Wu Qian Qian pouted as she carried the chest out leaving the two alone in the room. Minister Chu graciously invited the Hei Mo Saber King to sit, and then took it upon himself to pour a cup of hot tea for his guest and said warmly, “Senior, you must have a lot of spare time to come and see me. Haha, I am really flattered by your attention!”

After his embarrassment, Minister Chu seemed to suddenly be in the mood to come up with an impromptu poem like real scholars. When he saw the Saber King start glaring at him, Minister Chu stopped, let out two dry coughs and asked, “The meaning of this poem is: if a senior comes to visit then would he not surely drink a cup of tea?”

“I… I understand!” This Saber King was going mad with anger. Do you think I am illiterate?

This guy is brazenly shameless! Earlier he was fanning and complaining it was hot; now he wants it to snow…

Can this kind of thing be called poetry? It can’t even compare to a dog’s fart…

Since he came in here, the Saber King’s state of mind had shifted from surprise to contempt; and now he was about to go crazy… The Saber King lifted the tea cup and took a big gulp without paying any attention to whether it was good or not. Currently, he had been so spun around by Chu Yang that he forgot his purpose for coming here…

“You see, senior, this tea is truly good tea… This tea was picked from the peak of Black Mountain. After it was picked, twenty eight young ladies held it in their mouths and then dried it on their breasts. From beginning to end, they never touched any dust! This is why it is also called ‘Black Mountain Lady Tea!’” Our scholarly Minister Chu was very pleased and said excitedly, “The best part is that this tea is not mine!”

“Not yours?” The Saber King had just remembered why he came, and he forgot once again.

“It’s true!” Chu Yang smiled with satisfaction. He moved a little closer and said softly, “Last time I came to the prince’s study, I smelled the aroma of this tea. As I was walking out, I saw a box of tea on the shelf. I immediately… Ha… ha…” Minister Chu’s eyes shifted back and forth, and he made a signal for the other person to keep his secret. With a wink, he said, “I just conveniently took it…”

“Ah… uh…” The Hei Mo Saber King was dumbfounded and tongue-tied; three black lines appeared on his forehead.

“That’s why this tea is very hard to come by! It is because you are here that I bring it out; I would never give it to ordinary people!” Minister Chu said affectionately, “Senior, after you drink this did you sense the aromas of the mountains and rivers, of the earthly scenery, of misty clouds, and of heavenly fragrance?… Of course, haha… there is also the natural sense of a woman along with a little… haha… milk flavor.”

“Ah… I am thankful for your generosity!” Looking at a guy wearing a ferocious mask and laughing pervertedly, this Saber King got goosebumps all over. He found himself stammering and felt as if he was sitting on pins and needles.

Even when I face the clan leader, I don’t feel so anxious like this! This punk in front of me is clearly a sexual deviant, the kind that would not spare young or old, males or females!

This Saber King suddenly discovered that talking to Minister Chu was like being tortured! He asked himself if he came to the wrong place today.

“Senior, please have some tea!” Minister Chu continued his invitation, and the Saber King drank another cup.

“Please… luck runs in threes. You have to drink another cup!” The Saber King glared as he gulped it down.

“Four cups is good fortune….” The Saber King’s face grew dark, and he drank yet another.

“Five, five, twenty-five, please…” The Saber King’s veins started to bulge.

“Six cups is good fortune…”

“I drank for good fortune already!” The Saber King was finally unable to bear it any longer, “Minister Chu, I came here today to ask you a favor!”

“Senior, don’t say that! You just need to say it; I will definitely give it my all!” Chu Yang laughed a hearty and friendly laugh, “Is there any differentiation between us?”

The Saber King was so disturbed, he practically ran right out of there!

Can you please not talk in such an intimate way? What relationship do I have with you?

The Saber King took a deep breath and gathered his civility. He used all of his strength to calm himself down as he slowly breathed out, “A day before yesterday, there was a battle of two King level masters in the city. Such an event surely did not escape Minister Chu’s eyes.”

Speaking of official business, Chu Yang also became seriously and replied, “Of course, this little official has heard of this big event. Your friend was seriously injured. I even sent over some herbal medicines to help. It was modest, but it was all of my resources!”

“Thank you, Minister Chu!” The Saber King continued, “The life of my brother is no longer in danger. But the culprit is still at large. With my resources, finding a person inside Iron Cloud Citadel is no different from finding a needle at the bottom of the sea! However, if Minister Chu gives me a hand, it would be a different story!”

Chu Yang slightly frowned and did not answer right away.

When the Saber King came, Chu Yang already knew his intentions. But helping them for nothing was too much of a loss in Chu Yang’s opinion. Moreover, the ones responsible for destroying Qing Wu’s life was this Hei Mo Saber Sword King Pair. How could Chu Yang be willing to help these two now?

