It was dinner time; King of Hell Chu finished making the food and carried a big tray down the secret passage with the saber hanging on the side of his waist.

Hehe… Mo Qing Wu at this age is not the same, but a kiss would still be ecstasy… haha… King of Hell Chu smiled deviously…

Mo Qing Wu was sitting in the secret chamber with great boredom. For a little girl at this age to be locked up in a tiny chamber, without being able to run wild, it was truly cruel.

While the secret chamber was brightly lit, light from torches was not the same as light from the sun. And this child loved excitement.

Because of his injuries, Mo Cheng Yu had to activate his martial energy to heal every day. King level masters rarely got injured, but once they were injured, it would be quite serious and hard to heal.

Let alone the fact that he suffered a serious internal injury that placed him at the border of life and death.

Mo Cheng Yu sat in concentration, gathering bits of blood clots and forcing them out. This treatment method was extremely painful and troublesome. Only when he managed to push all the blood clots out and clear his meridians would he be completely healed.

“Yeahhhh…. Brother Chu Yang is here!” The moment she saw Chu Yang, Mo Qing Wu jumped right into him.

“Hey, slow down. I am still holding the food…” At this moment, Chu Yang regretted the fact that he brought the food down. If only he had came down with nothing in his hands…!

I could have held her in my arms like I had hoped… and smell her beautiful fragrance!

He carefully placed the tray of food down, and by this time, Mo Qing Wu had regained her composure, “Brother Chu Yang, can you stay and play with me a little longer today? I am really pitiful here by myself…”

“Yes, of course.” Chu Yang quickly replied, feeling very sad inside. All businesses were tossed aside; there was nothing more important in his life than his Qing Wu and her suffering.

“It’s time for dinner already?” Mo Cheng Yu’s voice rang out as he wandered over from the next room.

Mo Cheng Yu knew well that Chu Yang only cared about Mo Qing Wu. As for him, a King level master, Chu Yang did not even give a glance. If he was a little late, he would surely go hungry.

This punk does not know what it means to respect his elders. Mo Cheng Yu suddenly felt as if he had become a useless freeloader. He was so depressed he wanted to just go and die.

If he was a guest at any clan, with his position as a King level master, who would dare not to show him respect? A sumptuous meal was standard fare.

However, this kid had treated him terribly, and did not care if he ate or not. The laws of heaven no longer existed here.

Since he had been here, Mo Cheng Yu discovered that he had changed a lot. He had been eating in a most timely manner. The moment he smelled food, he had to come running or else it would be scraps for him. And that would already be good, because whenever Chu Yang was in a bad mood, Mo Cheng Yu had to cultivate with an empty stomach.

Plus, this kid is only a little Martial Artist, and he dared to scream at me… Wait, Martial Artist? Mo Cheng Yu could not believe what he was seeing. Checking once more, he was so startled, his hair stood on end. This kid was just a Martial Warrior and he became a Martial Artist in two/three days?

How could his cultivation speed be so fast?

“Since you’re already here, let’s eat together.” Chu Yang’s tone sounded as if he was bestowing a great favor upon Mo Cheng Yu.

“Ah… Thank you, thank you…” The moment those words came out, Mo Cheng Yu wanted to smack his own mouth. When did I become a beggar? Just for a meal, and I am so grateful and humble like this?

Where is the dignity of a King level master? I am a respected martial expert; falling into such a state, I might as well bang my own head and die…

“Hey, is there any wine?” Mo Cheng Yu asked in a dignified manner in an attempt to recover his “King level master” esteem.

“No!” Chu Yang replied without even looking up. Then he said gently to Xiao Wu, “Try this, and this…”

“How do I eat without any wine?” Mo Cheng Yu glared.

“Eat if you can. If you don’t eat, it’s fine. I am not begging you to eat. If you don’t eat, I will be able to save some food.” Chu Yang did not have an ounce of respect for this King level master. Without even looking at Mo Cheng Yu’s face, he reached over to take Mo Cheng Yu’s bowl of rice away.

“Don’t… don’t… It’s fine without wine. Koff koff… I am injured anyway; I should refrain from drinking. It’s lucky that you are so considerate.” This King level master immediately caved in and quickly grabbed the bowl of rice with both hands. While his mouth spoke of these reasons, his tone sounded more like he was begging because King of Hell Chu was pulling on the bowl of rice.

“Do you still want to drink wine?” While King of Hell Chu was a very busy man, he leisurely held on to the bowl of rice as he asked. The two pulled back and forth the poor bowl almost broke into two.

“No, of course I won’t drink. This food is already delicious.” Mo Cheng Yu pitifully held onto to the bowl of rice with all his might. Little ancestor, can you at least give me a some face in front of little miss?

“Pew… hahaha…” Mo Qing Wu was busy eating when she suddenly could not keep herself from laughing and spit food out everywhere. She coughed and laughed as she held her stomach.

Chu Yang and Mo Cheng Yu was covered in food.

