Even if Du Shi Qing was an Emperor level master, facing against the massive forces of Iron Cloud Nation and Golden Horse Riders Department, he would probably just come to a sad end. Not to mention that he did not have such high cultivation.

“Senior Du, only in leaving here will you have any chance of living!!!” Chu Yang said slowly.

“Even if I can escape, this world is vast… where can I run to?” Du Shi Qing muttered.

“Senior Du has forgotten, I still owe you one favor!” Chu Yang smiled and replied, “In this world, there are few elders that are deserving of my respect; you are one of them!!!”

Du Shi Qing repeatedly shook his head, “That will not do! You currently have a prestigious position in Iron Cloud and a bright future ahead of you! Plus, I have handed you my life’s work. Even if I have to die, I cannot let this have a negative impact on you!”

Du Shi Qing’s words were resolute. Chu Yang was the person that Du Shi Qing had high hopes for. In the heart of this physician, nothing should happen to Chu Yang.

“It cannot have a negative impact on me!” Chu Yang was little impatient, but he continues to reply softly, “Plus, in the entire world, I am the only one with the ability to help Senior Du!”

“Such a kindhearted doctor like Senior Du should not die like that!” Chu Yang said with a heavy heart, “Senior Du, let’s agree on that! It’s just that there are some people that I have not figured out if they are working for Diwu Qing Rou! At that time, if these things are still not clear, I will take just you and leave!”

“Some people,” Chu Yang’s words were referring to Du Shi Qing’s body guard, Fire Saber Great Master, Gao Wei Cheng.

This Saber Great Master was the only one that Chu Yang did not have an impression of. After everything, Chu Yang had no way of knowing if he was Du Shi Qing’s friend or Diwu Qing Rou’s spy.

Chu Yang felt that Saber Great Master Gao Wei Cheng’s ability to control his power was a little odd.

Du Shi Qing let out a long sigh; his mouth opened as if he wanted to say something but stopped. After a long time, he muttered to himself, “I have done so many wrongs in my life… Sooner or later I will have to pay for it…”

Then he suddenly smiled and said, “I didn’t really save your father’s life, did I? You don’t owe me anything!”

Chu Yang smiled and said meaningfully, “I owe you a conscience…” [TLN: basically, he feels guilty for having lied. If someone has a better way to say this in English, comment please.]

The words “conscience” made Du Shi Qing solemn for a while. Then he sighed and muttered, “Conscience… conscience…”

He did not add anything else after that.

Du Shi Qing stayed a little longer and then returned to the palace because Tie Shi Cheng’s condition was critical so he could not stay too long.

After Du Shi Qing left, Chu Yang immediately sat up.

“Sword spirit, are you there?”

“What is it?” (walkthejianghu.com)

“I need a little of the medicine from that day! I need to heal my injuries!”

Chu Yang’s mind resolute. Ordinarily, with these kind of injuries, Chu Yang would need to rest for at least half a month before recovering. But this was a critical time; how could he lay on a bed for half a month?

Of course he still remembered that in his own meridians there was an extremely large quantity of medicine. If he wanted to heal this way, it would not take too much effort. Because the force was already in the meridians, all he had to do was let it out and recover almost naturally.

“If I let out the medicinal power to completely heal you, your cultivation would increase by at least one grade in the process. But you just achieved the state of Martial Artist, your mind is not yet fortified. You don’t have a deep understanding of this state yet; I am worried that it would do more harm than good!” The sword spirit replied hesitantly.

“First grade Martial Artist? Don’t forget that that first grade cultivation resulted from breakthrough under the pressure of a King level master!” Chu Yang continued, “Plus, I just battled with a Martial King; how could it not be fortified?”

Chu Yang continued his retort, “I will probably breakthrough soon!!!”

The sword spirit remained quiet for a while as if checking the state of his mind. A long time later, Chu Yang felt a surge of pure medicinal power from his meridian spreading throughout his entire body. Along with it was a euphoric feeling that quickly rose.

At that moment, a surge of heat rose from his dantian. Nine Tribulations Sword also released a chill, mixing it with that heat.

Hot and cold joined forces. The was suddenly a loud explosion in Chu Yang’s dantian.


Wu Qian Qian just walked into the room with a bowl of medicine in her hand. Behind her was Tie Bu Tian in a radiant golden outfit. But the movement these two stepped into the room they heard this “natural sound” coming from Chu Yang. Their faces had an odd expression, wanting to cover their nose but feeling that it would be not too polite…

This Minister Chu really had character… Even his gas release had great force…

Within moments, the two felt that the room was flooded with a special aroma.

The two did not say one word and gave Chu Yang a strange look; they seemed to be simmering.

Chu Yang opened his eyes wide. Seeing their strange faces, he did not seem to understand what was going on. He waved his hand, “What’s wrong?”

“You can move already?” Wu Qian Qian asked with great difficulty. Of course it would be difficult to hold your breath and speak. Plus, there was that extraordinary sound…

“Yes… But what’s wrong with you two?” Chu Yang looked at the two people turning purple from holding their breath and asked in annoyance.

At that exact moment, another surge of heat rose from his dantian, and Nine Tribulations Sword released another chill.


This time, the sound was twice as loud as before.

Too shameless! The first time could be considered accidental, but this time is definitely intentional. Without intention, no one could create such a loud noise…

This was a result of gas being retained, and then liberated at full force for an awe-inspiring effect.

