That day, all the rare metals in the vault, per Chu Yang’s forceful request, were absorbed by Nine Tribulations Sword. After that, the essences went into Nine Tribulations Sword.

At this moment, everything was being released.

These are perfect materials for creating heavenly weapons; how could they be wasted? Instead of letting them rust in the palace, just give them to me… (TLN: Our King of Hell is so thoughtful.)

Everything was absorbed by Nine Tribulations Sword; Chu Yang only kept two things: a block of Star Iron and a block of Red Cloud Steel. Naturally, Nine Tribulations Sword showed no mercy and swallowed everything within, leaving behind only Star Iron and Red Cloud Steel.

Star Iron was indestructible! Plus, if a few ounces of Star Iron was used in a weapon, it would become more powerful. While fighting against the enemies with this weapon, the input of energy would make it emit an extraordinary radiance that would be blinding to the enemies.

And having Red Cloud Steel was especially lucky! In fact, Chu Yang did not expect to find such a valuable treasure in the royal vault of Iron Cloud!

It could be said that in all of the treasures of Iron Cloud, this Red Cloud Steel was the most valuable. Chu Yang did not even think that all of the other things put together could be equivalent to this block of Red Cloud Steel!

When he saw this block of red metal, Chu Yang thought he was mistaken. Once he confirmed it, he almost jumped in shock.

Red Cloud Steel was exactly like its name; the whole block was bright red. Moreover, its true uniqueness was that while it was extremely tough, it was not heavy at all!

It was a violation against the laws of nature, the strangest of all metals!

A block of Red Cloud Steel the size of a room would only weigh as much as the same volume of cotton. This strange characteristic drove many martial artists mad with desire!

All normal weapons must have weight. The greater the density, the greater the weight and the greater the requirements for those using it.

Furthermore, it would also be taxing on their body!

Red Cloud Steel’s biggest advantage was that it forgoes the strength requirements. The strength of a three year old child would be enough to wield this weapon and kill the enemies! Plus, there was nothing it could not cut; it was extremely sharp!

But this Red Cloud Steel only existed in legends. Chu Yang had never seen any weapons forged with Red Cloud Steel in it!

And yet, there was a block the size of a large table in Iron Cloud’s palace! Chu Yang was ecstatic!

With the fact that the Iron Cloud royal family kept such a large block of this strange metal, Chu Yang had only one explanation: They were not able to cut it! Whether it was placed in a furnace or was pounded with a hammer, it could not be damaged! All of the Iron Cloud royals were probably fuming knowing that it was a treasure but not being able to use it…

This Red Cloud Steel could only be broken by a martial artist with at least Emperor level cultivation. They would have to use fire from their body’s energy to slowly melt and break off a very small chunk. Small, because even with the energy-fueled fire, an Emperor level master would not be able to melt a large chunk of Red Cloud Steel such as this. With a hundred times of melting like this, then there would be enough Red Cloud Steel to make one weapon! In order to completely melt this entire block of metal, a person would have to be at Saint level…

But Chu Yang was not worried about that at all. He was the master of Nine Tribulations Sword. And Nine Tribulations Sword… not only could cut, but also absorb as well…

Therefore, the toughness of Red Cloud Steel to Nine Tribulations Sword was no different from that of cotton!

Such a precious metal was naturally high in purity content. After Nine Tribulations Sword took more than half, there was a block the size of a human head. King of Hell Chu was so sad, he almost wanted to kill himself!

However, a block the size of a human head was enough for making a weapon, even with some leftovers.

Chu Yang had planned to make Mo Qing Wu a personalized saber.

Mo Qing Wu loved sabers and the color red. Chu Yang knew this very well. In the previous life, every time they met, Mo Qing Wu would be dressed in completely red outfits.

Mo Qing Wu’s favorite style, favorite color, favorite… were still fresh in Chu Yang’s mind as if it was only from yesterday.

To forge a weapon that Mo Qing Wu would like was effortless, simple, and extremely easy for Chu Yang!

With the help of Nine Tribulations Sword, he only needed an hour and a small saber with smooth lines radiated in all four directions. It was completely red and as light as feather.

In the process of making this saber, even the sword spirit was driven to exhaustion by Chu Yang.

“You need a little bit more here… Uh… this spot is not straight. This spot… needs to be pointier. This needs to be longer. That needs to be smoother. Oh… the curve, the curve! I want a beautiful curve…”

Toward the end, the sword spirit went on strike, and hid completely… Grandpa, you do it yourself! It’s already good that I helped you, but you’re still not done? You even yelled at me… I never ran into so many problems making just a saber! Motherf*, this is more troublesome than embroidery!

In the end Chu Yang had to yield to the sword spirit. He put what little of his last effort into sighing and lamenting… There is only a little curve as thin as a hair left and the saber would be perfect…

If the sword spirit had a body, it would probably jump out and fight with this guy immediately!

Such a saber, and Chu Yang turned it into a piece of art! Unbelievable! Even Chu Yang himself could not find anything flaws on the saber he made… Truly beautiful… Very, very, very beautiful!

