Chu Yang was truly in great anger… When he saw Mo Qing Wu out there by herself earlier, he was startled… But he was not angry at this nine year old Mo Qing Wu, nor was he willing to be… So, naturally, all of it was poured on Mo Cheng Yu’s head the moment he saw him. Minister Chu’s eyes widened, and spit flew.

Mo Cheng Yu was straining to contain his anger, but his neck was bulging and his eyes were just about to pop… A King level master was getting scolded and cursed at by some Martial Artist… This feeling was too new to him…

Moreover, this Martial Artist punk did not bother with manners and reprimanded him nonstop for half an hour…

While Mo Cheng Yu looked like he would explode with his red face and his teeth grinding, he did not dare to say a word. A faint, odd idea came to his head: This Chu Yang cares more about little miss than I do; the way he is acting right now is like someone who lost his wife to another guy…

Chu Yang was finally done with his scolding, “In short, you have been negligent in your duties this time… I am very unhappy… If this happens again, then there is no reason for a King level master like you to take up space in this world; just quickly dig a hole and jump in…”

After not eating for a day, Mo Cheng Yu’s stomach was rumbling. And yet, after eating all of Chu Yang’s reprimands, he had completely lost his appetite…

This guy is too ill-mannered. It’s not bad enough that he pointed at my face and scolded me, he even jumped right on top and criticized me. Motherf*! I am still a King level master… Since when have I suffered like this?

Even our clan leader doesn’t treat me like this…

Mo Cheng Yu was fuming!

On the other hand, Mo Qing Wu felt nothing; she only saw that Brother Chu Yang was being very good to her.

Chu Yang might have cursed at the person but he did not forget to pat the horse’s ass (TLN: flatter). After some scolding, he would insert something like these: “Xiao Wu is so cute; can you handle it if something was to happen to her?”, “Xiao Wu is so intelligent; if something happens… don’t you feel guilty?”, “Xiao Wu is so adorable; if…”…

Therefore, while Mo Cheng Yu was scolded to the point he could barely lift his head and almost wanted to kill himself to atone for his for his sins, the little loli standing on the side was somewhat elated… although she found the overall scolding a little unbearable…

The moment she heard Chu Yang say “Let’s eat!” the little girl quickly grabbed a pair of chopsticks and ate ferociously… After those encouraging praises, the chopsticks moved like rainfall… It was not until she was almost full that she squinted those adorable eyes and asked, “Brother Chu Yang, is Xiao Wu really great like you what you said?”

“Of course!” Chu Yang was also hungry and ate at a not so slow speed, but when he heard these words, he immediately halted his eating and said sincerely, “Xiao Wu, you must remember…”

“What?” The little loli was somewhat confused…

“You must remember that, in this world, you are the most beautiful! You are the smartest! You are the most adorable! You are the best, best, the best of the best!” Chu Yang said seriously. His tone was solemn as if he was making a vow.

“Wow…” The little loli jumped up high in joy. The she became a little embarrassed and asked further, “I am really that great?” Her twinkling eyes showed clear expectation of Chu Yang’s confirmation.

Chu Yang would of course never let such an adorable little loli be disappointed. He seriously nodded and said with great certainty, “Of course! Compared to what I said, Xiao Wu is even better than that… by a hundred times… by a thousand times, by ten thousand times!”

Little loli was elated; she was at a loss for words and, all of a sudden, she pounced and grabbed Chu Yang’s neck… with a “smack”, she kissed Chu Yang’s cheek with her greasy lips. After leaving a clear trace of oil, she released Chu Yang and exclaimed, “Brother Chu Yang, in my heart, you are also the best, the best of the very best…”

Chu Yang touched his cheek as if still feeling a lingering gentle touch. Then he unconsciously smiled like an idiot. Oh heaven and earth… I have succeeded with the first step… I got a kiss…

These were Mo Qing Wu’s lips… even if she was still just a little loli who did not know anything with a greasy mouth…

After that, the atmosphere became even more intimate… Mo Qing Wu ate a few bites, then she would squint her eyes and tilt her head in Chu Yang’s direction smiling. After a few more bite, she would snicker… Naturally, Chu Yang reciprocated. Every now and then he would laugh in encouragement or smile dotingly… sometimes, he would even giggle idiotically…

“Eat, eat this piece of rib… And this piece of meat, too…”

“Xiao Wu, here… eat this…” Chu Yang attentively persuaded little Loli to eat the vegetable stir-fry dish.

“This… Uncle Cheng Yu has not eaten yet, and there is not much vegetable left…” Mo Qing Wu looked and realized that there were very little left over on each dish; she was a little concerned. Earlier, she was in a great state of mind so she ate twice as much as normal…

“He’s not hungry; don’t pay any attention… Here, eat more of this…” Chu Yang said as if he did not care if Mo Cheng Yu lived or died.

“Who says I am not hungry?” Mo Cheng Yu controlled his tone as he was riled up with anger… Chu Yang’s scolding from earlier made him lose his appetite. Then he had to witness one old and one young inflating each other’s ego; from the exaggerated words, to the warm tones, to the flattering expressions… They truly made people feel nauseated!

Little miss is little so it’s understandable… but Chu Yang, mother*, he is a grown-up… how could he be like this? He is even worse than little miss…

The moment he regained his appetite, he had to witness Chu Yang making faces with little Loli… His hunger instantly flew away. On top of that, he felt as if something was coming up to his throat and he was about to puke…

At that point, Chu Yang became increasing rude; he even showed no intentions of saving any food at all… Mo Cheng Yu was utterly livid.

