Chen Yu Tong and Cheng Zi Ang looked at each other; the little annoyance that they had before disappeared from their hearts. Each saw in the eyes of the other the look of “fanatical worship”!

Minister Chu was the most loyal citizen of Iron Cloud! Being able to work under this person was something to be proud of.

Only Wu Qian Qian had some suspicions.

Chu Yang’s performance today was extraordinary. If Wu Qian Qian did not know Chu Yang from before, she would probably believe him without question. She thought to herself: Chu Yang, he… when did he become such a person? An ethical person who upholds justice? Dedicated to the country and its people? Doesn’t seem like him…!!!”

In the prince’s manor, Tie Bu Tian frowned. A shadow stood quietly in front of him.

“Minister Chu! Haha! Good for Minister Chu!” His brows relaxed, and Tie Bu Tian calmly smiled, “These things that Minister Chu said, none of them are the truth!”

After the hearing the shadow in front of him report back, he thought about it before coming to this conclusion.

The shadow was not one to talk a lot; for him, fewer words held greater value. If the prince had asked him to give all the details about everything that happened, he would have gone mad…

Tie Bu Tian considered for a long time and finally sighed, “If these words that Minister Chu said were from his heart that would be wonderful! Unfortunate… Really unfortunate…!!!”

Being able to come to such a conclusion was not exactly difficult; it was just that Tie Bu Tian continued to hold on to the hope of being able to recruit Chu Yang. But now, Chu Yang’s words of loyalty and courage had made Tie Bu Tian relinquish such an impossible hope…

******** (

Chu Yang stood up and comfortably stretched his body. Every joint made cracking sounds. He immediately opened his eyes; two electrifying rays shot out.

He finally had a breakthrough!

He was currently a grade one Martial Artist!

A grade one Martial Artist was nothing in Jiang Hu. However, the basic level in sects of Lower Three Heavens were Martial Artists, and most of them were Martial Masters above fifth grade. And first grade Martial Artists in Lower Three Heavens were not even worth mentioning when it came to those of great clans because even the lowest ranking members were capable of that much.

Normally, Martial Artists were not sent out for any tasks because it would just mean death. Even a ninth grade Martial Artist would have to stay home and work hard on cultivation.

Chu Yang will be seventeen in a few months. Most descendants of clans would be third or fourth grade Martial Artists. And super geniuses like Gu Du Xing would be Martial Great Masters already!

It was nothing to be proud of!

However, Chu Yang’s cultivation conditions could not be compared to those talents! While Lower Three Heavens had many treasures, compared to the wealth of clans in Middle Three Heavens, they were insignificant.

Besides, compared to Lower Three Heavens, Middle Three Heavens was a place with much greater density of spiritual energy. Rare herbs grew there in greater quantity, and they had better quality. The talents of Middle Three Heavens essentially grew from eating them.

Chu Yang had never been able to eat any of those things. Another thing was these talents started cultivation very early in life and gradually advanced. A Martial Great Master of twenty already was already nurtured for cultivation in the womb; this was no different from him having twenty-one years of cultivation!

Chu Yang had an incredibly weak foundation before, and it was not even half a year since his rebirth!

Half a year… From a third grade Martial Warrior to a first grade Martial Artist! He went through eight grades!

Even though his rank was still low and advancing was not too difficult… But that speed was truly unprecedented! In all of history, it had never happened!

“Chu Yang, how are you? Are you tired?” Wu Qian Qian waited next to him with a piping hot bowl of soup and a bowl of white rice. She said gently, “You have not eaten anything since last night.”

It was not until she said this that Chu Yang felt his stomach rumbled. Without any hesitation, he took the soup and rice, and ate like a hungry beast.

Wu Qian Qian watched Chu Yang eat, and could not help but smile happily.

“Ah!” After a few bites, Chu Yang suddenly looked up and asked, “What time is it?”

“It’s morning; you were meditating so I ordered them not to disturb you.” Wu Qian Qian said softly.

“This is bad!! This is bad!!” A piece of white rice was still on his lip. He dropped the bowl of rice and immediately jumped out.

“What’s wrong? You… You should finish your food first!!” Wu Qian Qian stomped angrily.

But Chu Yang only ran faster and was gone; only his voice echoed back, “I am in a hurry… The rice and soup was very good! Thank you!”

Watching Chu Yang disappear, Wu Qian Qian stomped her foot and bit her lip as she muttered, “What’s more urgent than your health? You are really…!!!”

Clearing the bowls, Wu Qian Qian looked at more than half a bowl of leftover soup and remembered Chu Yang had said “The rice and soup was very good!”

“As long as you think it’s good, I will cook more for you tomorrow.” Wu Qian Qian whispered. Then she suddenly worried that someone might have heard and quickly turned and looked all around. Her face reddened as she smiled.

Chu Yang had completely forgotten about the two people who did not have any food since he left.

If they felt hungry and went out to find food, then that would be disastrous!

He hurried back to Emerald Flow Lake. The moment he entered Heavenly Armament Pavilion, Chu Yang was immediately hit with an odor so strong he almost stumbled. He wailed loudly, “Motherf*! Why is it so foul???”

