“How is the training coming along for our delivery falcon?” Chu Yang asked. That particular area had been very weak, and Chu Yang had been improving it since he took his position. But they were only able to find a few Lightning Falcons; Invisible Falcons were, of course, unattainable.

This continued to be a concern of Chu Yang. Compared to Invisible Falcons, Lightning Falcons were not able to hide themselves but were almost equally fast.

“Sir, the first group of Lightning Falcons are ready for use!” Cheng Zi Ang said.

“Ah, minimize giving orders to the others. They don’t need to do anything; just tell them to wait for my orders. When it is time to make a move, I will immediately send out the orders!” Chu Yang slowly said.

As he was speaking, Chu Yang’s eyes remained fixed to the south. He thought to himself: How could Diwu Qing Rou not think of ways to rescue Tang Xin Sheng? That King level master had already arrived; he is surely just the first wave. His first priority was to assassinate and second priority was to provide support.

But thinking of a rescue strategy? Dream on!

I wonder, if Diwu Qing Rou knows that I gently took care of that King level master of his, how would he react? If Diwu Qing Rou wants to rescue Tang Xin Sheng, who would come? How many would come?

“Quickly give the order! Search the entire citadel and capture a person who is currently severely injured!” Chu Yang described Yin Wu Fa’s appearance, then continued, “Let an artist know right away. We need to draw up a notice immediately and capture this person! If he is alive, I want to see the person! If he is dead, I want to see the corpse!”

“Yes!” Cheng Zi Ang solemnly complied and left.

Chu Yang sighed and looked at the western sky. The sunlight was slowly sinking below the horizon and was red like blood. It seemed to foreshadow an approaching storm of blood.

The Hei Mo people, how can they leave after something like this?

Chu Yang did some work, then returned to Heavenly Armament Pavilion.

When he was leaving, Wu Qian Qian could not believe that his injuries were healed. She carefully checked and agreed to let him go. But her beautiful eyes were filled with surprise. How could he recover from such serious injuries so quickly?

Isn’t this speed too fast? What magical elixir did Saintly Doctor Du Shi Qing give him?

When Chu Yang returned to Heavenly Armament Pavilion, the little loli was waiting for him wistfully.

Currently, Mo Qing Wu thought Uncle Mo Cheng Yu was no fun at all. Brother Chu Yang was the best. Besides giving her a toy every time he comes home, he also gave her many valuable things.

Mo Cheng Yu’s condition had become much better. He no longer looked haggard like before. His face had some color as well.

This proved that the medicine that Chu Yang gave Mo Cheng Yu had helped him recover. But this had made him more depressed, and he often sighed quietly.

My condition is improving; I will have to bring Qing Wu back to the clan soon. Once the clan discovers that Qing Wu’s Three Yin Meridian has been damaged, how would they react?

How would they treat this little miss that I have watched over since infancy?

Given the heartlessness of the Mo Clan, Mo Cheng Yu could imagine what kind of treatment Mo Qing Wu would receive after returning. While he had a bargaining chip that was Chu Yang’s Dreaming of a Gentle Dance Saber… but he still could not be too optimistic.

What Mo Cheng Yu was most afraid of was that the Mo clan would take this saber. Even though he swore in front of Chu Yang, he was not certain of his promise at all.

Would the clan allow such a masterpiece to be in the hand of a disabled person like little miss? Each time he thought about this, Mo Cheng Yu was greatly troubled and sighed endlessly.

Chu Yang may be intelligent, but he did not come from a clan. Therefore, he would never understand how much weight the word clan has on the hearts of all the descendants!

As for the two young masters who went out with us, I don’t know where they are now.

“Elder Martial Brother Mo!” Chu Yang held Mo Qing Wu in his arm and walked toward Mo Cheng Yu greeting him. Mo Qing Wu, dressed in red, was holding a stick of candied fruits in her hands and eating it with delight.

“Brother Chu!” Mo Cheng Yu forced a laugh and replied, “Why are you in such good mood today?”

“There are a few things, if I tell you, you will be in a good mood, too!” Chu Yang smiled, “Let me give you one piece of good news. The Sword King of the Hei Mo clan and an unknown King level master got into a big fight. The Sword King was seriously injured with all of his bones broken. As for his six subordinates, two died and six were also severely injured…”

“Who is that King level master? How were his injuries?” Mo Cheng Yu asked anxiously. His first reaction to this news was not excitement, but concerns for that master. According to his speculations, that unknown King level master was probably from his clan!

His concerns for his brothers was much greater than his joy in hearing about the enemies being seriously injured.

For such results, this King level master must be second grade or higher. Otherwise, they would have to fight with the tactic of dying together. Mo Cheng Yu thought that the three King level masters that traveled with him were not more powerful than a second grade Sword King. So when he heard this news, how could he not be anxious?

Chu Yang silently nodded. This Mo Cheng Yu was definitely a loyal person; his first reaction to the news was concern for his brothers.

“That King level master took seven or eight stabs from the Sword King; each one pierced right through the body. While he tried to shield the weak spots, his chance of survival is very small.” Chu Yang said slowly.

“Aaah…” Mo Cheng Yu punched the ground; his countenance was full of suffering, “I wonder which brother it was…”

“That King level master is not from your Mo clan.” Chu Yang smiled and said, “He is an assassin from Great Zhao, a person of the Golden Horse Riders Department; he came to assassinate me. It’s just that he fell for my ruse.”