Chu Yang had mixed a little bit of Star Iron into the saber as well. Instead of weighing seventeen to eighteen pounds, it was only half a pound…

Furthermore, Star Iron was arranged right in the middle of the saber blade to form the Big Dipper. So with a slight swing of the blade, it would look like the Big Dipper fell down from the sky and flew around…

Ack! After successful completion of the saber, Chu Yang had intended to use the rest of the time to forge the leftover material into weapons for himself… The result was the sword spirit becoming crazed with anger, “You already have Nine Tribulations Sword in hand, what other weapons do you need? Do you have any propriety!?”

Chu Yang had his hands tied as he realized he brought on trouble himself. He already had Nine Tribulations Sword, and still hoped to make other weapons for himself. Why would Nine Tribulations Sword be willing to make its own rival?

This was no different from a man saying to his wife, “I want a mistress, can you take care of it for me?”

He had done an unbelievably stupid thing! He dared say these things to Nine Tribulations Sword. Where did his intelligence go?

Carefully putting away the excess metal in a chest, Chu Yang thought to himself: I will hold this for Heavenly Armament Pavilion later!

With saber in hand, Chu Yang felt triumphant. He thought about the moment he gives it to Mo Qing Wu. Perhaps she would give him a hug and a kiss…

If Mo Qing Wu had to return to the Mo clan, with this saber with her… even with her Three Yin Meridian gone… the others could not look down on her…

Because of Mo Qing Wu’s future, Chu Yang had planned exhaustively.

Thinking about this, Chu Yang suddenly remembered something. He immediately called on the sword spirit nonstop… but the other guy simply ignored him. Finally, the sword’s master had to softly and politely beg for a long time before the sword spirit came out.


“Haha, there is something else about this saber that I need help with…”

“I… mother*…! You’re crazy, right? This saber again?” The sword spirit let it all out without any reservations, “You! B*… you are more annoying than a woman!”

“Just one more…”

“Not even a half more!” The sword spirit’s tone was blunt as it flatly refused him.

“What? Repeat that!” Chu Yang’s face turned purple in anger. He could not control his temper anymore… and started, “Motherf*! I was trying to give you some face; you don’t want that? Do you think I won’t kill myself right now? Then you can be alone for another thousand years!”

King of Hell Chu flew into a rage, “If you say anything else, blood will splatter five feet! Motherf*, I have been good for eighteen years! You can go ahead and wait for another thousand years. And there’s also the ten thousand years of chaos in the orders of the universe!”

“You are relentless!” The sword spirit grinded its teeth.

It did not want to take a gamble. On the off chance that this crazy guy took his own life, it would be screwed. It seems that this bastard’s temper is really powerful…

“Help with what?” The sword spirit asked forcefully.

“Huh? You’re not willing? Fine, fine… I will kill myself so I won’t have to deal with you anymore!”

“Hey! Don’t! Don’t! Master Chu… Life is so precious, how could you waste yours?”

“Haha, say ‘Master Chu’ one more time!”

“Motherf*! If you want to die, then die quickly! Another ten thousand years is another ten thousand years!” The sword spirit was fired up.

“Stop! Uncle sword spirit… Look… Engrave a few words here! Haha, this is not hard at all.” King of Hell Chu immediately softened. Are you kidding me? I went through a lot to live again, and see Qing Wu. How could I just die? Even if this annoying sword spirit dies, I still want to live comfortably! Suicide? It’s just my scare tactic…

Chu Yang might have been cursing in his heart, but a friendly smiled remained on his face as he pointed to a place on the saber.

“Huh? Engrave what?”

“Here. Engrave the words ‘dreaming of a gentle dance, who needs earthly fame and fortune’!” Chu Yang said plainly, “And help me make an old looking scabbard. Ah… just use ordinary material for it.” (TLN: For those of you who have not been studying, gentle dance is Qing Wu)

The sword spirit reluctantly did its job and disappeared without saying goodbye.

As per Chu Yang’s request, the saber’s scabbard was made to look old. It was rusty with little holes here and there…

No one would ever expect that underneath this wretched scabbard there would be an almost unreal saber that could not possibly exist in the world!

“Mission accomplished!” Chu Yang yelled out. He had the scabbard made that way with a very specific intention! Even if it is Mo Qing Wu’s father, he could not let them know that he had the ability to make such heavenly weapons like this…

If people were to find out about this unnatural ability, Minister Chu would probably be invited to some clan’s prison, and turned into a professional blacksmith…

I found it on a lovely day, when some mountains collapsed…

Oh… a while ago, didn’t a mountain at Beyond the Heavens Sect collapse… Haha! Chu Yang immediately thought of an explanation.

As for “‘dreaming of a gentle dance, who needs earthly fame and fortune’, of course they were done on purpose as well. But his explanation would be that it was a coincidence. The purpose of this was to say that this saber was ordained by the heavens to belong to Mo Qing Wu!

The saber with Mo Qing Wu’s name was engraved on it had some profound implications. It was a saber designed especially for females… and there were the words “Qing Wu” on it. In the Mo clan, who would be shameful enough to try to take it?

Well! If you want to protect this saber, you have to protect Mo Qing Wu! If you can’t protect her, you Mo clan people will lose this saber as well! This was something Chu Yang was sure that the Mo clan would understand.

Chu Yang smiled insidiously.

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