Within moments, Chu Yang had successfully created a shiny steel apple; its shape was just like that of a normal apple. He placed it on the table with a loud “bang.”

“Brother Chu, this saber is too precious!” Mo Cheng Yu could not accept this priceless saber on Mo Qing Wu’s behalf. Little miss is only nine and a half, and Chu Yang is giving her such a valuable gift… As a member of Mo Qing Wu’s household, he still felt this gift was too wasteful.

“There’s more to this saber…” Chu Yang smiled mysteriously as he gave Mo Cheng Yu the sword hilt.

Mo Cheng Yu shakily reached for the sword. He might have been a King level master, but he had never seen heavenly weapons like this. He took the saber with the most respectful mentality…

With saber in hand, Mo Cheng Yu felt as if he was dreaming. It took him some time to register something strange: This saber… why does it seem to barely have any weight?

He carefully checked the weight of the saber in his hand and determined that it was no more than a pound!

Mo Cheng Yu looked at the saber in astonishment. He asked hesitantly, “This… could it be… could it be made from Red Cloud Steel?”

The moment the last word left his mouth, Mo Cheng Yu was already hyperventilating. He stared at the red glow that did not cease to swirl around the saber blade… he almost fainted from shock.

“Yes, not just Red Cloud Steel, but also Star Iron as well.” Chu Yang emphasized, “Senior Mo, you understand why I am giving Xiao Wu this saber, right?”

“You shouldn’t, you shouldn’t… This is too valuable.” Mo Cheng Yu jumped up, and muttered incoherently.

While his mouth said no, his hand held the saber tightly not wanting to let go.

Priceless? Not just priceless! This is the number one saber of all the ages! Mo Cheng Yu was currently no longer able to control himself.

Oh god, can such a saber really exist in this world?

“This is my gift to Xiao Wu!” Chu Yang frowned and repeated once more, “Senior Mo, you should understand my intentions in giving this saber to Xiao Wu.”

Mo Cheng Yu shivered. He was awoken from his excitement and said sincerely, “You mean…?”

“I do not want Xiao Wu to suffer anymore hardship when she goes home!” Chu Yang looked directly at Mo Cheng Yu’s eyes, “This saber was fate. The two words in Xiao Wu’s name are on it! I hope it will remain by her side! And never in anyone else’s hand!”

“Rest assured. As long as Mo Cheng Yu is still alive, this saber will be with little miss. It will never fall into the hands of anyone else!” Mo Cheng Yu stood erect and said solemnly.

“Even the people from the Mo clan!” Chu Yang quietly added.

“Is little miss’s name on here?” Mo Cheng Yu recalled Chu Yang’s words and carefully looked at the saber. He saw a line written elegantly like flying dragons and dancing phoenix: Dreaming of a gentle dance, who needs earthly fame and fortune.

Mo Cheng Yu pondered, “Is this really heaven’s will?”

Given the toughness of Red Cloud Steel and Star Iron, Mo Cheng Yu never suspected that the inscriptions were engraved by Chu Yang. Never mind Chu Yang, even at his best, he could not even dream of even leaving mark the size of a silk thread on this saber!

“Give me… give me…” Mo Qing Wu reached her little hands up and demanded eagerly.

“Here you go!” Chu Yang rudely yanked the saber from Mo Cheng Yu’s hands and handed it to Mo Qing Wu.

“Hey… hey… be careful not to cut your hand!” Mo Cheng Yu yelled anxiously. With a sharp saber like that, one moment of carelessness… and a hand would fall right off!

“How can a descendant of a martial family cut her hand with a saber???” Chu Yang looked at Mo Cheng Yu contemptuously.

“Ack…” How could Mo Cheng Yu not know this?! Mo Qing Wu was already nine; even if she was three, she would not cut herself with the saber. But he was in shock, so he was not in the right state of mind!

Today, I am able to finally see Red Cloud Steel with my own eyes!

Mo Cheng Yu rubbed his face until it was red, but he still remained in a daze as he asked himself, “Am I dreaming?”

“It’s a very good saber! Hehehe…” Mo Qing Wu’s clear voice rang out, “So pretty! I love it!!!”

“You like it?” Chu Yang asked gently.

“I like it a lot! Hehe!” Mo Qing Wu smiled sweetly, and her face was radiant as she played with the saber.

“Then…” Chu Yang pointed to his cheek…

“Smack…” Without any hesitation, Mo Qing Wu rewarded Chu Yang with a lovely kiss.

“This side too…” Chu Yang turned his face.


“Here, too.”


“Here, too.”


Mo Qing Wu was so please with Chu Yang, she continually kissed his face making it practically slimy.

“Haha…” King of Hell Chu laughed like a silly flirt.

“…” Mo Cheng Yu’s countenance turned gray.

I have never met such a person like this. Liking a cute little girl is normal, but this is a little nutty… using this to coax a kid!

If this saber appears in Upper Three Heavens, it would probably lead to a great battle! And this King of Hell Chu punk is giving it to a nine year old girl that he met only a few days ago!