“Really? Hahaha…” Mo Cheng Yu’s spirit was lifted; he could not help but be excited. He suddenly said, “Hey, that’s not right. Why would a King level master try to assassinate you? Plus, how could a King level master assassinate the wrong person? This does not make sense.”

“Of course there is a reason for it.” Chu Yang smiled and replied mysteriously. He then changed the subject, “Your injuries, I am guessing they will not be completely healed for a few more days.”

“The key issue right now is my meridians are still blocked. To clear each one and quickly recover my strength, it would probably take half a month.” Mo Cheng Yu replied sadly.

“It’s nothing. Take your time recovering, no need to rush!” Chu Yang comforted. The two looked at each other and laughed in unison. They both understood what the other wanted.

For each day that Mo Cheng Yu did not recover, Mo Qing Wu would stay with Chu Yang another day. It was what Chu Yang wished for.

“There is time today; I just remembered two saber moves, and I want to teach Xiao Wu Right away!” Chu Yang smiled and said, “These moves might not be consecutive with each other, just fragments, but the power is not weak. They are probably not comparable to your clan, but consider this a little piece of my sincerity!”

Mo Cheng Yu’s countenance became serious, and he ceremoniously replied, “Thank you Brother Chu.”

In this day and age, martial artists valued their techniques as much as their lives. They always worried that teaching them to someone else would lead to their enemies studying their flaws. Besides teachers and parents, very few people taught their unique techniques to others.

While, in Mo Cheng Yu’s mind, Chu Yang’s cultivation was very low and he could not have any good moves, his line of thinking was indeed rare.

The saber techniques Chu Yang wanted to teach Mo Qing Wu was the first move of Nine Tribulations Sword: one spot of cold light radiates over a vast area.

This one move, after Chu Yang modified it to be a saber move, became two. One for defense, and one for offense. While they were far inferior from that of the sword, it was not lacking in power when applied to the saber.

If it was just defensive and there was not a large gap in skill, Mo Qing Wu’s safety would easily be guaranteed.

Chu Yang took Mo Qing Wu to train on saber techniques, and Mo Cheng Yu was alone deep in thought. This saber technique, Chu Yang clearly stated to he was only teaching it to Mo Qing Wu so it was not for others to see. Therefore, even Mo Cheng Yu, Mo Qing Wu’s bodyguard, was not allowed to stand by and watch.

Mo Cheng Yu was currently thinking: This Chu Yang is able to make Golden Horse Riders Department send a King level master to assassinate him; his position in Iron Cloud Nation must be very important. But what is his position? Is he royalty?

Though Chu Yang saved his life, he did not know much about Chu Yang.

A little while after, Mo Cheng Yu immediately stood up in distress. He always thought that Chu Yang spoiled Mo Qing Wu in everything, but today was the first time he was surprised like this.

Chu Yang was strict with Mo Qing Wu; his sternness was comparable to his indulgence.

“Wrong. How could you hold a saber like that? In this move, you have to aim the saber’s point outward. Do it again!”

“Again. Idiot. Practice once more. Practice ten times.”

“Why don’t you remember it yet? What’s wrong with you? The saber is so light and you still can’t hold it steady? You didn’t eat, is that it?”

“You are really stupid. Quickly. You’re not allowed to cry.”

“If you drop the saber or forget your moves again, I will spank you.”

“Bop, bop!”

“Hoo.. hoo… hoo…”

“You are not allowed to cry; continue practicing!”

“You’re stupider than a pig!”

Chu Yang’s yelling and little miss’s constant sobbing rang out. Mo Cheng Yu’s heart was so distressed as he paced back and forth on pins and needles. How could little miss bear such scolding?

Chu Yang also did not want this, but Mo Cheng Yu had been healing so well so the day that Mo Qing Wu would leave was coming closer.

Once they returned home, Mo Qing Wu would have to face the harsh treatments of the clan. This saber could not replace her own ability. If he could teach Mo Qing Wu these moves, she would have something to defend herself. This would have to be used at key moments. If someone looked down on her or if the clan had a competition… using these moves would make her invincible!

This was also the only thing Chu Yang could do for Mo Qing Wu. Time was of the essence; if she did not train in these few days, everything would change when she returned to the clan. If this little girl could not bear it, how could she train with her saber?

Therefore Chu Yang could not avoid being strict. He was hurt by it, but his countenance remained stern and cold as ice as he scolded her nonstop.

After some time, Mo Cheng Yu was finally unable to wait any longer. He immediately ran out looking at Mo Qing Wu who seemed to be washing her face with tears. He could not help but feel distressed and hugged her, “Little miss, are you tired? Do you want me to beat him up?”

“Don’t.” Mo Qing Wu unexpectedly shook her head. While her eyes were flooded with tears, she said with determination, “Brother Chu only wants what’s good for me!”

This statement made Mo Cheng Yu happy and scared at the same time, “Little miss, you have grown up!”

********* (walkthejianghu.com)

One night quickly passed and morning had arrived in a blink of an eye.

But inside Diwu Qing Rou’s prime minister manor, there were endless waves of people coming and going since midnight until now.

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