Gu Du Xing paused, “What?”

“Are all of your advancements from his teachings? All your improved movements are also because of him?” Ji Mo asked breathlessly.

“Of course!” Gu Du Xing said proudly.

“I will join!” Ji Mo took a quick breath, “Damn! To beat you, I will join! Will I have to be his subordinate for a few years or what?”

Gu Du Xing’s eyes showed a trace of satisfaction.

“What is this organization called? This organization is probably not small, right?” Ji Mo squatted on the ground, and panted. His eyes flashed with excitement, “What is the leader’s name? Is he some expert from Upper Three Heavens?”

Now that he had decided to join, Ji Mo’s curiosity with this organization grew even greater.

In Ji Mo’s mind, anyone who was capable of helping Gu Du Xing’s cultivation increase at the speed of a shooting rocket improving his style must be an astounding figure. Moreover, invincible!

An organization founded by such a person would surely be the largest, and most powerful. Someone like that in Middle Three Heavens would have already have a clan or a sect; they would not have time to found some organization. Therefore, it must be some senior with free time who came down from Upper Three Heavens to have fun…

Ji Mo was very curious…

“This organization is called Heavenly Armament Pavilion. We have many heavenly weapons there! Each one is capable of cutting gold and jade; my Black Dragon cannot even compare! Those weapons are legendary!” Gu Du Xing said coolly.

“Huh? Really? Are you saying… I have a chance to get one of these legendary weapons?” Ji Mo’s eyes brightened, full of expectations. He thought about being able to sweep the world with an invincible weapon, and traversing through Jiang Hu as the envy of everyone… And he especially looked forward to the admiration of those bastards at the same level as him in Middle Three Heavens…

Dreaming about that, Ji Mo practically became orgasmic…

“Yes, you definitely have a chance!” Gu Du Xing thought and said, “But given your lazy character and your temper. If you could sit, you would never stand; if you could lie down, you would never sit. With your lazy butt, I am guessing the chances are slim.”

“How would you know if I would be lazy?” Ji Mo protested, “I am always dedicated!”

Gu Du Xing rolled his eyes.

“Hey… Elder Martial Brother Gu! We’re going to be on the same boat, why are you still keeping secrets from me?” Ji Mo asked, “Tell me. Which expert is your leader? Is he an Emperor level? Monarch level?”

With each of his questions, Gu Du Xing shook his head each time.

“Oh god! Is he a Saint level?” Ji Mo’s voice trembled. His eyes shined blue like a wolf looking at prey. Surprise and happiness made his hands shake.

He knew Gu Du Xing’s character really well. Besides the Gu clan, no one else stood a chance of getting his allegiance! Perhaps an Emperor level… would have some hope. Under Emperor level, Revered level and King level were not even worth mentioning.

If it is not an Emperor level, then it must be Monarch level. Could he be Saint level? Oh, mommy, your son just got lucky… Even as a subordinate, working for a Saint level master and being able to learn martial arts…

Ji Mo was so happy, he almost fainted.

“He is also not a Saint level master!” Gu Du Xing said curtly.

“Great master Gu, Grandfather Gu… Please tell me!” Ji Mo stood up and quickly gave Gu Du Xing a shoulder massage. He smiled with flattery, “Elder Martial Brother Gu… Tell me…” His whiny voice made Gu Du Xing shiver.

“Punk! You’re playing this game with me!” Gu Du Xing said angrily. Then he shook his head with enjoyment, “That side, press a little harder… put a little more strength into it… a little lower, a little harder… up a little more… on the left…”

After some time, Ji Mo asked breathlessly, “Master… will you tell me now?”

“Yes!” Gu Du Xing’s face suddenly became serious.

Ji Mo stared at Gu Du Xing’s mouth, fully expecting to hear some really shocking information.

“He is not an Emperor level… or a Monarch level… and definitely not a Saint level…” Gu Du Xing said slowly.

“Oh… Old master, stop being so mysterious…” Ji Mo had became so anxious his forehead was sweating and he was frantically rubbing his hands together, “That astounding person… tell me. Even if he is a Supreme level, I can handle the shock!”

“Uh… he is currently a… seventh grade Martial Warrior.” His voice was uncertain, “Not too far from it; he should achieve that by now.” Gu Du Xing said seriously.

“Exactly as I expected! Hahaha… hack?!,” Ji Mo was mentally prepared so he laughed. He choked immediately after. He used excessive force to laugh, and almost cracked his lips, “What did you say?”

“You heard right! The boss is a Martial Warrior!” Gu Du Xing said frankly.

Ji Mo heard clearly, and his jaw dropped to the ground. Then he laughed and said, “Elder Martial Brother Gu, Grandfather Gu! How could you joke like this…”

“This is the truth; I am not joking.” Gu Du Xing said seriously, “My words are true!”

Ji Mo plopped to the ground and howled painfully, “Gu Du Xing! Just kill me!” Then he suddenly jumped up, and ground his teeth, “Gu Du Xing, you can… You are really something! Not bad, not bad! I finally discover how talented you are!”

He nodded forcefully, “Not bad, not bad! Really not bad! You ran all the way from Middle Three Heavens! Uh… a Martial Great Master becomes a subordinate of a Martial Warrior from Lower Three Heavens… You are unbelievable! If the rumors spread, you will surely be the idol of women of all ages in Middle Three Heavens!”