Wu Qian Qian and Tie Bu Tian looked at each other. They were fuming on the inside. This punk is playing with us…

“Drink it yourself…” Wu Qian Qian held in her anger and placed the bowl of medicine at the head of the bed. She covered her nose with her hands and ran out of the room. Tie Bu Tian did not say one word. He glared at Chu Yang and followed Wu Qian Qian out with his darkened face. It was as if they were trying to run away.

“This… no.. ack, that…” Chu Yang finally understood why those two ran in haste; it was because of this smell.

“I am innocent…”

Chu Yang rolled his eyes and thought that these two were strange. Even if you poop, would you make such loud noises?

At least without you people here, I can heal…

Tie Bu Tian clasped his hands behind his back and stood outside the door. Wu Qian Qian stood behind him with a flushed face. It took her practically half a day before being able to say, “I am really sorry Your Majesty. It’s probably because Chu Yang is injured that his body accumulated so much gas…”

“I am nauseated…” Tie Bu Tian made a retching move, and waved dismissively, “Don’t try to explain on his behalf; I won’t blame him. The more you try to explain, the more I want to vomit…”

What is this clever girl saying?

Accumulated gas can’t be controlled…? Tie Bu Tian thought with some annoyance.

Wu Qian Qian did not know what happened and just added insult to injury. It was because she was so concerned to he line of thoughts became chaotic and said some nonsensical things.

While the two were standing, the suddenly heard an “earth-shattering explosion.”


The two covered their mouths and ran out to the front awning. Breathing in fresh air was helped a little. They looked at each other, trying to hold in their laughter, “That was some strong force…”

Cheng Zi Ang hastily ran toward them, wanting to go into Chu Yang’s room. But when he saw Tie Bu Tian standing there he immediately performed his greeting. Then he asked in surprise, “How is Minister Chu’s injury? Miss Wu, why are you… ack… out here like this?”

Tie Bu Tian smiled and replied, “Go in there and you will find out…”

“Yes… yes…” Cheng Zi Ang ceremoniously bowed and hurriedly went in. Behind him, Wu Qian Qian cover her mouth and giggled until her whole body trembled.

The moment he entered, Cheng Zi Ang called out loudly, “Minister, you…”


Our Hall Leader Cheng suddenly jumped and ran back out. His martial power was really great; he ran like a rabbit with an arrow on its back.

“Ha… ha… ha…” Tie Bu Tian and Wu Qian Qian held their stomachs and laughed.

Cheng Zi Ang, with one hand on his nose and a shameful face, scratched his head and said, “Minister Chu is worthy of being a minister… even that is earth-shattering…!!!”

Tie Bu Tian let out a few dry coughs; he had laughed so hard that his throat was a little irritated, “Minister Chu is no longer in any danger; I will leave first. Miss Wu, please take care of Minister Chu well… Ack, if there is anything inconvenient, then you can ask Hall Leader Cheng to come and take care of him…”

As he was talking, he started walking away really fast.

Cheng Zi Ang looked nauseated. He wanted to say no but he did not dare. That minister let… let out such a loud one… And I have to take care of him???

At this point, those monstrous sounds from the room were growing louder with each interval becoming shorter…

“Boom… boom… boom…”

Wu Qian Qian could no longer stand it, “Hall Leader Cheng, I will have to trouble you then!!!”

She immediately covered her nose and hightailed out of there.

Cheng Zi Ang stood stupefied as he watched Wu Qian Qian disappeared. The endless sounds of “boom… boom” filled his ears. He suddenly felt it was getting harder and harder to breathe; he bent down…


Our pitiful Hall Leader Cheng vomited on the spot.

Chu Yang was finally done with his embarrassing “letting out gas.” Even our thick skinned Minister Chu felt as if the short period lasted a lifetime.

Too humiliating! From the previous life until now, this was the first time that he suffered such an embarrassing misunderstanding…

In his consciousness, our Minister Chu was arguing with the sword spirit about this. He absolutely did not believe that this could not be controlled, but the sword spirit simply ignored him.

A long time later, Chu Yang felt his body fill with strength. He immediately put on his devilish mask, and walked out casually. This was the first time he appreciated the “hiding” effect of this mask.

Cheng Zi Ang was sitting on a chair with his stretched out in front, completely limp. His face was pale and haggard.

“Cough… cough…” Chu Yang coughed a few times.

“Ah… Minister… You are better?” Cheng Zi Ang seemed drained as he looked at Chu Yang with tired eyes.

“Yes, do you have something to report?” Chu Yang redirected the conversation.

“We have those people completely guarded. All are going according to your instructions. When should we make our move?”

Talking about official business improved Cheng Zi Ang’s state of mind a little.

“Really? You were not discovered?” Chu Yang nodded, showing satisfaction.

“Absolutely not…” Cheng Zi Ang smiled and replied.

“Those places are under the jurisdiction of the military. There are many disabled veterans there. We were able to easily talk with them and switch in our people. They were very cooperative. Minister Chu, those are all good people.”

“Disabled veterans…” Chu Yang thought hard. He realized that a nation in constant war must have many disabled veterans. Those people once rode on horseback and fought in the battle field. Now that they could barely drag their bodies around, they were forced to live in these substandard housings…

He pondered a little more and added, “Once this is done, I will come to visit these disabled veterans with His Majesty!”

A flame burned in Cheng Zi Ang’s chest; he immediately replied, “Yes!”

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