The seemingly useless measures that Chu Yang had placed were now finally proving to be very effective. The whole thing put all of Iron Cloud in a daze, and made that King level master of Golden Horse Riders Department swell like a bucket…

Yin Wu Fa’s anger was at the point of exploding! He looked fiercely at the four individuals sitting in front of him, and tried to open his mouth to breathe and control the killing aura rising up inside him. He was a little concerned; he was concerned that he could not control his rage and bash these four guys in front of him into mush!

This is called information? Are you guys joking me?

“Do you really believe all these documents… talk about one person?” Yin Wu Fa held back his temper; his voice was clearly very gentle.

The four were soaked in sweat; too afraid to sit, they had already stood up with their heads down. They were like criminals all lined up in a row.

“Do you feel that I am stupid to the point that you can give me a pile of poop and call it rice?” Yin Wu Fa’s voice gradually grew cold like wind blowing out from hell. (TLN: For those of you new to this, stereotypical wuxia hell is cold and dark as opposed to the fiery type that you’re used to.)

“Martial Warrior, disciple of Beyond the Heavens Sect; frail Hong He Scholar; Martial Great Master, disciple of Emperor level expert; godson of famed general; young master of Chu clan…”Yin Wu Fa tightened his fist, “Is that King of Hell Chu all these things?”

The four people dropped their heads lower!

“Lift your head!” Yin Wu Fa roared.

The four instinctively looked up, and only a shadow flashed in front of them. “Bop bop bop bop…” The sounds rang out in a row. Yin Wu Fa was back at his seat, and those four people’s faces were red and swollen. Without any previous planning, they all let out a terrified scream, and simultaneously swallowed down blood and a few loose teeth.

In an instant, each of them suffered from at least ten smacks!

“Sir… This King of Hell Chu is truly mysterious.” The leader of the Iron Horse Riders mustered up some courage and said softly, “There are very few people in Bu Tian Pavilion that know his appearance. These documents… these documents…”

He stammered, “These documents… were carefully screened by us…”

“Shut up!” Yin Wu Fa was furious.

The whole room immediately became muted.

“These documents make no sense! Especially, this Beyond the Heavens Sect…” Yin Wu Fa suddenly showed his superior wisdom, “What kind of person in King of Hell Chu? Resourceful, cruel, cunning, unscrupulous, and calculating. How could a person like that fight over a woman, and kill his eldest martial brother?”

Yin Wu Fa angrily said, “Are you people pigs?! You even believe this? And you actually put this on top? You think I am a pig like you?!” Yin Wu Fa grabbed the document on King of Hell Chu at Beyond the Heavens Sect and ripped it to pieces!

The pieces were then rolled into a ball and “bop.” It slammed on the forehead of the leader of the Iron Horse Riders. It bounced back. And another “bop,” it hit another Iron Horse Rider’s forehead. The other two also received this ball before it fell to the floor.

On the foreheads of the four people were four tall bumps, almost like unicorns.

Yin Wu Fa pulled back his energy. Such control was truly terrifying!

“Wise master! Your vision is far and wise, we are no match…” The four simultaneously bowed, thinking: That Beyond the Heavens sect document was the only first hand account; it was also the first document about King of Hell Chu. It was most reliable, that’s why we put it first. It’s unbelievable that it it the first one to be rejected. This is…

“Get out!” Yin Wu Fa was enraged, “After I get back I must find out who placed you here in Iron Cloud! People with such lack of understanding, such stupidity, and no common sense like you were sent here? Such stupidity is enough to darken the sun and the moon! Why didn’t your stupidity kill you yet? Bah!”

The mouths of the two Revered Martial Artists next to him twitched, wanting to tell him something: Sir, their immediate superior is Command Horse Rider Zhou Wen Gang. And Offical Zhou is your dedicated subordinate… If you investigate this, you will find out that they are under you…

The four naturally thought the same; their mouths twitched, but who would dare to speak?

“What do you want to say?” Yin Wu Fa was livid, “Who is your immediate superior? What division does he belong to? Speak!”

“Golden Horse Riders Department, third pavilion’s Command Horse Rider, second division, ninth group…” The leader of the Iron Horse Riders fearfully let out the whole lot at once.

Golden Horse Riders Department, third pavilion’s Command Horse Rider, second division, ninth group…” Yin Wu Fa angrily said, “When I get back, I will definitely… Hack!?” Half way through, he suddenly realized: Golden Horse Riders Department is divided into four pavilions with four leaders. I am in charge of the third pavilion. These are my subordinates….

“Out! Out now!!!” While Yin Wu Fa was no longer young and had many years of training along with a thick skin, he was momentarily felt his face heating up. All the trouble and shame had turned into rage. “Bang! Bang! Bang!” He kicked these bastards out of the room. He went back to his seat and sulked. After a long while, he punched the table, and ground his teeth, “Zhou Wen Gang, I want to skin you!”

