chu! Good for King of Hell Chu!”

His voice even carried a tone of accolade.

He immediately shook his sleeves and stood up. He said casually, “When I came here today, I had planned to level Bu Tian Pavilion if I did not find the person I wanted! And yet… haha, you are worthy of being King of Hell Chu!”

“I will spare your life today!”

“Let’s go!” He ordered. Thirteen people in black simultaneously stood up and went outside. No one said anything else; they were given an order so, of course, no one dared to protest. Plus, the courage and fortitude that Chu Yang just demonstrated made these ruthless killers greatly impressed!

A scholar who could not even tie up a chicken, managed to remain calm and speak with their leader bearing down on him. Such calmness was enough to touch people’s emotion.

Moreover, Minister Chu had shown himself to be chivalrous and loyal to his country and his people. Such an admirable, manly characteristic was valued anywhere!

Even evil people respected a hero!

What’s more, ignorance was not a crime; it was just a simple misunderstanding!

The leader of the group was the last one to leave. He walked lightly to the door, and turned his head; the cruel gaze had an unexpected hint of warmth as he looked at Chu Yang, “It’s too bad that you don’t know martial arts; but… if Iron Cloud Nation falls… would you be willing to follow us back to our clan?”

Chu Yang hesitated; he could not believe that his performance had made him favored by Mo Qing Wu’s greatest enemy?!

“This lowly official is of Iron Cloud; even in death, I will be a ghost of Iron Cloud. If this nation falls, I am sure that I would have turned into ashes and dust before then! Your kindness, this lowly official will just have to write it down in my heart…” Chu Yang said heroically.

His words were not lies… if Iron Cloud falls, it was equivalent to Chu Yang’s mission in inverting fate failing. And his master, brother, and Qing Wu would not be lucky enough to survive…

If that was the case, there was no point in Chu Yang living any longer…

“Good man! Pity! Pity!” The leader repeated the phrase pity twice and gently flew away; his figure flashed in the night sky and disappeared.

A faint voice was heard, “Carefully search other locations in Iron Cloud; with his serious injuries, he could not have gotten far…”

After they left, another shadow on the roof of the great hall flashed and disappeared…

Even the two Hei Mo clan King level masters did not notice when this person had come…

They finally left! It was not until now that Chu Yang finally relaxed and plopped on the floor; his whole body was devoid of strength… After today, the danger that the Hei Mo clan poses to Qing Wu is perhaps reduced partly?

When he was answering questions earlier, he used all of his strength. Now that he was finally able to relax, his whole body felt extremely tired!

The aura of that leader was not exactly easy to handle.

Chu Yang took a deep breath and tried to regulate what little energy that was left in his dantian. After a long time, he was able to feel energy from his dantian slowly move…

He controlled his consciousness, and moved the energy for three cycles when there was a sudden bang. An influx of energy from his meridians went into his dantian and joined with Nine Tribulations Sword. After that, the Seven Shades cold energy that Nine Tribulations Sword absorbed from before gushed out and wrapped around all of the other energy…

Pure energy flooded his meridians; the massive force broke through his bottleneck, like a thousand-mile wide twister attacking. That bottleneck was an old dam that could no longer hold against such a force… almost immediately, pure energy broke through the blockade! After that, it surged and swept through the meridians in his entire body!

Chu Yang had been stuck at a bottleneck for a long time and was not able to breakthrough, but now that blockade was directly broken without any difficulties!

He could not help but rejoice internally. He closed his eyes and directed the flow of energy in his body through the barriers. At the same time, he let his mind sink into the sea of consciousness, and combined the Gentle Force of Water that he finally comprehended with this surging energy…

Within moments, Chu Yang immediately entered the enlightened state.

Earlier he had already used up all of his energy and mental strength to fight the pressure bored down by the two King level masters and twelve Revered Martial warriors. Plus, he had to control his mind to fool his opponents…

This type of tremendous pressure bearing down made his mind taut like a guitar string. Even at his best state, with his mind at its peak, he would not necessarily be able to handle it! But Chu Yang used his pure will power and bodily strength to bear it!

While he did not show any signs, he was actually at the point where his mind was about to collapse! And at that moment, his opponents suddenly departed.

Under a pressure that was many times beyond his own threshold, the bottleneck suddenly became nothing! Once he had regained his composure, he did not need to put any effort into advancing to the realm of Martial Artist!

Chu Yang had been stuck at this bottleneck for a few days. So to be able to breakthrough like that made him indescribably happy.

Since the moment Chu Yang went into the great hall, he did not bother to lower his voice. Therefore, Wu Qian Qian, as well as Cheng Zi Ang and Chen Yu Tong, on the other side heard everything he said clearly.

The feelings of the three, however, were not the same.

Cheng Zi Ang and Chen Yu Tong were similar in general. They both knew well how terrifying those people were! The weakest one was probably not any less powerful than the two of them!

Those people would probably just have to give a forceful cough and Minister Chu would die from shock!

However, Chu Yang did not act arrogant or meek. He spoke calmly without compromising in any way!

Who else could have done this? Others would have probably peed and pooped in their pants already!

And finally, the words: “This lowly official is of Iron Cloud; even in death, I will be a ghost of Iron Cloud. If this nation falls, I am sure that I would have turned into ashes and dust before then! Your kindness, this lowly official will just have to write it down in my heart…”

They were filled with righteousness, courage, and loyalty… Even an idiot would have understood this!

In the end, even the enemies who wanted to cause trouble were conquered by Minister Chu’s righteousness! Let alone Cheng Zi Ang and Chen Yu Tong who were listening on the side.

At this moment, the two were on the verge of tears!

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