Sure enough, Chu Yang’s prayer was immediately answered!

There was a thunderous explosion and the two people were shot outward once again. They now stood about ten yards from each other. On top of a roof, each stared intensely at their opponent, breathing heavily. They did not make a move, but the mist surrounding each one continued to swirl furiously.

Obviously, they were about to release a strike that would determine the outcome!

After a long while!

“Aaaa…!” (


Two loud roars rang out at the same time! Chu Yang’s whole body was immediately in shock as an icy feeling ran down his spine. It was as if he had just been hit with an orgasmic electric shock…

Great! It has finally started!

Getting hurt this time is not a waste after all!

The two people were like two black meteors as they flew through the air. They left a long blurry trail as they shot toward each other at high speed!

The sword point of the Hei Mo King level master emitted a glow so thick it seemed almost solid. With two hands on the sword hilt, person and sword became one straight line ready to strike a fatal blow.

Such a move was unretractable!

Yin Wu Fa’s eyes were opened wide and his eyeballs looked like they almost popped out of their sockets. With one palm in front of the other, his fingers curved like a tiger grabbing its prey. After flying up, his body immediately curved. Midway, his legs suddenly pushed straight out and his speed increased fractionally!

His eyes were filled with zealousness!

The moment had finally arrived!

“Stop! You two, stop right now!” A loud roar rang out from a far distance as a few figures in black quickly shot forward. The quickest person had, surprisingly, a majestic crown on his head.

Another King level master!

He yelled at this moment hoping that the two would stop their battle to the death.

But he was too late!

Two loud roars rang out as the two struck each other with all their might.

Boom boom boom! Yin Wu Fa had used all of his strength. Within moments of contact, his tiger claw slammed into the Hei Mo King level master a few dozen times! The sounds rang out continuously like firecrackers!

Pop pop pop! The Hei Mo King level master was no less. His black sword was like angry dragon; in the blink of an eye, he pierced numerous spots on Yin Wu Fa’s body. Stabbed… pull… stabbed about seven or eight times…

Each time he pulled out his sword, he created a new blood spout.

For a fleeting moment, both people could clearly see their opponent faces soaked in blood… In this instant, they suddenly had a feeling of empathy and a touch of regret…

I have finally killed King of Hell Chu! Yin Wu Fa’s gaunt face smiled brightly as he thought to himself…

I have finally killed a six grade King level master of the Mo clan! The cruel eyes of the Hei Mo King level master was showing extreme satisfaction!

After that, the two passed by each other as they continued to fly forward!

In the end Yin Wu Fa was a little more shrewd. At the most critical moment, he retained one breath and became a golden rainbow, highlighted by fresh blood as he used all of his might to flee.

The other man in black must also be a King level master, but I am the only King level master at Golden Horse Riders Department! So he must be an enemy as well!

Even if I die, my body must not fall into the enemy’s hands!

With this mentality, Yin Wu Fa mustered up his last breath, and disappeared without a trace.

That person in black was one of the Saber Sword King Pair of the Hei Mo Clan, a Saber King! At this moment, he was greatly distressed, and used all of his efforts to rush forward and catch the Sword King as he was falling down. When he landed, he staggered in shock.

It is too late to chase the enemy! Let’s check on the injuries of Sword King first! He was completely surprised! All of the Sword King’s ribs were broken; not one bone was intact. All of his internal organs were disheveled. His meridians were broken at many places, and the energy in his dantian was completely dried up. While his hand still maintained a tight grip of his Hei Mo sword, his arm was broken at seven or eight places!

With such injuries, he would surely die!

The Saber King did not dare to delay and immediately transferred energy into the Sword King’s body. He felt somewhat alleviated. He is still capable of taking in energy; that means there is still a ray of hope!

“It’s… it’s people of the Mo…” The Sword King turned his body and bore the pain without making a sound. He said weakly, “Third… and Ninth are… d… dead. The… the other four are… all severely injured!”

This news made the Saber King stunned!

“There was only one opponent?” The Saber King asked.

There was no need for an answer as the Sword King closed his eyes with the feeling of lost showing on his face.

“Junior martial brother, don’t think too much. We have to take care of your injuries first! We’ll talk when you are better!” Even though the Saber King was extremely anxious, he said, “It’s nothing; I am certain you will be find! You must hang on!”

“I am won’t make it…” The Sword King coughed a dry cough and said weakly, “Before coming here… he… was injured…”

The Saber King maintained his composure as he walked into the inn. What he witness in the inn was chaos with four subordinates still lying on the floor and next to them was two icy corpses. His eyes were filled with anger and hatred.