However, because of his grand plan and his current situation, he had no other choice. Minister Chu was greatly bothered, so he would not allow the Saber King to get off easily. This was the reason why Chu Yang had been talking nonsensically and changing topics constantly since that Saber King arrived.

Of course, the major reason for Chu Yang’s rambling about stealing the tea was because he was worried. When the Saber King saw so many children’s books for girls like that, could he think about Mo Qing Wu? If he thought about Mo Qing Wu, would that not expose my cover?

Therefore, the first thing Minister Chu did was create a web of confusion. Even if you start developing some suspicions, I will have you so turned around, you will be dizzy!

However, it seemed that the brain of this Saber King was significantly lacking compared to Diwu Qing Rou and Tie Bu Tian. He only became a little impatient and never had any suspicions about little miss!

Chu Yang let out an internal sigh of relief. But at the same time, he was also irritated. Why did I have to worry so much about this type of idiot? I wasted half a day of saliva for nothing…

Now that they were talking about official business, Chu Yang would naturally have to come up with a good plan to reap the most benefits.

The Saber King was currently also very annoyed. If he had another choice, why would he bother with the shame of asking for help from a leader of an intelligence organization of some secular state? He had really lost face!

The thing was, after the Sword King was injured, Chu Yang had sent a large number of items for healing injuries. The Saber King was out at the time these incredibly helpful items were received. After searching for an entire day without finding the enemy, the Saber King came back and thought of Bu Tian Pavilion.

If Chu Yang did not send people with the medicines, the Saber King would never have thought about this place. Now that he had no other way, he found his way here to ask for help!

No matter what he had to find the person responsible for his martial brother’s injuries and take revenge! That was the only way he could vent the hatred inside him!

What he did not know was that Minister Chu sent the medicines over for the very purpose of waiting for the Saber King to come to his door. Then, he could paddle him once. Now that he was here, Minister Chu’s scheme had succeeded. So how could Chu Yang be kind to him?

“This… if we are to do this… it is not difficult…” Chu Yang took a deep breath and frowned.

This is great… the enemy comes asking for my help to kill my other enemy. He even asks politely as if just waiting to be hustled. This is too good!!!

“Huh? Minister Chu, please tell me what you have to say!”

“Senior, what is your name? I don’t know how to address you; it’s too disrespectful!” Chu Yang asked cautiously.

“I… we are people of the Hei Mo clan. I am Saber King Soft Cloud; you can call me Soft Cloud or senior. As for surname…” An icy light shot out from his eyes as he replied softly, “I have not used a surname in a long time!”

Chu Yang knew this very well so he nodded. Hei Mo clan was a clan in Middle Three Heavens; Chu Yang already knew this. He also knew that Hei Mo clan was not a family but more like a sect or some large organization. All those who joined them did not get their own name but only a title.

The ranking in the clan was based on strength. The most powerful became the clan leader; only that person can be call Hei Mo!

“Since senior said so, I will respectfully oblige!” Then Chu Yang frowned and said, “If it is just me, I would naturally help you in this. In fact, right after that great battle of two kings, I had already sent people to gather information!”

“But there is one thing I am concerned about. Your clan is powerful so you naturally do not pay attention to this! But we are only common officials; even the royal family or the generals are just bugs in the eyes of you powerful people. If I help you… how would we fight if they come back to take revenge?”

After lamenting, Chu Yang’s voice became very sincere as he said frankly, “You have given me a great opportunity in coming here today. How could I not know this? But, this is also something extremely dangerous!!!”

“Opportunity? Dangerous?” The Saber King rubbed his mustache; his eyes brightened.

When he came here today, he initially just wanted to get some help. How could he plan to give any opportunity? But after hearing Chu Yang talk, it became clear to him. For Iron Cloud, helping him deal with the Mo clan was an extremely dangerous thing. It seems that I cannot afford to not offer a great payment!

“Hey…” While the Saber King was contemplating, Chu Yang sighed as he sat on the opposite side, “The Sword King was good to me. That day, what the Sword King told me is something that still rings in my heart. A kind senior like that is suddenly attacked by a lowly scoundrel; it hurts me greatly!”

The Saber King let out two dry coughs; there was a trace of pink on his old face.

A person who killed without blinking, and pulled tendons without so much as a frown like the Sword King was actually looked upon by Minister Chu as a “kind senior?” These words… can these words be said?

“A person capable of going head to head with your clan would surely have powerful backing…” Chu Yang lamented. His eyes started to heat up as he looked at the Saber King.

They implied to the Saber King that: While I can do this… doing this… this should bring something good for me! Now I will see if you people can name a price that will move me!

“Tell me; what would it take for you to agree to find that person for me?” The Saber King muttered.

After he asked, he finished the rest of the tea in his cup in one breath. Chewing a few times the “Black Mountain Lady Tea” King of Hell Chu had praised up to the sky. He truly did not taste anything.

What flavor of fragrant tongue or breast milk! (walkthejianghu.com)

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