“Brother Chu Yang is really powerful. Uncle Cheng Yu is known in the clan as a person who loves wine as much as his life. He even got into fights many times because of wine.” Mo Qing Wu said in admiration, “But Brother Chu Yang managed to get him to say he does not need wine; you are really good!”

Mo Cheng Yu wiped food from his face as he bitterly thought: If you want to cross a river, you have to depend on the ferryman. I cannot avoid bowing my head now, but wait till I am a little better… hehe… Then you just watch how I fix this kid.

“It’s really because your Uncle Cheng Yu is grown up now; he knows better and will not drink wine anymore.” Chu Yang said softly, “Drinking wine is not good. When you are grown, you should not drink wine either.”

He remembered in the previous life, Mo Qing Wu had a jade bowl she used to drink away her sorrows.

“I won’t drink!” Mo Qing Wu’s eyes opened wide as she spoke with conviction, “Wine is bitter and spicy; it’s not a good drink at all. I like to drink Heavenly Pear juice.”

“Ack.. ack…” Chu Yang choked and coughed.

Heavenly Pear juice? This is a great fruit for recovering energy. If were to search around here for three days, I would not find any! And she wants to drink this every day…!

“We have a Heavenly Pear grove at home.” Mo Qing Wu’s statement made Chu Yang’s head hurt even more. Mo Cheng Yu was sitting on the side, laughing freely. He felt as if all of his anger had been vented as he finally was able to witness this kid suffer in embarrassment.

After he finished eating, Mo Cheng Yu immediately got up to heal his injuries.

“Wait, I need you for something.” Chu Yang wanted to give Mo Qing Wu the saber so he needed someone to be a witness. That person needed to be someone knowledgeable, so Mo Cheng Yu was the right choice! If it was someone who did not know anything, they would let Mo Qing Wu play games with the saber; that would be catastrophic.

“What is it?” Mo Cheng Yu turned around.

“I want to give Xiao Wu a gift, and I need you to be a witness.” Chu Yang looked at him and said slowly.

“Give a gift?” Mo Cheng Yu wanted to ask what sort of gift it was that he needed a witness for. But when he saw Chu Yang’s ceremonious manner, he knew this gift was not ordinary.

If it is an ordinary gift, Chu Yang surely would have tossed me aside and cajoled little miss already.

It seems that this gift is important; that’s why he needed me to be a witness. It’s best to report this back to our clan leader. Mo Cheng Yu was a King level master; he was not a fool! He understood this fast enough.

He walked back and sat in his previous position. The behavior was a way of showing his respect for Chu Yang.

“Brother Chu Yang, what is it?” Mo Qing Wu tilted her head and looked closely around Chu Yang’s body. “I love birthdays most because I get a lot of presents on my birthday.”

Chu Yang laughed and cleared the table by himself before removing the Qing Wu Dream Saber from the side of his waist and placing it down.

“This saber is so ugly.” Mo Qing Wu scowled. She did not like the look of the tattered scabbard.

However, Mo Cheng Yu knew better. When he saw the rusty scabbard, he immediately realized that this was an antique. Filled with curiosity, he let out, “This is…?”

“I also don’t know; I accidentally found this when a mountain at Beyond the Heavens Sect collapsed.” Chu Yang said in a low voice, “A magnificent saber.”

“Huh? A magnificent saber?” Mo Cheng Yu said in shock. With Chu Yang’s personality, such a description was not common fare.

Chu Yang grabbed the saber’s handle, and slowly pulled it out of the scabbard.

The entire secret chamber was flooded with a dreamy red light.

The saber in Chu Yang’s hand seemed to have its own consciousness as it sparkled, highlighting itself as a heavenly weapon.

Only by carefully looking at that radiance for a while, could the actual saber be seen.

The curve of the saber was wonderfully soft. No matter from which angle, the measurements of the saber were perfect. Even a master craftsman could not find any faults in it.

It was a saber for females!

It was the dream saber for any heroine in Jiang Hu.

A saber so beautiful it was difficult to praise it in words, and even harder to describe it!

Anyone would be conquered by it after seeing it for the first time.

Mo Cheng Yu gasped. When he saw Chu Yang’s strange ceremonious attitude, he knew that this saber was not ordinary. But he did not expect it to be such a masterpiece!

“Wow… What a beautiful saber!” Mo Qing Wu clapped her little hands. She looked lovingly at the saber. The little loli was mesmerized by the saber immediately after seeing it.

“I will peel a steel apple for you to see!” Chu Yang looked at Mo Qing Wu and smiled. After that he took a steel ball and slowly ‘peeled’ it with the saber.

“Don’t chip this saber… Aaah…!” Mo Cheng Yu said this, then his eyes and mouth widened. He stared as thin slices of gleaming steel fell from the steel ball…

It really peels steel like an apple!

Cutting steel as if it is mud!

This saber is not only beautiful, it is also a precious treasure that could slice through steel…! (

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