Yin Wu Fa’s mind was greatly uplifted because the thought that he was about to be successful in killing a master flooded his head! At this moment, his fighting spirit was rising. It was the same fierceness from long ago when he secretly travelled for thousands of miles to and hid amongst thousands of soldiers to get an opposing general’s head.

The moment the man in black appeared, Yin Wu Fa immediately let out a spirited shout and attacked!

His body and appendages seemed to be covered by a layer of golden mist. Within a blink of an eye, he hit out three palms. Four painful screams rang out as four Revered Martial Artists flew out in four directions. The loud cracking sounds of their bones breaking was heard, and fresh blood sprayed everywhere. There were even two who died before their bodies landed on the ground.

The two people who were lucky enough to survive had become unconscious as they fell on the ground; blood spewed out from their orifices.

Yin Wu Fa laughed loudly, then a “pop” was heard as he made a quick movement with his hands. Unbelievably, that action had made his sleeves “pop” like they were metallic. All the dust on his body rained down to the ground, an incredibly arrogant and cool move.

After that he slowly straightened his shirt, covering the wound on his chest. Under the control of his energy, that area was no longer bleeding.

Yin Wu Fa looked up; an icy and cruel smiled appeared on his face as he looked at the Hei Mo King level leader. He said casually, “It’s peaceful now!”

The moment this “King of Hell Chu” appeared, Yin Wu Fa had sensed that this legendary minister of Bu Tian Pavilion was his lifetime rival.

That was why he immediately took care of the six Revered Martial Artists to prepare for this great battle!

He was an assassin; but now that they were face to face, there was no hiding. The only thing left was a direct battle! This was a big handicap for Yin Wu Fa; he had lost his greatest advantage.

However, the golden moment had arrived; if he did not even try, how could he live with himself? It would be difficult to come face to face with King of Hell Chu like this again!

Regardless, his opponent was still a master!

If someone were to intervene during a key moment in the battle, he would surely be in danger! Therefore, he took care to clean up first.

The Hei Mo King level master glared at Yin Wu Fa. A killing aura rose up from inside him and was slowly emitted through his eyes, which was gradually becoming frosty like a block of ice. Six capable subordinates: four seriously are injured and unconscious, and two are already dead!

This is my first loss since arriving at this Lower Three Heavens!

This person did not bother asking any questions and fought with such hatred. Plus, his martial power is really high level; he must be a person from the Mo clan!

“Peaceful?” The Hei Mo King level master never took a step. He floated about three yards above the ground as a dark aura surrounded his body, apparently, not even using his full martial power. He coldly asked, “Who are you?”

“The person who will take your life!” Yin Wu Fa clasped his hands behind his back, looking the part of a master!

“You, kill me…?” The Hei Mo King level master muttered, and then laughed icily, “Not bad, not bad. What grade are you? You are clearly injured, and you still dare mouth off?”

Yin Wu Fa laughed and replied with satisfaction, “Six grade Martial King! I might be injured, but taking your life will be as easy as flipping my palm over!”

The Hei Mo King level master slowly nodded and said, “Yes, unless you are a fifth grade King or above, you would not dare to brag that you could kill me. And you certainly would not dare to come here by yourself!”

His two bony hands slowly opened, and the dark aura became thicker and thicker. In that hazy fog, his eyes also became darker and darker. As time progressed, the white in his eyes also disappeared. They had become two deep dark black holes.

This abnormal occurrence was extremely frightening! He was like a Nine Heavens Devil that came down with the dark fog.

His black robe fluttered wildly even though there was no wind.


A black sword appeared on his right hand, emitting a black mist.

“Only a sixth grade Martial King, and you want to kill me?” The Hei Mo King level master laughed icily and continued, “I guess your clan did not tell you… I already broke through sixth grade Sword King a year ago…!!”

“Sixth grade Sword King?” Yin Wu Fa smiled and replied, “No matter what, you will still have to die today!”

“You dared killed my subordinates; you will be buried with them today! I will absolutely not allow you to leave here alive.”

The two King level masters were engaged in a verbal battle; each showing off their imposing air! In the air, a golden aura and a black aura continually crashed into each other!

Both sides had only one thought: As soon as the enemy’s aura becomes slightly weakened, I will attack in a flash, and end him in the shortest time possible!

When two masters fight, it was crucial to compete with their auras!

Competing with their auras was related to their later actions. Whichever side could take the upper hand in aura would be stronger; their force would be one level above that of their opponent!