“Less gibberish, and walk faster!” Gu Du Xing said coldly.

“I changed my mind!” Ji Mo sqatted and shook his head like a rattle drum, “I am not going!”

“Are you going?” Gu Du Xing eyes narrowed, looking dangerously; clearly ready to take action.

“You can beat me to death; I am still not going!” Ji Mo said severely.

“Bam… bam… bam… bam…”

“Aaaahh… You can beat me to death; I won’t go…”

“Pow… pow…”

“Aa… a… a…”

“Bop… bop… bop…”


“Are you going?”


“Bop… pow… bam…”

“A… a… a… Stop hitting… Hoo hoo…”

“Are you going?!”

“I’ll go!”

Gu Du Xing finally stopped and panted. He yelled, “Pathetic! You are really pathetic! If I didn’t beat you up you would still have that pathetic attitude!”

“Hoo hoo…” Ji Mo lay sadly on the grass, “Pathetic? Let me beat you up and see.”

“Didn’t you say you wouldn’t go even if I beat you to death? You’re still not dead yet…”

“You’re right. Beat me to death; I won’t go! If I’m still alive, I’ll go!” Ji Mo moaned, but he angrily thought to himself: If I didn’t get beaten like this, I would never go! A man would keep his word, but the truth is too difficult to accept… So I could say it, and not keep my word!

“Stand up! Are you so pretty lying on the ground like that? Let’s go quickly; I still have to find another!” Gu Du Xing impatiently kicked him.

Ji Mo howled in pain and sprung up, “You’re looking for someone else?”

“Yes, I’ll recruit the Coyote as well!” Gu Du Xing slowly walked ahead.

“Coyote? Luo Ke Di?” Ji Mo could not help but be excited, “Right! That guy had driven his eldest brother crazy long enough. I support your decision Gu Du!” (TLN: No typo, it’s his nickname meaning lonely.)

He thought to himself: If I am going to be taken, at least I won’t be the only one. I will take others to die with me… I will definitely help Gu Du drag that guy in… At least, if I want to rebel in the future, I will have an ally.

Thinking of this, Ji Mo happily stuck close to Gu Du Xing’s rear…


Two days passed in a blink of an eye. In these two days, Chu Yang sent people to watch Hei Mos’ movements everyday. What concerned him most was these bastards would still not leave!

Moreover, the whereabouts of some of them were unknown. There were fourteen people, but now there were only seven!

Not only did they not leave, their actions in Iron Cloud Citadel became more intensive. They scurried about the busy streets from morning to night…

This made Chu Yang very annoyed!

As long as they did not leave, Mo Qing Wu could only hide in the secret chamber. How could this be comfortable?

Chu Yang thought for a very long time and decided to pay them a visit. People burn incense to lead ghosts; I will now burn incense to send them on their way. Letting them stay here is just not a good idea…

Minister Chu sent people to prepare some gifts, and then found people to carry them. Then he casually went to largest inn in Iron Cloud Citadel, Cloud Gate Inn!

He went as if he was some young master on vacation. Even the people carrying the gifts from Iron Blood Hall of Bu Tian Pavilion did not know that this person was their leader, the fearsome King of Hell Chu!

******* (

Unconcealable – Du Pi Kuai, King level master of Golden Horse Riders Department, never felt so alive in his whole life.

The three of them arrived at Iron Cloud last night. People were exhausted and horses were out of breath. The first thing they did was find their way to this inn. They had chosen it on purpose because it was not too far from Bu Tian Pavilion, just a little off on the other side of the street.

Before they had time to prepare anything, Unconcealable gave orders to gather all of Golden Horse Riders Department’s people. The result was that all of the secret contacts’ houses were empty, not one person was found.

Unconcealable was filled with rage, and sent the two people to look for hidden signals. The result was eight out of ten hidden signals were changed, or nonexistent…

It was not until midnight that they managed to contact one person, but this person was very frightened. Facing the King level master in person was Sun Zhang Fa, a Martial Master with tears and snot all over his face…

“Sir, we were not shirking in our duties, but this King of Hell Chu is really too vicious!”

“I have six underlings total. They were separated into three teams, and each team did not know the other teams. I was more than careful… A day ago, when Liu Xiao San and Deng Xiao Wu disappeared together, we did not find out until that afternoon. They had the task of contacting Official Wu. He was sent to jail for robbing and killing. Every stop they made was investigated, and all the false business fronts were closed…”

“Late that afternoon, Li Shun and Zhang Nang were able to go out to gather information and watch the shop. The result was they were captured the moment they opened the shop. It turned out that Official Wang they were bribing had his home searched and revealed everything about them…”

[TLN: So, the name Unconcealable (Yin Wufa) seems a bit awkward to me. But it is his Jiang Hu moniker. Kind of like Dong Fang Bu Bai from Smiling, Proud Wanderer. When I say that name, I automatically know the meaning to be Undefeated East. But if I said his name was Yin Wufa, you guys wouldn’t know that it was a nickname meaning unable to be covered or concealed. So please vote for Unconcealable or Yin Wufai or suggest something else. Thanks very much!]

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