While it was deadly stinky, Chu Yang was actually elated. This showed that the Hei Mo people had been here! Moreover, they searched especially carefully; otherwise, there would not be such a special scent from these medicine pot shards.

Thinking about how these Hei Mo people searched through the medicine pots and not finding anything then making a mess out of anger, Chu Yang could not hold back his laughter. He quickly stepped inside, but, after only two steps, he hear a rustling sound.

There are still people here?

Chu Yang crept closer. He only saw Mo Qing Wu’s small figure going about busily with a silk handkerchief covering her nose. She was clumsily putting things back in the room.

His eyes became hot and he could not help but feel a little hazy. It was as if Chu Yang was looking back at his previous life when each time Mo Qing Wu came to his place, she was always busy cleaning. In front of his eyes, that gentle and graceful figure once again appeared. It quietly looked at him and called to him, “Chu Yang…!!!”

“Qing Wu…!!!” Chu Yang murmured. There was a pain in his heart like piercing needles or a flooding tide.

“Chu Yang! Brother Chu Yang! You are home. But why did you call my name?” Mo Qing Wu’s innocent voice rang out and interrupted Chu Yang’s trip down memory lane.

“Oh, nothing! Xiao Wu, why are you out here?” Chu Yang shook his head. Then he walked forward and held Mo Qing Wu’s little hand tightly; he rebuked, “You are so little; what would you do if you get injured? Don’t do this again!”

Mo Qing Wu complied; while she was still young, she was still able to understand Chu Yang’s concern. She tilted her head and smiled, “Uncle Cheng Yu spat out blood again; he is currently recovering. I… I am a little hungry so I immediately went out to find some food.”

Then she covered her nose with here little hand and fanned a few times, “I can’t believe Brother Chu Yang’s place is this messy. This stench can kill people. Brother Chu Yang, you’re so dirty…”

“Ahhh…!!!” Chu Yang was silent, then he hurriedly explained himself, “I set up these things as a trap for those people that caused your injury… You were unlucky to come out at this moment. Normally, I am not too messy…”

“Ah! I see.” Mo Qing Wu’s eyes turned red as she said guiltily, “So Brother Chu Yang did it for me, and I misunderstood you. Brother Chu Yang, I am really sorry!”

“It’s fine! It’s fine!!! Now that this place has become like this, I am sure that those people already came.” Chu Yang said, “Be good and sit here for a little. I will clean up and cook food for you to eat. You haven’t eaten anything for a long time; you must be hungry, right?”

“Yes…!!!” Mo Qing Wu sniffed and rubbed her little stomach, “My stomach has become so thin… Look!!!” Then she lifted her shirt to reveal a snow white stomach. She pointed her finger at it and said, full of grievance, “You see? Isn’t it flat? But once I eat, it will become round again.”

Chu Yang felt dizzy, and when she let her shirt back down, he said, “Xiao Wu! A lady should not show her stomach for people to see. Remember this!”

“But my mother never said this!” Mo Qing Wu shook her head.

Chu Yang smacked his forehead. He realized he was being too serious. Mo Qing Wu was currently nine years old. There was no problem with her showing her stomach. But while he thought that way, his subconscious still did not want anyone to see…

Chu Yang quickly cleaned up. First, he placed all the medicine jars back on the shelves and tossed the stinky things into Emerald Flow Lake; the stench was slightly diffused. Then he burned forty to fifty aromatic incense sticks.

After a while, Mo Qing Wu sniffed. She went around with her nose up smelling the air like a puppy searching for a smell. At that time, she announced with satisfaction, “The smell is gone!”

Chu Yang sweated profusely. He could not believe that a little girl could have this type of personality. He went out to make a few dishes and cook a pot of rice. He turned down Mo Qing Wu’s offer to help and did everything before bringing the food into the secret underground chamber.

At this time, Mo Cheng Yu finally came to.

The moment he opened his eyes, Mo Cheng Yu was greeted by one of Chu Yang’s ferocious scolding, “How could you allow this to happen? Didn’t I already told you not to let Xiao Wu go outside? Hei Mo people are currently everywhere. What would you do if you get discovered? Your age is already great, and you are also a King level master. How is it that you can’t even handle such a small task?”

Mo Cheng Yu’s old face reddened. He knew that he was at fault and could not refute; he could only bow his head and receive the scolding.

“Brother Chu Yang, Uncle Cheng Yu did tell me not to go outside, but I was hungry so I snuck out. Can you not yell at Uncle Cheng Yu anymore?” Mo Qing Wu gently tugged Chu Yang’s sleeve as she pleaded for Mo Cheng Yu.

“Xiao Wu, don’t be bothered… No one can convince me to let this go!” Chu Yang was livid. With a King level master protecting Mo Qing Wu and she was almost in danger again. This was extreme negligence! Because you suffered seriously internal injuries, I had been lenient to you for more than a day. But I can’t believe you continued to screw up again.

Plus, looking at your injuries, when Diwu Qing Rou’s people come in a few weeks, what can you do?? Not scolding you would be too good for you!

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