He’s bullying people too much!

I only ate a few bites, and the plates are already wiped clean. Mo Cheng Yu lifted his chopsticks, and he was astonished by the empty plates. He became extremely glum. Not only did he get a scolding today, he was also not able to eat…

Since he just started eating, his appetite was piqued…

Nearby, Mo Qing Wu was holding her little stomach and rolled back and forth on her bed, “Wow, wow, I am so full…”

Then she sneakily lifted up her shirt and pouted, “This is bad; this is bad. My stomach is inflated like a drum…”

Chu Yang burped, and happily picked his teeth on the side. He said to Mo Qing Wu, “Was it good? I will make more for you tomorrow…”

“Great!” Mo Qing Wu patted her stomach happily… In fact, it was not because the food was very good, but because Chu Yang’s praises really made people comfortable and gave them good appetites…

“But I haven’t eaten anything…” Mo Cheng Yu said angrily.

“Xiao Wu, come on… let’s move around a bit… move around with me to help your body digest quickly. Otherwise, eating all that food, you could turn into a very ugly fat pig…” Chu Yang did not even give Mo Cheng Yu half a glance.

The words “very ugly” had great implications so Mo Qing Wu immediately rolled off the bed and helped Chu Yang clear the dining table…

They cleaned and talked nonstop…

“Brother Chu Yang, do you think I will be beautiful when I grow up?”

“Beautiful! Certainly beautiful! You will be a top beauty!”


“Really! You cannot find another girl in the world who is prettier than Xiao Wu…”

“Really? Hehehe…! Brother Chu Yang, when you grow up, I am certain you will be most handsome as well…”

“Really? Hahaha…”

“Ack ack… This is…” Mo Cheng Yu sighed and lamented. He wanted to cry but no tears came… Living in the same house with this combo is inhumane torture. I don’t know if I can survive in the days to come…

It was not until morning when Chu Yang went out and came back with a large basket of fruits, vegetables, dried meat, etc. He tossed it in front Mo Cheng Yu’s face, “Well, are you hungry yet?”

“Get…!” Mo Cheng Yu’s eyes welled up and he roared like thunder.

*********** (

The next morning.

The prime minister’s manor, Great Zhao Nation.

Diwu Qing Rou frowned as he looked at a piece of paper laying in front of him.

There were only a few words written on this paper.

“Painstaking efforts of many years… try my best.”

“What do you think?” Diwu Qing Rou stood up and posted this paper on the wall. Then he back up three steps and continued to look at it carefully.

There were currently three people next to him. One of them was the thin person from the other day.

“This is definitely Number One’s handwriting.” After the thin person pondered as he analyzed carefully, he confirmed it.

All of these three men were Diwu Qing Rou’s trusted counselors. Each one was resourceful, and had the ability to rule their own regions…

This thin person was Han Bu Chu… The middle-aged scholar was Cheng Yun He… The young master with a righteous face was Gao Sheng!

Han Bu Chu and Cheng Yun He had had clear origins… but Gao Sheng’s origin was mysterious. Furthermore, he had only been at Great Zhao for a few years. Because of Diwu Qing Rou’s favor, he had risen high in rank. Normally, he was extremely arrogant and looked down on everyone else…

While Gao Sheng’s face looked righteous, he head was filled with schemes. There were many occasions where his thoughts would coincide with Diwu Qing Rou’s… He was Diwu Qing Rou’s right-hand man.

“There is something odd in these words.” Gao Sheng looked carefully and said, “It’s definitely Number One’s writing, but there seems to be something abnormal…”

“Yes, there is something strange…” Cheng Yun He clasped his hands behind his back and mused.

“What’s strange about it?” Diwu Qing Rou smile; there was a trace of worry behind it. This was Diwu Qing Rou’s way of doing things… He knew that he was in a position of great power and would not be able to do everything in one lifetime with only his effort. Therefore, with these planning sessions, he used many tactics to train these people. Then someday, they could work independently.

At each session, even if Diwu Qing Rou already came to his own conclusions, he would not say it and, instead, allow everyone to discuss it. It was by this process that those next to him could grow.

“The handwriting definitely belongs to Number One. The tone also matches with his normal tone. Moreover, given Number One’s character, this is extremely normal.” Han Bu Chu said, “We all know that Number One is an arrogant person. Whether it is planning or analyzing, he is not any less than us… He would absolutely not accept a loss. I think that there are no issues with this note.”

“This note also shows that Number One’s position of power in Iron Cloud Nation is still as solid as a mountain, unshakable. Even if that King of Hell Chu suspects something, he would not dare to make a move against a person who is considered the living saint of Iron Cloud…” Han Bu Chu smiled and said, “The prime minister can put his mind at ease!”

“No! This note is abnormal. At a glance, the first set of words and the second set of words have a normal distance from each other. And this space here shows that Number One might have written the first set, and thought for a long time before concluding with the second set… But this very space is the issue.” Cheng Yun He said, “This space should not exist at all. How could Number One not know that he was in a precarious state? What does he need to think about? Did he need to spend a sleepless night and decided to not let go? These were obvious things; a decisive person like his really should not leave an empty space like that.”

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