“Sir… what should we do?” One of the Revered Martial Artists cautiously asked.

Those two people were Yin Wu Fa’s hardworking subordinates. While they were not high level experts, they were not too lacking; they had been by Yin Wu Fa’s side for many years. Because of their close relationship, they were able to talk more freely with Yin Wu Fa.

Moreover, they were all part of the third pavilion, so they were essentially of the same household…

“I do not believe that King of Hell Chu is really that mysterious! Is there no one in Bu Tian Pavilion who knows what their Minister looks like?” Yin Wu Fa immediately calmed down, “Tomorrow, I will go out and catch people myself for questioning. And we’ll finally know where this King of Hell Chu is from!”


“Let’s rest a little!” Yin Wu Fa was looking solemn when he suddenly laughed, “I can’t believe that after all this investigating, it all comes back to me… This is hilarious!”

The two Revered Martial Artists smiled and said, “Sir, you have been concentrating on your cultivation; all the little things have always been delegated to your subordinates. Little flaws are expected. Other leaders also don’t see everything that happens under them. Moreover, our Golden Horse Riders Department has been increasing in number every day. If you were to know what each of your subordinates are doing, I am afraid you would not have time to do anything else in this lifetime. You don’t need to be bothered by it, sir.”

“Haha, that’s right! I was only an assassin leader, I used to have only five or six people under me; but now I have a few thousand… I am really too busy.” Yin Wu Fa laughed mockingly at himself and said, “You two should go and rest! You must be exhausted from the long, arduous journey.”

The two simultaneously bowed and left the room.

One uneventful night.

On the second day, Yin Wu Fa left the inn early and was staring intensely at the big entrance of Bu Tian Pavilion in the distance. He thought to himself: The moment a masked person comes out, I will make my move immediately. I don’t care if it’s the right person, it’s better to get the wrong one than let the right one go.

Little did he know that he waited all morning until noon and while the big entrance of Bu Tian Pavilion was like a market place with people coming and going, none of them wore a mask.

And those coming out were disciplined looking people. Nearby were two barracks tightly guarding Bu Tian Pavilion.

Yin Wu Fa could not look at that distant place without feeling helpless, like a mouse pulling a turtle.

He might be a King level master, but he could only do so much. He might be powerful, but he did not have the ability to single-handedly deal with an entire disciplined army. And it was also clear that if he made a move, they would call out for backup. Thousands would immediately surround him!

He might be a King level master, but if he fell into their snares, he would die!

Yin Wu Fa looked at Bu Tian Pavilion indecisively. Just from the looks of it, he could sense trouble. He thought about going back to the inn and make his move at night. But before coming here, he had already boasted with his two subordinates. This would be “too shameful to sheathe one’s saber.” How could he face them with nothing?

But those two were currently busy investigating the layout of Bu Tian Pavilion for the assassination of King of Hell Chu…

In this moment, Yin Wu Fa was filled with conflicting feelings, then his eyes suddenly brightened. From withing the great entrance of Bu Tian Pavilion, two people walked out. One was empty-handed and the other was holding a gift box. They walked hurriedly in his direction. They seemed to be heading outside the citadel…

Further in front was a young master in black. He had sword brows and bright eyes; thin and tall, his appearance seemed to show a somewhat privileged background. While he looked young, he was definitely some big official…

Yes, a person like that must hold some important position in Bu Tian Pavilion. I could capture him… wouldn’t everything be solved?

Yin Wu Fa’s eyes shined! This was really a great windfall…

Chu Yang brought a subordinate with him from Iron Blood Hall. They were preparing to visit the people of Hei Mo clan. On the way, Chu Yang was busy contemplating many things. The impression he left on that King level master Hei Mo leader was not too bad… Now that he was paying them a visit, he wondered if there would be any side benefits.

As for the fact that they hurt Mo Qing Wu, he would definitely make them pay. But currently, it would not be too bad to reap some benefits.

With these intentions, Chu Yang had his own plans. How to deal with them, what to do… Chu Yang already knew. Haha, I only need to do this… Then I could do this… haha…

With his wishful thinking, Chu Yang could no longer wait and walked a little faster. Of course he did not know that there was a King level master eyeing him, waiting for the chance to capture him and extract information about one King of Hell Chu…

And Yin Wu Fa certainly did not expect that the youth in black that looked like a frail scholar was the target that made him travel thousands of mile to this Iron Cloud Citadel, King of Hell Chu. Yin Wu Fa only needed to kill him to finish his mission!

On the contrary, he was extremely elated. He would capture the King of Hell Chu walking toward him to extract information about King of Hell Chu. Afterward he would kill him to keep his mouth shut…

Closer, and closer…


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