Yin Wu Fa carefully hid his power. While he was sure that this youth would not discover him, caution was a characteristic of an assassin. He had always prepared everything flawlessly before making his move.

To an expert like Yin Wu Fa, this fork in the road was the best place to make his move. With so many people coming and going, he was sure that no one would notice him!

Therefore, Yin Wu Fa body flashed and he arrived at the fork; he stood on the side and waited for his prey.

The moment he came out, Chu Yang had a faint feeling that something was wrong. It seemed as if someone was silently watching him, but it was very weak.

Moreover, there were more and more people watching over Bu Tian Pavilion each day, so Chu Yang paid no mind to it.

“Ah… young master, where are we going?” The subordinate, Sha Pei, walked behind him unhappily. I am a member of Iron Blood Hall. If the King of Hell catches one flaw, I would receive a beating!

I just can’t believe I have become the servant of this stupid young master… This really hurts my pride!

“Don’t be talkative; just follow behind me.” Chu Yang said casually. He currently felt very uneasy, but he did not know why. The closer he got to the fork the more his internal alarm rang out. He was trying to figure out what was abnormal when this servant opened his mouth, and disturbed Chu Yang’s thought process.

The servant carrying the gift box became even more annoyed. And the distance between them grew to half a yard. Motherf*, who do you think you are!?

Seeing the punk walk past a corner, this “great servant” sighed and followed. Regardless of everything, this was a task given to him by the minister; he could not neglect it.

Unexpectedly when he came around, his mouth was gaping in shock. Motherf*! Where did he go?

Streams of people passed in front of him, but he did not see Chu Yang. He was perplexed. What to do now?

Where did that paled face punk go?

The attendant carrying the gift looked blankly at the fork, as the world in front of him spun. Motherf*! That guy disappeared; what am I going to tell King of Hell Chu?

Thinking about the misery waiting for him upon his return, his soul almost left his body. After a being petrified for a while, he jumped into the crowd asking, “Have you seen a very handsome young master in black?”

Right after Chu Yang passed the corner, his view became darkened. A strong sense of danger rose up, and his whole body felt as if it could not move. A hand grabbed his shoulder, and a powerful force spread through his bones. Within moments, his whole body was unable to move. He felt extremely hopeless. Oh no! I have been captured!

Immediately after, Chu Yang felt himself flying upward, held under someone’s armpits. “Swoosh.” They were in midair. By the time they landed, they were about ten yards from the fork.

So quick! So subtle!

My opponent must be a King level master!

No wonder I did not notice him!

This person is probably from Diwu Qing Rou’s Golden Horse Riders Department!

Chu Yang calmly closed his eyes and laughed bitterly on the inside. Forget about playing with the world and revering fate, I have fallen into the enemy’s hand. Is there any hope left?

It seems that I shall die before my grand plan comes to fruition.

What Chu Yang found most curious was: Who sold me out? I have maintained a false mysterious façade for so long, and it has been working very well. How did I get caught so easily?

After being sandwiched by another person for a while, they landed in an abandoned house.


Chu Yang was tossed on the ground; his whole body relaxed. Though he was not able to activate his energy, he was able to talk and move.

Why is this? Why didn’t he kill me? Chu Yang felt really confused. Golden Horse Riders Department probably hated him to the bones. If they caught him, they would surely chop him into minced meat. In fact… they probably would not even bother to catch him and just chop him where he stood…

But looking at the current situation, they seem to want to ask me about something. What could be so important?

He was still thinking when a thin face appeared in front of his eyes. He had odious brows and a pair of narrow eyes. An evil shot out from his stare. This guy’s face was truly difficult to look at; it was like a dead corpse.

The aura from the opponent told Chu Yang one thing: This was a top master! At least, stronger than that of Tang Xin Sheng from the other day. Plus, his killing aura was thick and sharp, as his body constantly emitted a cold dark air.

This is a top level assassin! Moreover, a King level assassin!

Chu Yang felt an internal chill. The moment his opponent showed himself, Chu Yang had guessed that this was the person Diwu Qing Rou sent to deal with him, one of the four King level masters of Golden Horse Riders Department.

Moreover, he was someone good at killing in concealment!

I have been too careless! I should not have just went about like that…

“Punk, listen well! I ask one question, you give one answer! If you cooperate, you will not suffer great pains. Understood?” Yin Wu Fa looked at the young man in front of him and smiled a cruel smile.