This was an irreparable gap!

After a long time, their auras were unexpectedly evenly matched. The black aura could not advance, and the golden aura would not retreat. On their heads, black and gold auras appeared as their distinguishing crowns!

The moment these crowns appeared, all the experts in the area immediately paused and watched the situation restlessly.

Such a great commotion was bound to happen; it was two King level masters in battle!

Swoosh… swoosh. The black sword immediately sliced across, leaving a black streak in the air. Their auras were equally matched, but the balance was broken! The sword was swung!

Yin Wu Fa laughed. The aura around his palms became thicker and thicker. And without even avoiding, he shot forward to attack.

A steady hissing sound rang out. The surrounding atmosphere became silent; all that was left was the sound of the air being ripped apart. The two figures moved like lightning. Palms were shot out continuously, and the sword was everywhere. The two King level masters were in a fight to the death.

The two people paid serious attention; neither underestimated their opponent. Two thin shadows, both solemn and terrifying.

They were evenly matched!

Yin Wu Fa was furious! My martial power is supposed to be stronger than this King of Hell Chu, but that one stab has weakened my strength. We have been fighting for so long and I still can’t get the upper hand!

The number of onlookers became greater and greater, and Yin Wu Fa became more anxious. He immediately roared and turned his palm into a claw, a technique he created – Wu Fa Eighteen Lawless Style. The wind from the claw hissed; it was not any less sharp than the sword.

The Hei Mo King level leader had not said a word since they started fighting. His face remained icy as his sword hand continued to swing. The black sword was like a viper shooting out from the black aura; each sword swing was filled with murderous intent!

Bang! (walkthejianghu.com)

Yin Wu Fa’s hand and the sword came into contact. The two bodies flashed as endless “bang bang bang” sounds rang out.

The two were enraged!

Yin Wu Fa wanted to kill this King of Hell Chu no matter what, and the Hei Mo King level master also wanted to kill the person who just killed his two subordinates.

They both had reasons to put their lives on the line. While each maintained a fortified mind, the killing intents in their eyes gradually grew stronger, capable of exploding at any point.

Chu Yang had long ago stood up. While he suffered heavy internal injuries, it was not so bad that he could not move. He stood and watched the two King level masters in battle with great elation.

Wow, they are real masters!

They are truly matched rivals! Both sides have incredible martial powers. Truly admirable…!!!

Chu Yang watched the two people in battle, completely mesmerized. In my previous life, I never had the chance to watch two King level masters fighting like this… Every technique used, every kick, every movement, and every swing are the best of the best…

As Chu Yang watched the fight, he immediately compared their techniques with his own. Whatever he was not able to comprehend before, it was now clear.

One far reaching palm with advancing left leg, and turning right leg. It looks as if the person is attacking on the left, but the right leg continually changes with each second. Point to the south, but hit the north. You guard the right, I attack the left! This is changing according to one’s mind!

And that sword; it looked like it was going straight, but the sword curved, capable of attacking positions that normally could not be attacked. It would not be expected by the opponents! This requires using body movements and energy in expert synchronization. Not one thing is expendable!

Chu Yang’s eyes brightened, and he seemed to have completely forgotten about the fact that he was seriously injured.

There was a loud explosion. The two crowns on their heads shook nonstop, and the two dark figures were like eagles as they flew backward!

The two had went in with their full force! Yin Wu Fa hit one palm into the left shoulder of the Hei Mo King level master, and the other stabbed into Yin Wu Fa’s right arm. Blood appeared as Yin Wu Fa lost a large chunk of meat.

As the two flew backward, the face of the Hei Mo King level master suddenly turned red and then became pale. He immediately spat out fresh blood! Yin Wu Fa’s face became sallow, and then paled as well. Fresh blood sprayed into the air!

After the two separated, they advanced forward right away, and continued fighting in midair.

The two fought from the ground to the air.

The two were in a fight to the death without any intentions of retreating; their eyes were completely red! Both were also seriously injured! Sustaining a serious injury during an open battle was the greatest insult for both of them!

Their hatred for their opponent grew deeper! Both did not say a word and continued to fight to the death!

Each move became more cruel and malicious!

Chu Yang looked up and studied carefully. He put great efforts into understand as he silently prayed: I can’t believe they have fought to this point of no return. It seems neither of them intend to retreat. It would be best if you two take care to die together for me. Quickly die for me please…

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