Moreover, he seems so satisfied with a few kisses as if he just made a great profit…

Strange things happens every year, but there are a little more of them this year!

King level Master Mo sighed endlessly… In term of spoiling little miss, Chu Yang was not any less than her biological parents!

Thinking over a little, Mo Cheng Yu suddenly said, “It’s a good thing that you are not little miss’s biological father… Otherwise…” he was going to add, “… Otherwise little miss would surely become an unruly little devil…”

“Me being her biological father???” When Chu Yang heard this, dark clouds gathered… Motherf*, telling her to call me uncle was already bad enough. Now you dare to think about me being her father!!!

“You… you’re saying such damned words!” Minister Chu growled; he was completely put up, “Such damned words!”

And Mo Cheng Yu suddenly became like Chu Yang earlier; his face was covered in saliva! The only difference was Chu Yang had thoroughly enjoyed Mo Qing Wu’s kisses, and he was thoroughly sprayed by Chu Yang…

This King level master felt so wronged. What did I say? I just let out my thoughts at the moment; do you need to act like you want to chew me up?

He wanted to speak when he saw Chu Yang fiercely yelled, “Shut your mouth!”

Mo Cheng Yu wanted to cough up blood at that moment.

“I am telling you; this saber is my gift to Qing Wu. It’s not for Mo Clan! Do you understand?” Chu Yang’s eyes widened as he shouted, “And no one could take it away from her. If Mo Tian Ji wants to take it, I will castrate him, too! Understand?”

“Once Xiao Wu returns to the clan, if she suffer any little grievances, I will bathe in Mo clan’s blood! Got it?”

“As for this saber, you just tell that damned father of Xiao Wu every word I said! Understand?”

Chu Yang’s anger had reached the heavens, and he let it on out on Mo Cheng Yu’s face. Even his eyelids were covered with saliva at this point… Chu Yang’s momentum completely suppressed Mo Cheng Yu so completely that he just repeatedly nodded his head.

“Good! I am going now!” Chu Yang whooshed out of sight. Are you kidding? That’s a bonafide King level master. It was great that I could take advantage of his shocked state to yell at him, but I am not going to wait around for him to recover…

Even with his serious injuries, I can’t handle him…

A while after Chu Yang left the secret chamber, Mo Cheng Yu awoke from his shock. He groaned and noticed that his eyelids were covered in slimy saliva… He had just now realized what a massive force Minister Chu’s saliva was…

He wiped his face with great force as the anger rose inside him. He wanted to jump out and give chase…

“Uncle Cheng Yu…” Mo Qing Wu sheepishly shouted, “Please don’t go. I am afraid of being alone. Please tell me a fairy tale…”

Mo Cheng Yu stopped and turned to look at Mo Qing Wu. He cried pitifully, “Oh my great grandmother… you two are playing me to death…”

********* (walkthejianghu.com)

Of course, Chu Yang was not foolish enough to remain around there. He quickly ran away in pursuits of his great martial challenges…

Whoever wants to give a precious saber to you people? Huh! In the future, Qing Wu will be married and the saber will belong to the Chu family! Chu Yang was very happy as he thought about how he had become closer to little Loli… It gave Chu Yang great hopes of a bright future! He was already dreaming about the wedding…!

In the afternoon, he went to Bu Tian Pavilion and found that Cheng Zi Ang and Chen Yu Tong had gone out to work on their missions. Wu Qian Qian was wearing the black robe and his hideous mask, and administrating Bu Tian Pavilion. There was nothing for him to be concerned with…

The new recruits were training together. Chu Yang’s directive was: Train until death! How can you want wealth and privilege with wanting hardship? How can there be such an easy thing?

There were tragic moans and howls coming from the training ground every day… There was even talks of a grade three Martial Master, more than forty years of age, who was reduced to tears from all the training. His tears and snots mixed together pitifully…!

And with such weaklings, Minister Chu coldly ordered, “Double the training!”

However, there was one piece of news that bothered Chu Yang greatly, “Those Hei Mo people have not left Iron Cloud Citadel. Each day, they would go out early and come back late, looking and searching for Mo Cheng Yu and Mo Qing Wu…

As for Mo Tian Ji’s people, his searches did not find any trace of them.

Besides these, Chu Yang had also recently increased forces around the prison. The manpower increased with each day. Tie Bu Tian even sent an addition of ten Revered Martial Artists and twelve Martial Great Masters as extra precaution…

Chu Yang did not know if Diwu Qing Rou would fall for his trap, but he was worried that Diwu Qing Rou would send people knowing that it was a trap…

So Chu Yang was currently vamping up his traps at all costs… plus, he changed his strategies, methods, layouts, and positions for these traps each day…

As time went by, things became more chaotic. Even the martial masters were getting a headache, saying to each other, “Motherf*, this King of Hell Chu is mobilizing such a great force! Does he think that his opponent is a Saint or Supreme level master? Is he just making a big fuss over nothing?”

But King of Hell Chu did not bother to listen to any advice, and continued to do things his own way…

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