“Two of you, go find doctors! If they are in Iron Cloud Citadel, bring them to me! Anyone who does not comply, kill them!”

“Three of you, immediately start investigating!” The Saber King tried to control his anger as ground his teeth and said, “That guy has been seriously injured; I am sure he would not be able to run far! You must find him at any cost! I want to mince him into ten thousand pieces!”

The six people in black carried out their duties right away. Two people immediately went out. The other four carefully carried their four injured colleagues into their room. After that, three people also left.

The one left behind dealt with the bodies of his friends… The whole inn was covered in a gloom and doom atmosphere.

Who would have thought that two King level masters and twelve Revered Martial Artists went out and met such a great loss at Iron Cloud Citadel!

“Find a way to notify the clan!” The Saber King kept his hands on the Sword King’s back and concentrated on transferring energy while giving orders, “We need to see what the clan wants to do. Notify them now! Quickly!”

“We must get to the roots of this and find out what happened. We must know why people from the Mo clan suddenly came here, and which one of the Five Great Heavenly Kings made the move!!!”

As for Chu Yang, he was long gone!

After seeing the Saber King flew forward faster than the wind, Chu Yang did not dare show his face. With his head down, he tried to drag his body away and went behind a wall.

With the final battle’s results, he was sure that the two King level masters would either die or at least never recover their martial power! With such results, Chu Yang was already very satisfied!

One of the King level masters was definitely Diwu Qing Rou’s people, and the other one was the one that injured Qing Wu! In Chu Yang’s mind, death was not enough to pay for their sins!

He had singlehandedly directed and watched a drama for free. Chu Yang was feeling very pleasant. While his organs were suffering and his whole body was exhausted, his mind was elated.

This is really fun!

King level masters fighting to the death! Moreover, fighting with a misguided mindset. The Hei Mo King level master thought Yin Wu Fa was a person of the Mo clan, and Yin Wu Fa thought his opponent was me!

What a crazy accident! If these two find out that they were being fooled by me, they would surely spit blood from anger and die!

What’s really great is that it was all luck. Chu Yang was somewhat satisfied. There was one thing that bothered him: He had to put great effort into dragging his injured body and finding a horse carriage to go back to Bu Tian Pavilion.

The two Revered Martial Artists from Golden Horse Riders Department were really skilled. In a short amount of time, the had managed to find a layout map of Bu Tian Pavilion. The were currently studying Bu Tian Pavilion’s architecture.

No matter what, if they wanted to easily assassinate King of Hell Chu, they first had to find the best route for their King level official…

He had not carried out any field work for many years… They thought about his fatal lightning strike and his overbearing air; the two of them became really excited!

This Iron Cloud Nation finally has the chance to see our King level master in action!

The two were still concentrating on their research when the sound of a person ripping through the wind as he shot forward. The next moment, the window was smashed through by Yin Wu Fa’s bloody body.

“Plop!” Yin Wu Fa dropped on the floor. Unable to stand up he rolled a few times and lifted his head. His face was horrible looking like that of a demon!

The moment they saw this, the two were surprised; their spirits almost fled from their bodies.

The body of the King level master was riddled with wounds. The stomach, the thighs, the right chest, and the shoulders, each one had a bloody hole with blood still spewing. Furthermore, there was a large hole on his back!

This was a wound that pierced right through the body!

Who is this cruel and powerful? I can’t believe that he could caused our King level master to be in this state.

At this time, the two people were terrified; their hearts practically stopped beating!

“Quick… Leave here immediately…” Yin Wu Fa could only say so much before he spat out blood. His body twitched and his voice was fragmented, “King of Hell Chu… is also… a… King level… master. I am… seriously… injured… Send out a notice… immediately… retreat…”

Unable to carry on, he became unconscious!

The two frantically helped Yin Wu Fa stop the bleeding. Such a terrible wound, even the two Revered Martial Arts were petrified.

So severely injured, and he still managed to get back!

“Wait a minute… the King level master just said King of Hell Chu is also a King level master? Could it be that he just fought with King of Hell Chu?”

No wonder…

The two used the quickest speed to help Yin Wu Fa. Then they left the place. They hurriedly contacted the Iron Horse Riders and found another place to hide.

A while later, an Invisible Falcon came out from another corner of Iron Cloud Citadel. It flew into the air and quickly disappeared in the sky.

The minister must be notified of everything that has happened in Iron Cloud Citadel!

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