He is still young and his cultivation is already Martial Artist. It seems his family background is not bad, and his qualifications are pretty decent. Only, once I make my move, how could a Martial Artist escape? This is as easy as flipping my hand over!

“Oh?” Chu Yang was surprised for a moment. Ask one question, give one answer? This is… You already got me, why do you need to ask questions?

Chu Yang felt ecstatic. Could it be that this bastard does not know who I am?

In that line of thought, Chu Yang immediately put himself in a heap, and stuttered in fear, “Senior,… you… you… you want… to ask… ask what? I I I… I… will… tell… tell you everything I know…”

“Stop stuttering!” Yin Wu Fa yelled unhappily, “Look at your useless appearance! I ask you. What is your last name?”

“My… my last name… last name is Cao…” Chu Yang was immediately overjoyed. He trembled as he answered, “I am called Cao… Cao Ni…” (TLN: Cao Ni is slang for f* you! Thanks to ShrimpSamurai for pointing it out!)

“I did not ask for your full name!” Yin Wu Fa said unhappily, “I ask you. Is Minister Chu Yang currently at Bu Tian Pavilion?”

“The minister?” Chu Yang heart calmed down as he answered, “The minister is not there. May I ask the reason you are looking for the minister…”

“To kill him!” Yi Wu Fa snorted and icily said, “If you don’t cooperate, I will kill you immediately! Understood?”

“Understood!” Chu Yang nodded repeatedly.

“Give me all the current details about this King of Hell Chu.” Yin Wu Fa glared, “If you leave out any little details, haha, take a look.”

Yin Wu Fa’s hand gripped tightly on a hard stone with force, and the stone turned into powder falling through the cracks of his fingers.

“Is your head harder than this stone?”

“No… no…”

“Then tell me!” Yin Wu Fa was pleased. He praised himself for finding a good candidate. This pale faced punk is definitely not someone who could keep a secret. Just a little scare and he almost pooped in his pants!

“King of Hell Chu… King of Hell Chu… ahhh… King of Hell Chu is not a good person at all!” His eyes showed a look of hatred as he spoke, “He is really not a human being! He is too difficult, too cruel… too inhumane!”


“Anyway, King of Hell Chu is the minister; he is really powerful! No one in Bu Tian Pavilion will contest this. But the way he treats his subordinates… ahhh, being his subordinate is really a punishment!” Chu talked as if he could no longer cry tears.

Yin Wu Fa snorted and gave him a sideway glance. He thought to himself: Only a bloody tactic can create a powerful army! How could a pale faced punk like you understand? Then Yin Wu Fa patiently said, “Tell me about the key points!”

“Yes, yes! Normally, King of Hell Chu wears a mask and a loose black cape. We do not know what his figure looks like. He is always mysterious…” Chu Yang secretly looked up, watching Yin Wu Fa’s countenance, “Once, I entered to hand in some documents. It was right when Minister Chu took of his mask and straightened himself out…”

“Huh? You really saw King of Hell Chu’s face?” Yin Wu Fa was excited, and his spirit rose.

“Yes, sir! King of Hell Chu’s face was gaunt and his eyes were full of spirit. Plus, there is an aura of dark energy in his eyes, making anyone who looks into to them tremble.” Chu Yang rolled his eyes, as if trying hard to remember. He described the Hei Mo King level master.

“Ah…” Yin Wu Fa rubbed his chin and concentrated as he tried to imagine. Within moments, a cruel, powerful, alert, and fierce figure appeared in his head.

Yes! This appearance matches perfectly with the title King of Hell Chu.

“How old is he?”

“Well, it’s like this. Minister Chu always tells us to spread false rumors, telling people that he is twenty, eighteen or nineteen years old to confuse the enemies. But on that day, I was truly shocked, because…” Chu Yang suddenly hesitated.

“Why?” Yin Wu Fa asked hastily.

“It was truly unbelievable. King of Hell Chu’s real age, from the looks of it, should be at least thirty.” Chu Yang said pensively, “To say that he is forty would not be too farfetched…”

“That’s more reasonable!” Yin Wu Fa felt that he just discovered a big secret, and his eyes shined. He thought: A seventeen or eighteen years old has such accomplishments, I wouldn’t believe it if you killed me… Can there be talents like that Tie Bu Tian?

In the case of Tie Bu Tian, he was nurtured with the resources of an entire country… Can anyone else have such a massive family background?


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