When Shi Qian Shan spoke these words, he was also worried that he might have appeared arrogant. He was trying to exude masculinity, to attract the attention of Wu Qian Qian, but he didn’t know that she was glaring at him, thinking, is there something wrong with this person? This incident could presently be avoided, why would he say such extreme words?

Li Jian Yin… is someone who could easily be messed with? Not mentioning that his father was the Master of Locking Clouds Peak, his father is also my second Martial Uncle… In the Beyond the Heavens Sect, besides the elder, he is second only to my father!

Even Junior Martial Uncle Meng, your master, is number ten…

After hearing Shi Qian Shan say these words, there appeared a vicious smile on Li Jian Yin’s bloody face, “Shi Qian Shan, you admit to speaking these words?”

“Gibberish!” Shi Qian Shan said proudly, full of air. “Chu Yang is my, Shi Qian Shan’s, Junior Martial Brother! I don’t care who you are, if you want to mess with my Junior Martial Brother, you have to go through me.”

Chu Yang thought to himself. Well said! Shi Qian Shan, you are truly talented! But on the outside, he said emotionally, “Eldest Martial Brother, little brother is… I have caused trouble for you…”

With this move, he completely cut off any means for retreat. There was no turning around.  (TLN: Lol, for Shi Qian Shan, anyway)

Shi Qian Shan, high on his own self-admiration, waved off Chu Yang, and blatantly said, “Junior Martial Brother Chu, what are you saying? We are brothers! What is a little annoyance?”

As he said this, he acted as if he was offended, as if Chu Yang was denying him the responsibility of this matter and looking down on him…

Tan Tan on the sidelines did not understand that Chu Yang was playing with these people. He became so emotional, to the point of crying. With tears and snot running, he said, “Eldest Martial Brother, oh you are so good…”

“Tan Tan, you are like that to me too. You are the Junior Martial Brother of I, Shi Qian Shan! If something were to happen to you, this older brother will help you no matter what!” Shi Qian Shan warmly. “I am the Eldest Martial Brother! Naturally, it is my job to protect you from all elements. If not, then are all of the sentiments that we brothers shared over all these years false?”

Value honor! Value Love! Full of courage! A man like this, is there any woman under the heavens who would not like? Wu Qian Qian, you… can hardly be the exception!

Shi Qian Shan’s countenance was full of air, looking serious, but furtively glanced at Wu Qian Qian. His heart was full of satisfaction.

At this moment, Chu Yang, acting as if he was afraid of the world in chaos, immediately yelled loudly, “Good, with Eldest Martial Brother here, you dare to look down on us? Our Eldest Martial Brother is number one amongst all youths of the Beyond the Heavens Sect!”

“Junior Martial Brother Chu, shut up!” Shi Qian Shan frowned and hastily snapped. He immediately said modestly, “Junior Martial Brother Chu, you worship me blindly, these words cannot be said haphazardly. You need to know that misfortune comes from the mouth. Number one, haha, who dares assume that title? Junior Martial Sister Wu, here, is much stronger than me…” (TLN: someone should really take his own advice.)

Even though Shi Qian Shan’s reprimand was very modest, in his heart, he was elated to the point that his head was swollen and he was flying on cloud nine.

Really, it was not a waste for me to teach you two every day. At this critical moment, you have given me face. The words ‘Number one amongst all youth’ have revealed Chu Yang’s blind worship of me and proved my expectations!

Moreover, I knew exactly when to flatter Junior Martial Sister Wu, showing my heroic demeanor, as well as making the beauty happy…

Shi Qian Shan could almost imagine that Wu Qian Qian had begun to fall for him. While Shi Qian Shan was still feeling high-spirited, he did not see that Wu Qian Qian was bowing down to quickly bandage the wounds for Li Jian Yin. Her countenance was becoming increasingly annoyed.

This event has become completely blown up! I must quickly go back and tell my father, so they can figure out what to do. Ohh! This is all because Shi Qian Shan! You don’t know anything, yet you’re trying to be a hero. This is so annoying. Li Jian Yin will be sure to exaggerate when he gets back. Then, there will surely be strife between Purple Bamboo Garden and Locking Clouds Peak…

Junior Martial Uncle Li, they say that he is extremely a proud person who does not like to show his flaws. With his son, beaten by others like this, how he could he tolerate it? Geez…

If it was only Chu Yang, after I tell the story, then Junior Martial Uncle Meng would only have to reprimand him to save face for Junior Martial Uncle Li. Then everything would be over. But who would have thought that Shi Qian Shan, who just arrived and spoke a few sentences, made the situation unamendable. Moreover, the most bizarre thing is that Chu Yang is the cause of this incident, which actually would have been no big deal. All this is because Shi Qian Shan decided to heroically jump in… Now, it is probably true that Li Jian Yin hates Shi Qian Shan more than Chu Yang… You say you’re quick-witted and clever… this had nothing to do with you! Who made you go and intervene?

