Shi Qian Shan suddenly shot up, as fast as the wind, he ran to Chu Yang’s room. With one kick, the door flew open. With a never before seen menacing face, “Chu Yang, you… ! Your mother, you dare betray me?!”

Shi Qian Shan’s leisurely air was gone. His eyes were filled with rage, eyeballs bulging and panting as he spoke.

“Eldest Martial Brother, where did you hear such a thing?” Chu Yang deliberately breathed a sigh, pretending to not know what to do.

Tan Tan also approached and hastily intervened. “Eldest Martial Brother, Second Martial Brother also didn’t know.”

“Fart!” Shi Qian Shan panted and bellowed, “Why didn’t you tell me he was Li Jian Yin? You… why did you screw me over?”

Shi Qian Shan, feeling righteous indignation, cried loudly. “What sort of calamity have I brought upon myself? How could I have been so stupid to cause such a catastrophe? Looks like trouble found me.”

“Me, too. Truly you can try to run from the sun, but you can’t avoid the sunlight…” Chu Yang, appearing innocent, called out at the injustice. “Eldest Martial Brother! What does this have to do with me?”

Shi Qian Shan, after hearing these words, felt everything go dark. His face paled and he nearly spat up blood. Listening to this guy was what caused the trouble in the first place, and he dares to say in front of my face ‘what does this have to do with me’…

Even his heart had to twitch.

If it was not for you, how would I have scolded Li Jian Yin? If you did not make Li Jian Yin angry, then how could it have escalated to this point? If it were not for you causing this mess, how could I have become so stupid and obtuse… how could I have been entwined in such a dangerous situation?

Now, you, the culprit, will suffer nothing. But I, the innocent one, on the other hand, have become the sworn enemy with Li Jian Yin!

And now, you’re even saying pitifully ‘what does this have to do with me’. You tell me, what does he have to do with you?!

Shi Qian Shan breathed loudly, his eyes rolled up; these words have angered him to the point of speechlessness.

Chu Yang looked at Shi Qian Shan’s heaving chest and thought lewdly. If it was a woman breathing like that… hehe… then it’s definitely worth watching, but this heaving has no allure at all, it is such a failure.

“Yes, it is like that, Eldest Martial Brother, what does this incident have anything to do with Chu Yang?” Tan Tan scratched his head and said naively. “At the time, we were all there. Second Martial Brother did not say anything. On the other hand, you, Eldest Martial Brother, full of valor, stood out and defended us. We are filled with gratitude. How could we have plotted against you…?”

All of Tan Tan’s words emanated from his heart. His praises for Shi Qian Shan were very honest. It was true that he looked up to Eldest Martial Brother. But when these words reached Shi Qian Shan’s ears, they became extremely cynical sarcasm.

Full of valor? Protect you from the elements? What a laugh! You two calculated very well…

Shi Qian Shan’s whole body shook twice. Before his eyes, nothing but darkness. His mouth opened wide, but he did not know what to say. His face looked like a pig!

There was a constant pounding in his head making his vision fuzzy and making him feel dizzy. Once more, Shi Qian Shan humphed and with a wave of his sleeve, he walked out. After that, there was a loud dry cough in the yard, followed by what sounded like a groggy mumbling, slowly going quiet.

The next morning, when Tan Tan opened the door, he discovered a spot of blood in a bush with a putrid smell that went straight to the nostrils. This made Tan Tan feel pitiful and uncomfortable for many days… “Whose blood was this? So unnatural.”

When Chu Yang saw Shi Qian Shan walk out, his eyes revealed a frosty coldness. Shi Qian Shan was very cruel, moreover, he had many plots and conspiracies… like a poisonous snake. People like that should die as early as possible. But Chu Yang does not want him to die soon!

First, from Shi Qian Shan, Chu Yang could learn many things. For example, underhandedness, cruelty, and manipulation. All these things Chu Yang did not have in his previous life, but it could not be left unsaid, that though these qualities are unethical, in a world that worships the powerful like this, these qualities are necessary to walk the Jiang Hu. (TLN: I guess I need learn as well)

A great man, in life, must be cruel when the times are cruel. When it is time to joke, then joke. Plot evil schemes whenever necessary!

The reason was very simple. All these things were to protect oneself. If you cannot protect yourself, how could you think about achieving great things? It would all be just like a flower in the mirror or the moon in the water.  (TLN: useless)

Empires can change, people can be good as well as bad. But there is one thing that is always true; if you want your name to be recorded in history, it is a lot harder than leaving a bad reputation. Therefore, good people have to sacrifice so much more then the bad. Few can leave their good name in history. In fact, few people are capable of leaving their name in history.

Secondly, right now, there were a few cards that Chu Yang could not show. If others in the sect knew his true strength, then he would encounter many problems. Especially the guys looking towards the top disciple position. Once they know that there suddenly emerged a genius amongst geniuses competing with them, then wouldn’t he become their target?

If I become the bulleyes for everyone to aim at, even if I had three heads and six arms, using what little capacity I have now, I fear the result would be tragic!

With these things, it was best to have Shi Qian Shan help carry some of the burden like today. Dumping everything on his head was a real pleasure.

Theatre was very tiring, how nice to be relieved and watch from the entertainment from the sidelines!

There was one additional thing that Chu Yang recognized. He still lacked in many things. Moreover, the path that he chooses in this life cannot be like the one from the previous life. In his previous life he cultivated Sword Art without love. It was possible to cultivate in seclusion deep in the mountain without paying attention to life. However, he will not do that in this life.

This life, from the moment I died in my previous life, had already begun to go in a different path!

All the things in the previous life that I ignored and did not experience, this life I want to try them all! Previously, my whole life I valued honor and integrity with the exception of a few things. I did not know anything else. (TLN: So, he’s saying he doesn’t really know any Machiavellian schemes… Could have fooled me…)

I cannot hide like the previous life, I will need to experience life. From the mud of life, I will rise, then I can advance to the pinnacle of Sword Art. Then I will understand the Way of the Heavens!

Shi Qian Shan… let’s keep toying with him like that. Let him shield me until his death… It is really not that bad at all. At least I will have this target to cover me. And I can leisurely observe.

Though, he’s not a person of interest to me. But this is not a problem!

Of course injuring Li Jian Yin was because Chu Yang was able to accurately predict his next move and deliberately create the trap. Backing up and sitting on his neck was also deliberate.

Even though he doesn’t have the super human strength of his previous life, he still retained his powerful foresight. Dealing with a youth who can barely wipe his nose like Li Jian Yin was indeed as easy as the flip of a hand.


Gathering Clouds Peak.

In the library, Master Wu Yun Liang, with three strands of black hair on his beard, was sitting on a wooden zi dan chair smiling lightly. Next to him was a middle-aged man wearing green/blue qipao. His hairless face seemed very calm. His eyes seemed to show infinite wisdom. He was the master of Dream Clouds Peak, Seventh Martial Brother Kong Jing Feng. He was also a cunning character of the Beyond the Heavens Sect.

At that time, Wu Qian Qian stood in front of the two, reporting what had happened. When she talked about the events that occurred at Purple Bamboo Garden, and about the injuries of Li Jian Yin, she herself did not comprehend the actions of Chu Yang or Shi Qian Shan. Wu Yun Liang, who was calm from the beginning until now, along with Kong Jing Feng glanced at each other astonished.

“Then, in your opinion, how are these three disciples of Purple Bamboo Garden?” Wu Yun Liang asked softly.

Surprisingly, not asking about the injuries of Li Jian Yin, but about the three Purple Bamboo Garden disciples.

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