“Huff… hack… hack… huff… huff…” Li Jian Yin was suffering from shortness of breath, but still smiling. “Shi Qian Shan, just remember exactly what you have just said!”

“Elder Martial Sister, let’s go!” Li Jian Yin was resilient. Unbelievably, he was now standing on the ground with one leg. He glared poisonously at Shi Qian Shan and fiercely left.

Unexpectedly, he did not bother to look at Chu Yang!

Anyway, he himself was in the wrong first. Chu Yang was unrelated… it was due to his own imprudence that he stepped into the hole and broke his own leg. The other had nothing to do with it…

Talking about this event wouldn’t be any good. This best thing would have been to have secretly dealt with Chu Yang later on. This Shi Qian Shan, though, hmmm… if I cannot kill him, I am not a Li anymore…

The development of this incident made even Wu Qian Qian’s perception a little fuzzy. The person involved had no suffering, the innocent person was now the one with the greatest responsibility. Moreover, this burden was not small…

“I still have to trouble Elder Martial Brother Shi to send a message to Junior Martial Uncle Meng. My father wants to invite him to come to Gathering Clouds Peak for a certain matter.” Wu Qian Qian thought for a moment. She felt she would not be able to handle this further, she immediately bid her goodbyes.

“Junior Martial Sister Wu is too courteous. Our master is currently in closed-door training. When he comes out, we will pass the message for you.” Shi Qian Shan bowed and gallantly said, “Junior Martial Sister is fragile, if you plan to carry Junior Martial Brother back, it is a heavy burden. Or… Tan Tan, you go and help this Junior Martial Brother home. Make sure he gets safely back to Locking Clouds Peak!”

“Yes, Eldest Martial Brother!” Tan Tan complied.

Soon Wu Qian Qian said goodbye to Shi Qian Shan and Chu Yang. After a word of thanks to Shi Qian Shan, she immediately turned and left. Never had she expected to feel like she was praying to someone from beyond… it was as if talking to Shi Qian Shan was like talking to a dead person.

Shi Qian Shan watched as the silhouette of the three people slowly disappeared at the end of the road and could not help but smile satisfactorily. Today I have absolutely left a deep impression with Wu Qian Qian!

On Chu Yang’s part, despite acting as if there was nothing out of the ordinary, his eyes showed a mischievousness.  Certainly, you left an impression, but that impression is…

“For today, I am truly thankful to Eldest Martial Brother.” Chu Yang said earnestly. “If not, I would have truly met with bad luck.”

“There was no other way,” Shi Qian Shan said with bravado, “Junior Martial Brother Chu, what was that person’s name? Do you know him?”

Chu Yang said, “Junior brother doesn’t know.”

Now you remember to ask for his name? I know his name is Li Jian Yin, the only son of Second Elder Martial Uncle Li Jinsong, one of the spoiled princes of the Beyond the Heavens Sect. But I’m not telling you!

“Well, it does not matter that you don’t know.” Shi Qian Shan gave a disdainful humph and spoke as if even if Mount Tai was to collapse, he would still be up to the task. “His strength was just ordinary. Surely, he is not anybody important. No need to worry about him. Even if he wants revenge, somebody like him would not be able to do anything to anybody. Other senior martial brothers will not let this retard mess with me, Shi Qian Shan. Junior Martial Brother Chu, you can rest easy.”

Chu Yang said yes and thanked him profusely.

It was not until the afternoon, when Tan Tan came back from his errand. His body was covered in dust, his countenance was restless and frightened. When he had returned, Shi Qian Shan was still humming a song while practicing his sword techniques in the yard. He was imagining his beautiful future with each stroke. He moved gently, full of spirit.

Chu Yang was then sitting cross-legged in his room, trying to take advantage of the time, trying to increase his cultivation. With real strength, comes the right speak! Chu Yang would absolutely not waste any time that could be used for cultivation.

Tan Tan had rushed back, head full of sweat, after speaking a few sentences with Shi Qian Shan. Then Chu Yang heard a ‘ding’ sound, that was the sword that had fallen from Shi Qian Shan’s hand. Immediately after that, there was a ‘plop.’ Shi Qian Shan had fallen to ground, with a pale countenance. There was not a drop of blood in his face.

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